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"Camaraderie and the coin! These are the things we as mercenaries work for. We can't be bothered with things like patriotism or moral consideration. When you've got a platoon of Kasparov shiks breathing down your neck, you can't worry about guilt when you're shootin' and these ladies hit the ground dead. You just do it...because you don't get paid if you're dead. Got it?" - "Major" Hannah Parr

The Militen Aquila Aurea (3400 a.a.H), or "Soldiers of the Golden Eagle," is Private Military Company, amercenary organization headed by its three original members, "Colonel" Relus Parr, his best friend "Sergeant Major" Auzten Wilg, and Relus's former rival turned lover/wife "Major" Hannah Parr (nee Kyung).  Its name is from an ancient and dead language. Starting out as just a band of three, the outfit has turned into a formidable task force now over one hundred fifty in the period of forty years, specializing in capture, sabotage, raids, defense, and assassination. Their base of operations is on the remote civilized world of Vaidosa (113.12), in the Svear star system. Once soldiers in the RFB's Special Operations Regiment, the dreaded SGI, five straight years of grueling and thankless warfare wore their patience thin, so the three of them went AWOL and settled upon the ignored world of Vaidosa in the outer colonies, gathering arms, supplies, and a few extra embittered RFB soldiers along the way.  Through initial contacts with MICHI established by the three founders, the MAA had nestled itself safely in the mercenary world and the overwhelming success of its first few contracts gaining them much-needed respect and reputation. The RFB did not stop searching for them, but every search party came back empty-handed or did not come back at all. For forty years the MAA has risen through the ranks of the mercenary world and has acquired enough capital from customers to buy a few small countries.

The MAA has a penchant for finding its newer recruits more by chance than actual scouring of disillusioned military units, save for the occasional deserter or opportunistic profiteer. However, they expect only the best and will gladly mind wipe anyone who doesn't make the cut. Relus Parr runs his operation tightly and values intelligence above all else, his wife and best friend the better enforcers.  While they prefer soldiers from standing armies or skilled individuals even in the civilian world, several members have been taken from either rebel clone units during the Rebellion of the Clones or in succeeding operations, particularly aFra Specialists, aFra Rebels, and Kasparov CIA shik rebels or deserters. As the reputation of the MAA has grown, so has its list of enemies, particularly the RFB, Kasparov CIA, WK.CORP, and the Pixie Mercenary Company. But every time these foes run into the Soldiers of the Golden Eagle, it proves quite costly.
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Mercenaries Mi-Yun Lim and Devika Rai infiltrating the Stroeimus Compound after incapacitating two Jako shiks of Kasparov.

Uniforms and EquipmentEdit

"Are you kidding, ma'am? I'm like a little girl in a candy shop all over again!" - Mi-Yun Lim to "Major" Hannah Parr

Unlike most of the megacorporate armies, the MAA still equips themselves like most special forces soldiers. There are no skin-tight suits or standard issue weaponry. Each mercenary's kit is completely custom. In their forty-year experience, the MAA has particularly enjoyed the use of many offensive and defensive tools that they'd consider fit for anyone within their organization. Each mercenary also has advanced night vision, body armor plates, holoradar, radar jammer, comm-beads, door breachers, multi-lens binoculars, and much more.

The MAA utilizes the following weaponry:

  • MR-4 Carbine Assault Rifle
  • SHK-74 Assault Rifle
  • P-5 9mm Submachine Gun
  • UP-5 .40 Submachine Gun
  • Maxus Suppressors
  • PK .40 Pistol
  • SARN Mk 13 Assault Rifle with Grenade Launcher Attachment
  • M5 Medium Machine Gun
  • IMI-29 Squad Automatic Weapon
  • S-19 Heavy Machine Gun
  • 88M21 Sniper Rifle
  • L40 Sniper Rifle
  • S20A1 Multishot Rocket Launcher
  • GM-64 "Lancer" Missile Launcher
  • Mk. 20 Fragmentation Grenades
  • FL-1 Flashbang Stun Grenades
  • C-4 Explosives

As each mercenary's kit is custom, so is their uniform. The MAA has each mercenary dressed as per the mission, from complete winter sets to tactical swimwear. Each mission also dictates just what amount of gear, weaponry, and ammunition is appropriate.

