The Star System of New Jarr it's a star system located in the Nebulosa of Ots, in the outer colonies. It's the System 113 of the Nebulosa of Ots.

The Star System of Ots is compossed of 19 planets

Maid-Aiff IEdit

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Maid-Aiff, Maid-Aiff IIIEdit

Maid-Aiff, (113.3) the planet that give the name to this star system, it is a mineral-type world settled by Bazik settlers of the RFB, to extract their minerals. However, due the treaty of alliance between the LCP and the RFB, Maid-Aiff become a member state of the LCP, and for the 3430 it had a population of around 274,000,000 inhabitants. This is as well well known for being a "pirate bay", as the long range battleships corsairs of the "Maid-Aiff" class where builded here by the RDUC for the Bazik and LCP fleets. In the following decades, and due the importance it will play as port during some of the operations during the Nebulosa of Ots War, the population will increase dramatically.

It was the first settled world of this star system.

Kuomi-Xan, Maid-Aiff IVEdit

Kuomi-Xan, (113.4) is an Aiers-type planet, member state of the LCP Free Colonies, it had at the 3385 a population of roghly 16,000,000 inhabitants, dedicated -as the other aiers-type worlds of this system- to provide with food to the mines and industries of Maid-Aiff.

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Christburg, Maid-Aiff XIIEdit

Christburg (113.12), the last of the 9 aierst-type planets of the system of Maid-Aiff, was the last one to be settled, being an unaligned Free Colony for long before joining the LCP, with a population of roughly some 2,000,000 inhabitants.

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