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Millbridge was a city of the north-western human Aelian Kingdom of Sargos

Millbrige was a city of Sargos that was the long-time and usual capital of the country or the joined kingdoms of Sargos-Degoland.

The area had a long period of habitation, probably due to the narrowing of the Osorio River, making it a natural crossing place, linking the two halves of the Osorio Valley. This crossing had an agricultural and trade significance, and a strategic one as well, that led it to become fortified and the Sargonic capital city.

The city was rarely threatened, but when it was, it had the great fortune to fall multiple times in its history for a capital city of a strong nation. Despite a great castle on the site, the city itself would often be poorly defended or faced with overwhelming opposition.

Millbridge leyends 2265 by shabazik-d9cewqm

2265 a.a.H. Millbridge rebuilt following the First War of the Power with its square keep

Early HistoryEdit

The Human Kingdoms of the North-West (as Sargos, Degland, La Cruz, Huncle and Tardos) were founded around the same time at the 1.727 a.a.H, from the inherited lands of the successors of king Aleks of the Weseuros, being these five kingdoms founded by the different Weseuros Tribes.

Immediate Prehuman PeriodEdit

The area of Millbridge had seen in the previous centuries some other settlements -High elves and Kanov- but rather than a high elven city as often later the Millbridgers will fantasize about, it was only some farmers' villages.

Early Human PeriodEdit

In the time of King Aleks of the Weseuros, in a bend of the Osorio river there was located a Mill, which was a concession of the King to grind the grain of the region, being know this Mill as the Kingsmill.

However, for the inhabitants of the western bank of the river, needing to cross the river to go to grind their grain, they eventually built a bridge over the Osorio river, which will be simply called the Mill Bridge.

Early History as a CityEdit

For when King Aleks of the Weseuros passed out and the Five Kingdoms were founded, Millbridge was already a village in the western bank of the river, and will be the place King Camilo I of Sargos will choose to be the capital of the newly founded kingdom -taxing not anymore only the mill, but as well the bridge crossing.

First FortificationsEdit

The village turned capitol will slowly grow, and for the end of the second millennium since the apparition of humanity (2.000 a.a.H), the Sargonic king, to fund the War of the Clover against Huncle, will build a tower in the Millbridge with a drawbridge, so the Osorio river navigation could expand... and as well, to tax the ships crossing Millbridge.

During the 2100-2150, will be the first attempts to give some fortifications to the small city, being dug a trench that was flooded with the river's waters, that made Millbridge into a small island, with some stone walls being built to the west.

Fall of the First War of the PowerEdit

However, for the First War of the Power, when the Armies of the Dark Legion arrived at the 2208 a.a.H, Millbridge was almost defendless, and the demon armies crossed the bridge coming from the east: The city was sacked by the Ozcura Orcs of the Dark Legion and their Kanov allies, and the city was burned by Dragons-fire, being essentially destroyed and in ruins for some fifteen years.

After the end of the First War of the Power (2223 a.a.H) will come the time to rebuild the city. However, it remained only lightly fortified.

The Rebuilt CityEdit

Following the destruction of the First War of the Power, the new city would be rapidly restored and would evolve more quickly as it was the capital city of what would become a strong and dynamic nation.

Works of Martin the Conqueror and Camilo IIEdit

Millbridge leyends 2390 by shabazik-d9c7dvj

2390 a.a.H. The Development of Millbridge beyond the city trench known as the "Pit"

King Martin the Conqueror built then the Kings Keep, which joined the old river tower at the bridge and near the mill, but the city kept growing.

Around the middle of the XXIV century, the buildings of the city expanded beyond the pit, and with the economic expansion of Sargos, the city began to expand much further than that.

And so, by the times of don Camilo II the Magnificent (2398-2422 a.a.H) it was one of the largest human cities of the North-West of Aels. -however, the north-western cities really were pale in size comparison to the human cities of central and southern Aels). Under his reign, a new Keep of a different, colossal design replaced the smaller, simpler one of Martin the Conqueror. This new hexagonal keep was built to control the Osorio river, and as well the wall of the trench was reinforced with the Fortress of the Pit.