Notable MembersEdit

"When with Kasparov, they always told us we were all like sisters and that CIA was our family.  What a joke.  But finally, with the Golden Eagles, I finally feel like I have some real sisters and a real family.  I finally belong in something!" - Henrika CLS-3232, Heavy Gunner of Squad Ares
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Militen Aquila Aurea Mercenaries Mi-Yun Lim and Devika Rai with lone Jako shik during the beginning of their Stroeimus Compound mission.

  • "Colonel" Relus Parr - Founder of the MAA. Originally a conscript into the forces of the Federal Bazik Army of Trestte of the RFB at 17, he rose through the ranks to junior officer in the SGI before his defection at 24. He is not as much the marksman or devastator that his wife and best friend are, but his genius lies more in tactics and strategy, his mind a steel trap still at 64. Because of his careful planning and thorough considerations, the MAA continues to grow with minimal losses every mission. To the younger mercs like Mi-Yun Lim, he is more like a father figure, much to the chagrin of Auzten Wilg who complains "the Colonel keeps losing his spine over these kids."
  • "Sergeant Major" Auzten Wilg - Like a brother to Relus, Auzten is only a year older and never became an officer, but that did not stop him from also joining the Special Operations Regiment of the RFB, the SGI. He has stuck by Relus countless times and has been rewarded with coin and loyalty. Auzten is the disciplinarian out of the two, a "tough love" approach to training the new mercs on how to do things the Golden Eagle way. Needless to say, the high ratio of success/kills compared to MAA losses shows it works.
  • Hannah "The Major" Kyung-Parr - As a young lieutenant, Hannah Kyung at first despised the quirkier and more excitable Relus Parr. She found him utterly annoying and an upstart compared to her more historical lineage of military officer service. He was also amongst the top of the class and thus by nature a pure rival. However the first three years of enmity crumbled into friendship as her platoon was caught in heavy fire already sustaining 50% casualties. Had it not been for Parr's tactical prowess in a makeshift pincer counterattack, she would have died. Friendship soon became love and they were married shortly before their joint defection. Hannah Parr is a mother to her fellow mercs, never afraid to drop the disciplinary hammer despite her husband's occasional coddling. She is among the best in close-quarters combat and demolitions, to counter Auzten's gunnery skills and Relus's wargaming and has taken a particular liking to Devika Rai like she was a daughter of the same passion. Not prone to showing much emotion, all know her absolute loyalty and protective ways to her husband Relus after decades of warfare.
  • "The Biller" - The mysterious accountant of the MAA. Only the Original Three have seen his/her face, but he/she runs the day to day financial operations of the mercenary group. Without him/her, it would be a free-for-all of greed and wasteful spending. Many say he/she was the "fourth" of the Original Three and that he/she too is a hardcore soldier who gave his/her profession up for simpler number-crunching. Of course...that's just a rumor.
  • "Captain" Finn Wu - Finn "Fierce" Wu is a twenty-year veteran of the MAA and one of the grittiest mercenaries within having engaged in over a hundred battles and missions. He is rather stoic and prefers to engage the enemy as he puts it "without the fancy gadgets but rather with knife and gun in hand." With this sense of older combat also comes a dangerous sense of obligation to protect his fellow mercenaries which has resulting in more than just one cybernetic operation to his body.  He commands Squad Ares when they are on assignments altogether.
  • Connor MacAelus - With a smile as bright as his face and fiery red hair, Connor is the happy-go-lucky pilot of the MAA's corps of jet/helicopter pilots. Originally of the EUS, he had defected once he discovered the human trafficking corruption with the EUS and its relation to the RFB. Connor has a taste for the dramatic, always flying into and leaving hot LZs with the highers always giving him nothing but screams and threats. But, true to his ability, he has not been shot down once and is still a quality gunner. This personality and daredevil manner somehow caught the attention of Devika Rai, whom he now currently dates.
  • Aeden Mueller - Considered the "better half" of the former EUS pilot duo, Aeden left at the same time being friends with Connor. He prefers to fly more by the book and probing around enemy territory instead of diving head first. But when conflict starts, he's all in with smooth and collected flying. Currently in a relationship with Mi-Yun Lim.
  • Devika Rai - Devika is the demolitions expert of Squad Ares.  In her former life, she was the daughter of Atepshuwa Rai, her home world's leading demolitions expert and president of his conglomerate for construction and demolition. Since a child she had the keenest interest in things that went boom and was groomed to take her father's spot, but nepotistic backstabbing saw her older brother steal the company from her and her father, leaving her with very little option. Rather than be a slave to her brother, she tried to go off on her own as a demolition expert herself, but she could find no company that wanted her in...except the MAA. It has been about five years and she has never felt more at home, especially now with the pilot Connor MacAelus.
