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Mi-Yun Lim is the electronics and engineering expert of Squad Ares for the Militen Aquila Aurea (Soldiers of the Golden Eagle).


Not much is known about Mi-Yun save for the fact that she never knew her parents.  According to scraps of intel gathered throughout the years by Relus Parr, her parents died when she was around two years to where her memory was not quite formed well enough to remember vividly.  Because of this, the streets became her new family, taken in by a pack of teenage thieves and miscreants.  Even as a toddler she would be used and educated in the arts of stealth, deception, and stealing.

As she grew up in her surroundings relying on wits and crime to survive, her skills evolved at an impressive rate.  Always curious with electronics and engineering as a child, the curiosity transitioned itself to her newfound talent in hacking and sabotage.  The gang leader would always have her tag along to recon potential treasure troves of goods for security systems or means of quick escape.  She had no qualms with it either so long as she didn't have to kill anyone she didn't think deserved to die.

Her reputation grew with her wealth but she still wanted more.  That desire for more would end up in a situation that would change her life forever.  During an escape from a renown artifact museum, the means of escape the gang had became limited.  With quick thinking she found an unoccupied police mech walker and commandeered it to buy time and let the others escape.  Despite their vows, they never came back for her as she was cornered by several other mechs and surrendered to the police.  Only she was caught.  The sentencing was harsh and she looked forward to twenty years in maximum security.  Upon the day of her transfer though, she only remembered a flash and loud boom before waking up on a jet with Aeden Mueller holding a pen and a pad of paper in front of her. She was more than eager to do so, and since then has become a top engineer but also Aeden's girlfriend.  Now she serves in Squad Ares and has done so for almost five years.


Mi-Yun has been described by Auzten Wilg and Relus Parr as the "Pixie of Ares."  It certainly matches her energetic and enthusiastic personality.  Because of this, her superiors rarely run into complaints with her in regards to missions, constraints, and difficulties.  It does, however, annoy the more taciturn members of the squad.  Though annoyed they can be, the squad does always trust her to help crack into any security system or to commandeer a vehicle or mech when the situation calls for it.  She always loves
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Mi-Yun and the Albertonian: The Match Made in Heaven

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a challenge perhaps more than the toys the MAA gives her on the missions.

During missions, Mi-Yun is not as much a marksman as Devika or Eileen Yenura but is skilled with a variety of submachine guns and rifles, particularly the MR-4 Carbine Assault Rifle.  Her true skill lies in her almost genius-level understanding of security systems and automotive engineering.  Any corporate security system out there has yet to beat the likes of her sabotage and/or "tactical reacquisition" as she would coin it.  Like Yazmeen, the life of crime albeit short had brought their skills to a level that a normal life would not have. 

Being shorter, lighter, and certainly more lithe than her partner Devika and the other women save for Yazmeen, Mi-Yun fights with speed and quick transitions of power.  It is a style she learned on the streets and somewhat native to her culture.  Her style is meant to deceive opponents to the point where they can predict the speed but severely underestimate her ability to transfer strength and power into her blows.  Because of this and her incessant love for challenges, she harbors a great desire to always fight those bigger than her.  As it stands, no other enemy has done this quite like the Kasparov CIA "Albertonian Colossus" variety of clone woman, to which she boasts that she has taken down more in hand-to-hand than anyone else.  She often prefers to knock the clone women out rather than kill them unless completely necessary for the sake of the mission.

Another peculiar penchant is that she often likes to have fun with her downed enemies either posing on top of them or simply being curious about the lovely clone women, particularly the Albertonians.  This could also be explained by her rather fierce sexual appetite as a byproduct of her life in the seedy underworld, but of course her boyfriend Aeden has yet to complain.


  • Devika Rai - Devika is her best friend and partner on most missions.  If Mi-Yun is the "Pixie" of the squad then Devika is most certainly the no-nonsense businesswoman.  Nevertheless the opposite personalities seem to create a combination of success as they work off each other's strengths and poke at their weaknesses.  Devika is also the only other female who really tolerates Mi-Yun's feisty and playful ways in a manner that actually gets her to chuckle on occasion.
  • Aeden Mueller - Aeden was the first person to recruit Mi-Yun into the MAA.  Despite being a woman of excitement, adventure, and thrills, she immediately fell in love with his technical expertise of helicopters and calm manner of flying under pressure.  It is also rumored though that like with the Albertonians, she maybe just has a thing for blonds/blondes and Aeden fits that very well.  Mi-Yun always likes to play around with him even in the middle of missions as the two have shared firefights in the past.
  • "Colonel" Relus Parr - Although a superior, her bright energy is something he admires.  Though the Benitez twins are perhaps the youngest in the squad, he treats Mi-Yun almost like a daughter much to the chagrin of his wife Hannah and best friend Auzten.
  • "Major" Hannah Kyung-Parr - Like the mother she never had, but a very tough love mother. Devika gets more accolade from the Major and she is also somewhat annoyed by her husband's quick liking to her. But Mi-Yun knows the respect is there because time and again the Major has stated "she's a spaz but she gets the job done and then some." The two personalities are often like oil and water, but such things are attributed more to the Major's experience with the SGI souring her and making her thankful Mi-Yun never experienced such things.
  • Henrika CLS-3232 - As an Albertonian, one might think she'd harbor a grudge or at the least apprehensiveness towards Mi-Yun, but oddly enough they get along rather well, at least they do now.  During the Rebellion of the Clones, while drunk on duty Mi-Yun had mistreated some prisoners under Henrika's watch, causing the Albertonian to launch her into a trench with one punch.  Both were aptly punished and as the years went by there were still incidents between the two but eventually gave way to a bizarre friendship.  In a rare moment, Mi-Yun also holds her temptations with the Albertonian as she is well aware of the shik's crush on teammate Mokuwaei Alihi.  She refers to Henrika as "her Shikkie" even though the feeling is far less than mutual.
  • Megan "Corvielle" Bunton - Fast friends since the partnership formation between the SSICC and MAA, the two have partnered up along with Devika Rai and Henrika CLS-3232 on small tactical missions that involve prisoner rescue or something the SSICC needs help with and is more than willing to pay for.  Given Mi-Yun's personality, Megan is surprisingly warm and open to her enthusiastic ways, and although rumored, the two are "part-time lovers" with no chagrin from Aeden whatsoever.
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