The Motzabilian wars (3048-3060 a.a.H) was a series of wars fought in the Motzabilian peninsula, between the warring Motzabilian kingdoms, principalities and city states and the participation of the Empire of Alailë, the Caliphate of Anglasecuarnia and the Calintropian Empire of Purpurian.

While the alliances shifted during the wars, the result was the Treaty of Bonara, that perpetuated the division of Motzabili in Six independent kingdoms and eight city-states. Motzabili wouldn't be unified until about one century later, as result of the Anglasecuarnian Wars.

Motzabilian kingdoms

Asiago, Badadaboopi, Bonassai, Capretta, Devero, Fioreta, Formaggi, Padaccio


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