  • Mi-Yun Lim - The engineer and electronics expert of Squad Ares.  Born a street urchin in the Norodor Empire in Ots, Mi-Yun made her living fighting off the denizens of the slums and teaching herself the wonders of hacking, hot-wiring, and engineering. This passion managed to keep her alive as precision thefts got herself a decent amount of money, but she always looked for the next thrill instead of getting out. Upon the commandeering of a police mech, she was then sentenced to 20 years in the penitentiary. While being transported, she only remembered a flash before waking up on a jet with Aeden Mueller holding a pen and a pad of paper in front of her. She was more than eager to do so, and since then has become a top engineer but also Aeden's girlfriend despite her rather bisexual nature. Partnered with Devika Rai, her energy is sometimes boundless as she always loves to get into scraps especially with shiks, but since she always wants a challenge, she has an odd fascination with the Albertonian varieties she thinks are truly worth fighting.
  • Henrika CLS-3232 - Of the "Colossus" variant of Albertonian shiks, Henrika was caught in the engagement between Golden Eagle and Awess Sultanate forces against her Kasparov CIA unit that had set up outposts in Awess Sultanate space. With most of her platoon wiped out and lying dead around her, she was abandoned by her Dreslandesa commander and surrounded by the mercenaries, surrendered personally to Devika, disillusioned by her own leaders. She fit in rather well with the mercs, a bit on the stubborn side but an excellent heavy gunner for Squad Ares and powerhouse amongst the ladies.  The ladies always enjoy her company and she finally feels at home even if she has to fight her former Kasparov CIA shiks. She is currently in a romantic relationship with Mokuwaei Alihi.
  • Eileen Yenura - Designated Marksman/Sniper of Squad Ares.  As compared to most of the members of Squad Ares, her life was rather simple and upbeat, a rural girl without a care in the world.  Of course sometimes being out in the plains of her agri-world left her not much else to do except use her father's hunting rifle to shoot at whatever targets she came up with.  Years of practice got her into city and national contests but the stream of victories still left her lacking.  One day an older gentleman made a drunken bet with her that she was just an upstart and didn't know the first thing about marksmanship.  Taking that bet with several shots of liquor, the two engaged in a sharpshooting match that after ten rounds had no victor.  But in the eleventh round she could not hold her booze where the older and thicker man could.  In the midst of the victory, the man revealed himself as Auzten Wilg, and revealed that he had been looking for a top shooter just like him to join the mercenary group.  Since then the thrill of the action and the hunt finally gave Eileen the challenge no paltry contest could provide.
  • Yazmeen Johnston - Yazmeen is the scout of Squad Ares.  Raised as a prodigy of gymnastics, she was cheated out of her world's competition by rival factions with false allegations of cheating.  Disgraced but innocent, she still fell into a deep depression that saw her dip into the criminal realm when she wasted away her money.  With her dexterity, grace, and surprising stealth, she found herself to be a rather accomplished thief in the period of two years.  But stealing from the wrong people has its price, as she was cornered by mobsters one night ready to be killed.  But out of nowhere the mobsters fell and in the shadows stood only one man, Relus Parr, who gave her the choice to join the MAA or join a prison cell.  She didn't need to analyze further.  Yazmeen is the skilled warrior her fellow mercs always love at their front and the one her enemies never see coming.  True to form as a former thief, she will rarely kill unless helping Eileen spot targets, preferring to knock out her enemies with drugs or a quick blow.
  • Amado/Amada Benitez, the "Twins" - Raised in fierce guerrilla warfare, Amado and Amada as twin brother and sister always looked after each other especially as young orphans.  While conducting a snatch and grab operation upon their home planet of Rinerio in 3447, Finn Wu and his squad discovered the two in the middle of their operation.  He was greatly impressed watching the two for no apparent reason help his mercenary squad against what was believed to be a common enemy, except where he was in it for the coin, they seemed to want revenge.  After some persuasive language, the two joined up and are now the rifleman and woman of Squad Ares, disciplined fighters through and through.  While their childhoods were rough, their three years with the MAA have loosened them up to make friends with the rest, even if they argue constantly with each other.
  • Suraa al-Shahaab - Grenadier of Squad Ares.  Like the Twins, she too was a child soldier.  While fighting in the War of the Dunes in 3425, her squad was caught in an ambush and killed to the last man and woman when she was only 15, surviving by faking death and buried beneath the bodies of her comrades.  When looking elsewhere, she gave her enemies the slip and had been fighting on until the war ended three years later.  She had made herself a nomad for the next five years horribly scarred by the conflict.  She was offered a place within the MAA that she initially turned down with some hostility, but oddly enough the awkward personality of medic Tyler Ventrus had convinced her to change her mind.  Slowly she has opened up to the squad but again confides mostly to Tyler, his quirky personality actually something to make her let out the tiniest smile.
