the mythical Musgomen

In Aelian mythology, The '''Musgomen''' -or mossmen- were creatures, protrayed as moss men who lived in forests, rocks and mountains, being one of the various myths that inhabit in the stories of the peoples of Aiers.

Unlic poets placed them on some mountain ranges in southern Aels, as the unholy mountain of Hortann

Supposedly, they are peaceful people made of moss, who only grew. And grew, and grew, being sentient.

The Musgomen seem to come from stories of dryads, being gentile spirits of the nature, who almost never move.

Apparence[edit | edit source]

The Musgomen are supposed to be inteligent, anthrophomorpic Moss creatures of green colours, but some stories portrayed them having other moss colours.

Musgomen Myths[edit | edit source]

The Mugomen King supposedly grow so much, that it covered a whole mountain.

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