The Maurician Wars (initial conflicts began at the 3236, war become international at the 3238-3239 a.a.H) was a series of conflicts pitting the newly crown Emperor of the Calintropian Empire and King of Moritania, Maurice I, first against nationalist rebellions within the Empire, and later against the UPC -a Ruhenian led coalition and Guaderia.

The wars stemmed from the dynastic sucession of Emperor VIII by his cousin, Maurice I, muslim king of Moritania, which many resisted to be ruler of an historic christian empire, the nationalist movements within the Empire itself and Ruhenian invasions.

While some historians dispute that to call it wars should be disputed, traditionally the Maurician Wwars are categorised in the Kalin Rebellion, Tchivkarus revolution, the Polaki war of independence, the War of Nordigen, the Enkeli Rebellion and the Elven uprising within the Calintropian Empire itself, the Guaderian-Moritanian War and the Calintropian-UPC War.

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Tchivkarus Revolution

Polaki War of Independence

War of Nordigen

Enkeli Rebellion

Elven Uprising

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