  • Tyler Ventrus - Tyler really has no place amongst the mercenaries, but the fact he was a medical and electronic wiz kid convinced Hannah Parr that he was the kind of on-the-spot medic they needed and ersatz techie.  Goofy and geeky, he often annoys more than does helping anything, but under pressure he has saved many lives including that of Auzten Wilg which has certainly saved him from months worth of hazing.  Amicable to all, he is closest however to Suraa al-Shahaab, harboring a shy crush on the grenadier while possessing the odd ability to actually make her smile.  Despite their attempts to quell rumors, Suraa's noted concern over Tyler's safety does nothing to help such efforts at all.
  • Leyla Aacher - Leyla is the chief medic to Squad Ares, a no-nonsense former doctor compared to the awkward Tyler Ventrus.  She was once an up-and-coming doctor in her home world, but a slew of fallacious malpractice suits had her fall quickly from grace.  While trying to set up her own practice in a less-than-favorable part of the city, out of nowhere in the middle of the night an intruder burst through her door, wounded and bloody.  At gunpoint she demanded that Leyla treat her, to which Leyla had no other choice.  As it turned out, the wounded woman was Yazmeen Johnston.  Grateful at the quick treatment and the discretion afterward, Yazmeen invited Leyla to the MAA.  Leyla soon came to appreciate not only the rush of combat, but the pretty profit that comes after a job well done.
  • Mokuwaei "Mo" Alihi - Jovial, giant, and as tough as an ox, the tribal-tattooed Mo is the anti-tank/mech gunner of Squad Ares.  Only slightly bigger than Henrika, he was recruited by the MAA upon the end of his duties in the local islander militia but his passion for warfighting had him seek greater venues.  His ability to haul the heavier weaponry makes him a vital asset when facing tougher enemies or unexpected mechanical surprises.  He has already made eternal enemies with the Pixie Mercenary Company for his successful crippling of six Glaive A3 tanks and subsequent capture of the surviving crewwomen. Mokuwaei tends to be more merciful than his fellow squadmates, adhering to the notion of taking prisoners whenever they can more than others.  He is also an accomplished wrestler with his larger size and frequently spars with Auzten Wilg and even Henrika, the latter of whom is rumored to have a crush on him.  It was later confirmed that they are indeed lovers.
  • Lieutenant "Triple L" Lisa Leander - A very respected officer amongst the MAA personnel, the AZPHAR Sniper Specialist counts as one of the best in her craft amongst her mercenary brothers and sisters.  Originally, during the Rebellion of the Clones in 3428, she had caused the MAA significant trouble in the Battle of Lhasza.  During the battle, the MAA mercenaries suffered 21 casualties, with more than half being caused by Leander, who using the advanced rifle and variable camouflage sniper uniform she was issued achieved it's targets on long and close range, staggering the Käslivar-MAA forces alone for about 20 minutes, time used by Azimuth Pharmaceuticals to destroy the evidence in APharma-1138 to destroy the evidence of selling chemical weapons to Lhasza.  She was however later captured by MAA forces during that action, along with other AZPHAR garrison that survived and surrendered once was achieved their objective of eliminating proof of illegal sales of chemical weapons.  She saw her dead sisters around her and decided that her fate was not to be "just a clone" like them.  Since then she has been an integral part of MAA operations and a respected instructor to younger snipers, especially Eileen Yenura, and earning the respect of the few other marksmen more capable than her, most notably Auzten Wilg.
  • "Captain" Markus Thomlinson (KIA) - The former leader of Squad Ares.  During the Battle of Gardener III Squad Ares was pinned with two of the squad, Olga Byelna and Rico Tuzez, killed by one of the Pixie Glaive A3 tanks.  Markus had managed to free his squad from the suppressive fire by running alone into enemy fire with the anti-tank rocket launcher in his hands.  Markus managed to take down one Pixie tank, killing the three Dreslandesa women inside. The second tank's mounted MG fatally wounded him, but not before managing to get the last rocket to fire and by dumb luck striking the second tank and incapacitating it, killing the crewwomen but leaving the commander unconscious for capture from Squad Ares and allowing the Golden Eagles to get some momentum to drive them back.
  • Fatima Daliniza (KIA) - Former member of Squad Ares and personal friend of Suraa.  During a raid on a Delmen outpost that a rival company wanted removed, the mission had been going well and during the final flash and clear assault on the command center one of the Delmen that Fatima thought was dead was only wounded.  The clone woman still had her weapon on her and when aimed at Suraa, Fatima dove in the way to intercept the bullets before the woman was shot back in retaliation.  Fatima died in Suraa's arms and was brought back to Vaidosa for a heroine's burial.
  • Megan "Corvielle" Bunton - While not a mercenary within the ranks, the SSICC ally is a mercenary in her own right and notable for recent actions against rogue AZPHAR factions and Kasparov CIA shik forces in cooperation with MAA forces.  Good friends with Mi-Yun Lim, and perhaps more.

