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The Moziepolitischenmilitarischenindustrialen-Wosta (MW), was an intergovernmental military alliance between several aierian states. The MW Treaty was signed on the 13 November 3161. This military, political and economic block lasted until the Fourth World War of Aiers (Pentarchy War), when it was disbanded at the 3300 a.a.H as result of it.

The MW constituted a system of collective defence whereby its member states agreed to mutual defence in response to an attack by any external party. MW Headquarters were located in Las Attens, Motzabili.

The MW alliance during its long existence constituted of a variable number of independent countries and their colonial possessions, and additional countries participated in MW's Partnership for World Dominance program, with other countries involved in institutionalized dialogue program. For long, the combined military of the MW members constituted most of the Aierian total.

MW was little more than a political association until the MW-Sueccia War, a war of aggression that galvanized the organization's member states, and an integrated military structure was built up under the direction of two MW Supreme Commanders as were divided the spoils of the Sueccian Empire. In the Second Wilzcroiser War again the MW alliance preyed on the spoils of war in Zarhuy of the Slavkinian colonial empire, as payment from their member states allowing the pass of Ignacian troops across their territories. In the 3245 a.a.H, because of conflict between the intergovernmental organizations for peace of the MW and the Hidraulic alliance (The HUN and the UPC respectively) lead to the third MW war of aggression against an individual nation, in the MW-Ruhenian War.

While they largely remained neutral in the second world war of Aiers -the Tris-Tigris-Hidraulic War- with only later playing a role, they will begin the MW-UVA War, the Third World War of Aiers.

The End of the MW will come with the Fourth World War of Aiers, the Pentarchy War (3295-3300), which resulted in the MW defeat and dissolution.