The Tribal Federation of Murica was a human nation in the continent of Ushaenor, during the Age of Invasions or Early Human Age.


The Ushavericans instead migrated later on the VI Century: They where some of the Sea-faring Peoples, that had already settled in many of the shores and islands of Aels, expanding westwards:

They first apparitions in the shores of Ushaenor will be as sea raiders of High Elven settlements, which forced the states of the Empire of Whide Axis to try to reinforce their coastal defenses and armies: and while the High Elves did so, the waves of invasions and landing parties where becoming hard to defeat, as each time the Whide Axis deflected a wave of human invaders, other appeared, being described by the elven cronists as "locusts": because of this, many elven settlements and kingdoms of the eastern shores where abandoned, as their inhabitants prefeered to move inland, seeking for security.

However, the Sea-Faring peoples didn't had just as objective to plunder the High elven lands, as instead they where looking for lands to settle.  After yet another battle, and other defeat of the Sea-Faring peoples against the Imperial Forces of the Venerable Empire of Whide Axis, the Emperor Azra'l I of the Whide Axis, seeing the state of his armies, determined that other victory like that one would be fruitless, as only more humans will come after them: So instead of crushing the survivors, throwing them back to the seas, he made a treaty with the Sea-Faring leaders: He granted them the lands that had been already deserted by the High Elves for them to defend in the name of the empire:

And so the Sea-Faring peoples become vassals of the Venerable Empire of Whide Axis, and in the same time, they became known as the Ushavericans.

The Ushavericans where a very ethnically diverse people, with countless nations and peoples of all origins and beliefs. These very different tribes tried to form a single government and a nation: the Tribal Federation of Murica.

However, the High Elves feared how the numbers of humankind expanded, and so, they feel themselves threatened by the Muricans Federation of Tribes.

The lands the High Elves had granted the Ushavericans wasn't enough for their peoples, and as the Empire of Whide Axis still was strong, they keeped the humans within the borders they have assigned them, threatening them with the armies of the Empire.

The scarce land began to be soon an issue between the tribes: but the High Elven traders and diplomats who where granted permission to enter in the human-lands, where instructed to plot and divide humans, using one tribe against other:

"Divide and Conquer": the Ushaverican humans, rather than uniting against the Empire, to seek expansion of their lands, fractioned and fought each other: the Tribal federation of Murica collapsed, and a collection of warring tribes remained, fighting over the limited resources. This situation was keept precisely by the High elves, who ensured the division of the Tribes of Murica due religion, ethnicity and resources, hindering the capability of the Ushavericans to develope both in a material-cultural and geo-political level.

The Murican TribesEdit

The Tribal Federation of Murica was compossed in an union of several tribes, with a federal government. Among them where the tribes of the:

  • Calornian
  • Oregi
  • Washi
  • Idaihis
  • Arizcos
  • Nemexi
  • Coloraos
  • Wyomis
  • Montas
  • Dakkos
  • Nebri
  • Kanass
  • Okoma
  • Ekas
  • Loisi
  • Missus
  • Arkani
  • Misisi
  • Wiscos
  • Illinios
  • Kentos
  • Oios
  • Michicas
  • Maime
  • Massachuche
  • Newyos
  • Chiago
  • Virgi,
  • Caroli
  • Gorgos
  • Floros
  • Maris
  • Delawos
  • Newjes
  • Laski
  • Hawii
  • Bricos
  • Eascos
  • Wescos
  • Rhodos
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