Notable Actions, Battles, and CampaignsEdit

"I think since the Anuchian War...Auzten, Hannah, and I have pretty much lost count of how many men and women warriors we've killed and just how much shit we've blown up.  But hell, it got us enough to buy the whole of this friggin' planet!" - "Colonel" Relus Parr

  • Battle of the RFC (3402) - Founding members Relus Parr, Auzten Wilg, and Hannah Kyung sabotage RFB fueling operations and resupply depots in an effort to help cripple the logistics of the RFB fleet that eventually loses.
  • Anuchian War (3410) - MAA members secretly strike at unsecured supply routes used by the RFB in their shadow support of the LCP.  Although minor in scale, a momentary scare among both the RFB and LCP gives the EAN minor victories capitalizing from the panic.
  • Battle of Yinz III (3412) - The first Golden Eagle Squad formed, Squad Genesis, conducts several raids on LCP facilities including a weapons depot that EAN forces were unaware of during a brutal urban warfare period.  EAN forces recognize the MAA forces but only in clandestine manner are they rewarded.
  • Assassination of Roxanna Mobello (3416) - Hired by President Jorge Münzenmay to assassinate civil rebellion leader Roxanna Mobello, an artificial human who rallied tens of thousands against Jorge Münzenmay in the coming elections.  Killed by poison dart from sniper rifle while in the countryside.  Body was found in a ravine days later and ruled a tragic accident.
  • Battle of Svear (3424) - Two Golden Eagle squads committed to disrupt offensive attacks from RFB forces upon Ademic Utan.  Although Svear is destroyed, the MAA forces escape with no casualties and Ademic Utan is unharmed; RFB forces suffer 200 KIA.
  • LCP Civil War (3428) - MAA squads play off rival factions of the LCP and escape a year afterward to refuge in DSC territory.
  • Rebellion of the Clones (3428-3434) -  Golden Eagle platoons committed to multiple engagements against multiple factions of clone rebel women to include Azimuth aFra, Delmen, and Kasparov CIA shiks.    Golden Eagle casualties minimum.  Total number of cloned rebels killed and captured reaches 4,000, half are Kasparov CIA shiks.  Towards the end of the Rebellion, MAA forces witness atrocities committed by WK.CORP upon rebel civilians trying to care for and shelter clone children and infants prematurely taken from maturation chambers, conducting clandestine attacks against WK.CORP and even rescuing enclaves of rebel clones and clone infants/children.  MAA marks WK.CORP as "black list," always an enemy.
  • INU-Galactic Frigate Cerberus Rescue (3429) - Rival mercenary shiks from Grap.STALKER organization infiltrate and attempt to seize INU-Galactic interplanetary frigate Cerberus en route to deliver 40,000 shik clones.  Grap.STALKER forces are successful in capture with 20 Jako Marshals dead, no crew casualties, and 10 MAA mercenaries captured with 2 Squad Juno MAA mercenaries KIA.  Squad Ares dispatched to retake ship.  Retaking of ship is successful with 70 Grap.STALKER shiks KIA to include 25 Albertonian variety shiks and 12 Dreslandesa variety shiks, and 30 Grap.STALKER POW.  Explosives however cripple the engines of the Cerberus and frigate descends onto a nearby planet in crash landing.  The ship is intact but an estimated 8,000-10,000 shik women killed in the crash, 1 Squad Juno mercenary killed, several MAA, Jako Marshals, and crewmembers wounded.  1 INU crewmember MIA but rumored to later be found.  MAA and INU forces rescued by mercenary reinforcements, Jako shiks begin to form colony on new, hospitable planet.
