Morod was a demonic kingdom and a city of demons in Polforia, Aels.

Kanov Period[edit | edit source]

The city was originally founded by the Kanov people, being one of the relatively few truly city-scaled municipalities built by Kanovs in the continent of Aels, and certainly within Polforia. The city was well situated in that it sat on a plain, where crops could be grown and livestock grazed away from the primeval, thick forests or swamps or marshes or stagnant lakes that characterize much of Polforia to the south.

The city would grow, and would rule the plains as a city-state, with a broad, productive kingdom surrounding the city. It would be the greatest Kanov civilization within Polforia.

However, the surrounding plains meant the city was poorly defensible, and it was ultimately sacked and conquered by the Demonic Dark Legion at the end of the Battle of the Fields of Morod in 1721 a.a.H. This would mean the permanent demonic conquest of the Kanov country of Morod, and the loss of the best chance of the collective Kanovs of Polforia to resist the Dark Legion.

Demonic Capital[edit | edit source]

Despite the sacking, the demons quickly seized upon the value of a ready-made city in their chosen land of Polforia compared to their smaller and half built settlements. Also, the plains of Morod was a good, productive base for them to settle and begin the expansion of their empire. So, they had the city rebuilt and repurposed to serve as their capital and hub of demon civilization, for commerce and meeting place for the Confederation of Free Peoples.

The City was the seat of the Parliament of the Confederation of Free Peoples and of Sataan, being for long the largest demonic city -until the rise of Tok-Thoria, having a large population of all the races of the Dark Legion. -However, it wasn't the major locale of the greatest demonic population, as the city with more demons as inhabitants was Dol-Nur.

Located on its plain, it wasn't however easily defensible, and often when endangered -as during the First War of the Power, the demons will move to the more protected and fortified Dol-Nur.

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