King Camilo II as well ordered many buildings to be razed, to have place to do new public buildings, such as the Cathedral of St. Anita -while in other places, building cathedrals was an impulse of the same citizens, in Millbridge was decided and founded by King Camilo II, angry that his capitol city didn't have a cathedral. Other buildings will be the Towns Square -used for festivals, cavalry fairs, market and religious processions-, the Hospital of Don Camilo, the Archbishop's Palace, the wool market and the University.

Millbridge leyends 2408 by shabazik-d9c7eqe

2408 a.a.H. The replacement of the old castle keep with a colossal new hexagonal keep, plus the addition of a Cathedral, Hospital, University and Archbishop Palace

There were many more plans for expanding the city and provide it with new buildings and improvements, such a new wall to protect as well the city from the river side, building a new castle to be the house of the King in Kingsmill, and a wall encircling as well the "new city" that growed much beyond the trench.

Fall in the Sargonic WarsEdit

However, these plans were left in the planning phase due the adverse luck of Sargos at the end of the Sargonic Wars (2407-2419 a.a.H). As the castles protecting the borders of Sargos fell one after other against the enemies, once more time, Millbridge defenses where inadequate.

A bulwark was builded at Kingsmill, the walls reinforced and trenches and palisades dug and built around the city, with many of the river ports and bridges along the Osorio river being burned or destroyed, to avoid the enemy to cross it: And when the Enkel human, Gorbegean Kanov and goblin hordes arrived at the 2419 a.a.H to the eastern bank, there was the battle of Kingsmill, that will open the Siege of Millbridge.

The Sargonic forces would be defeated and forced to retreat to the Tower of the Bridge, but as the Garrison of the Tower of the bridge resisted, supported by the fluvial navy of Sargos, the engineers destroyed the Mill bridge: And when the Tower of the Bridge fell, the garrison was cut without retreat and slain, but they had given enough time to cut down the bridge.

In the following days, the allied army tried several times to cross the river, being defeated each time. As well, the uneasy alliance with the Hettes Ur Dur did devolve into a series of skirmishes and small battles between the allies, which caused the goblins to leave, after sacking the whole region -sacking that eliminated the possibilities to the allied human-kanov armies to forage in the region-.

Millbridge leyends 2419 by shabazik-d9c3wq0

2419 a.a.H. Millbridge with desperate bulwarks added to defend the west side of the city, but still vulnerable at the close of the Sargonic Wars

Due to the lack of supplies, the invaders had to spread thin to increase their foraging opportunities: Opportunity used by the Sargonic army, who using their fluvial navy launched a couple of successful surprise attacks.

However, there was a stone bridge further to the north that the Sargnoic forces weren't capable of destroying in time before the invasion, and that bridge was used to cross a fraction of the Gorbegean army. As well, the north-western human enemies of Sargos -Huncle, Tardos and La Cruz- were marching as well:

And so, Millbridge was now attacked from the east and west. And the New City, defended only by some palisades, quickly fell to the enemy.

As the Sargonic prepared to defend the Old City, King Camilo II left, using the still unmatched power of the sargonic fluvial navy of the Osorio to escape, along with much of the court, treasure -and many citizens-

Knowing about the retreat of the King, the desire to continue the defense dropped, and Millbridge surrendered, to be sacked by the Gorbegeos and Enkel, while the army of Tardos and Huncle protected the Church's property, they did the same to the rest of the conquered city.

Fall in the First War of the PowerEdit

Millbridge leyends 2440 by shabazik-d9bz09q

2440 a.a.H. Millbridge, with its complete fortifications, as it was before its Fall to the Dark Legion

After the Sargonic wars, once more time, Millbridge will be rebuilded: and this time with proper defenses, but not being anymore the capitol of Sargos...

defenses that wouldn't be capable to stop the Dark Legion's Tide during the Second War of the Power at the 2440, when the city will once more time fall -to the assault of the forces of the demons-, being forced the Sargonic to retreat and make a last stand at the Battle of the plains of Sargos.

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