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The Muhbahr Ocean

The Muhbahr Ocean was a body of water that lay between points of points of civilization on three continents and carried the trade between them.



The Muhbahr Ocean was a small ocean of Aiers, that lay between the three continents of Zarhuy to the west, Hieyoks to the north and Zean and many islands to the east. There was also a broad strait between Zarhuy and Hieyoks that connected to the Sea of Tok which led to the continent of Aels north of Zarhuy.


The ocean is capable of all moods, and gained quite the reputation for storms in early tales. In truth, it is a good body of water to sail on a seasonal basis. Monsoons are a seasonal occurrence and are important towards the watering of southern Hieyoks.

Trade and CultureEdit

As a result of all these connections, the Muhbahr Ocean was an important body of water for trade and these connections led to it being a storied setting in history and legends. Particularly in the rise of Human civilizations on the planet.


High Elf ColoniesEdit

Previous to the Apparition of Humanity, the High elves of the Empire of Whide Axis founded many colonies on the shores of southern Hieyoks and Zarhuy. Most would be damaged or destroyed by tsunamis and earthquakes that plagued the world in an Age of Calamities from about 50 to 100 a.a.H.

Most of these colonies would rebuild, but would later suffer in the Age of Invasions due to depredations of migrating peoples such as Orcs, Kanovs, and Humans. Later, they will be hit hard by the Plague known as the Curse of Doroz.

Later CivilizationsEdit

The Muhbahr Ocean would figure prominently in the history of the Caliphate of the Orange Sun of Blazakhov and the Farsian Empire.

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