Menteur de l'Eglise (Huncle, 23rd Century a.a.H.)

A contemporary chronicler of the Rivierie, is noted for giving unusually specific accounts of the uprising and unfolding events in sometimes lurid detail.

Menteur de l' Eglise wrote these details:

There, they discussed their perception that the nobles had abandoned the people, and that the tax on the wood was unfair. "They shamed and despoiled the realm, and it would be a good thing to destroy them all." -- Menteur de l'Eglise.

The account of the rising by the contemporary chronicler Menteur de l'Eglise also includes a description of horrifying violence. According to him, peasants:

"killed a knight, put him on a spit, and roasted him with his wife and children looking on. After ten or twelve of them raped the lady, they wished to force feed them the roasted flesh of their father and husband and made them then die by a miserable death."

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