  • Battle of Tutonia (3430) - Multiple key leader assassination strikes and raids conducted by Golden Eagle mercenaries in Panchuixclan.  Successful deaths of several provincial leaders helps speed up the coup.  No MAA forces KIA.  EIF and MAA relations antagonized for several years until MAA offers multiple concessions and contracts for EIF factions.
  • Defense of Installation Bismarck-8 (3431) - Golden Eagle platoon element hired by Azimuth to assist in defense of installation against overwhelming Kasparov CIA shik invasion; Kasparov CIA waves are repulsed and several drop ships/mechs destroyed; 10 Golden Eagle WIA; 35 aFra KIA; 30 aFra WIA; 8 aFra Specialists KIA; 10 aFra Specialists WIA; 225 Kasparov CIA "Jako" variant shiks KIA; 75 Kasparov CIA "Albertonian" variant shiks KIA; 20 "Logintrap" variant shiks KIA; 15 "Dreslandesa" variant shiks KIA; 350 shiks WIA/POW; first battle of Mi-Yun Lim and Devika Rai.
  • Raid on Installation Riga-9 (3432) - Two Golden Eagle squads hired in demolition of Azimuth Pharmaceuticals installation that is targeted by GENTEK; No MAA casualties; 100 aFra KIA/WIA.
  • The Tri-Corner Outposts Offensive (3432) - Hired by Sultanate of Awess, three MAA squads utilized in three-pronged raid on Kasparov CIA shik outposts established in Sultanate territory; mission results in complete destruction of Kasparov outposts; 1 Golden Eagle KIA; 6 Golden Eagle WIA; 30 Sultanate forces KIA; 50 Sultanate forces WIA; 120 Jako variant shiks KIA; 25 Albertonian variant shiks KIA; 70 shiks WIA/POW; induction of Henrika CLS-3232 into MAA.
  • Battle of Herakón (3437) - MAA strike teams hired by the DSC to conduct hit and raid attacks on RDCS forces, disrupting offensive flow.  Engagement lasts for one year.  MAA forces suffer only three KIA.
  • Capture of Alana Buenavida (3437) - Finn Wu leads small four-person MAA team into jungle world of Rinerio; Alana Buenavida successfully captured; induction of the Benitez Twins into Squad Ares.
  • Battle of Phos X (3437) - Squad Ares engages Delmen in fierce battle to destroy compound threatening GENTEK.  Squadmate Fatima Daliniza KIA; 2 Golden Eagle WIA; 50 Delmen clone women KIA.
  • Battle of Gardener III (3438) - Two Golden Eagle platoons hired by National Militias of High Garden against WK.CORP and the Pixie Mercenary Company.  A fierce battle wages on for two weeks with both sides suffering heavy casualties.  WK.CORP forces are repulsed though but a phyrric victory for the High Garden militias.  MAA loses Markus Thomlinson from Squad Ares and twenty-three others KIA; 35 MAA WIA; High Garden Militias suffer 900 KIA, 1400 WIA, 50 POW; WK.CORP suffers 600 KIA, 1050 WIA, 115 POW; Pixie Mercenaries suffer 60 KIA, 75 WIA; 30 POW.  High Garden militiamen capture photographs of Golden Eagle mercenaries carrying the unconscious bodies of Pixie tank crewwomen for capture, scoring propaganda victories of the "superiority" of their forces and their allies.
  • Battle of Soghlivan (3439) - MAA forces recover losses after engagement with WK.CORP and Pixies, staging hit and run convoy attacks on WK.CORP and occasional Pixies task force while assisting main High Garden militia forces in their offensive; MAA forces only suffer 8 WIA; WK.CORP losses include 50 KIA, 88 WIA, and 30 POW; Pixies suffer 15 KIA, 33 WIA, 20 POW.
  • Stroeimus Compound Sabotage (3440) - Current mission of Devika Rai and Mi-Yun Lim to sabotage Kasparov CIA shik naval staging yard for amphibious and mech operations in the known sector.

Current Allies/CustomersEdit

Current EnemiesEdit


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