The Middle Elfic Age lasted from the 8.000 to the 750 B.A.H, and it began with the High elves' culture in Ushaenor which become a civilization in 7.000 B.A.H, as well with the rise of the first non-elven civilizations, as the Dwarfs the 5.300 B.A.H and the Draak Harg the 5.000, and other elven civilizations appear, as the Flairies (3.500), Anqueael Elfs (2.800), as well with the migrations of Orcs in Zarhuy. The last centuries of this age will be marked with the High Elf – Dark Elf hake wars in Ushaenor, which obligated the High Elves states to form a loose confederation of states, the Empire of Whide Axis.

Timeline (B.A.H.)Edit

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