Motzabili, officially the Kingdom of Motzabili (Regno d'Motzabili) is a unitary parliamentary monarchy in Aels. Located in the heart of the Caritz sea, Motzabili shares open land borders with Pamelia, Anglasecuarnia, Ruhenia, Calintropia and Marcelooneo. Motzabili has a largely temperate climate.

The Motzabilians identify themselves with a Dumian past. Dume ultimately emerged as the dominant power in central Aels, conquering much of the shores of the Caritz seald and becoming the leading cultural, political, and religious centre of Aelian civilisation: However, with the wars against the demons, Dume will collapse. During the Dark Age of Demons, the region suffered sociopolitical collapse amid calamitous invasions, but after the La Cruz-Uslen wars and the First War of the Power, numerous Hannian and Dumian city states rose to great prosperity throught shipping, commerce and banking.

After The Cataclysm and the catastrophe, the Dumian and Hannian will settle down in what had become the Motzabilian peninsula, remaining politically fragmented and fell prey to Aelian powers such as Alailë, Anglaecuarnia and later the Calintropian Empire, subsequently entering a long period of decline that lasted until the Anglasecuarnian Wars.

As result of them, the peninsula will be unified under the Kingdom of Motzabili.

Motzabili was one of the main powers behind the MW until the fourth world war of Aels, that will end the hegemony of the Moziepoltischenmilitarischenindustrialen-Wosta (MW). However, Motzabili remains a major regional power in Aels and exerts considerable military, cultural and diplomatic influence in Aiers.

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