Crop Naavatiak by shabazik-d8qci6s

Navatiak, the northwest stormy coast

Navatiak, also know as Navaatiak, Navaa, or Navak was a region set in the northwesternmost part of Aels. It was home to the Navarmenn, large and hardy Humans, related to the Amazons, Kdaimons, Sukkes and Nutks, but as well there were large settlements of  Yakkek Yak Yak . It was bordered by Nortender and the Amazon lands to the east and Helmed Dwarfs to the south, and to the north a series of Archipelagos that closed the¨Hieyokscream.

Navatiak Elevation by shabazik-d7knlxa

Relative Elevations of the Northwest corner of Aels


Navatiak was originally inhabited by mountain and ice giants.

Christianized during the Middle Human Age by the Order of Nortender, they will adhere to the Nortender heresy. The first Christian king, Ordik I, will found the Kingdom of Navatiak at the 2315 a.a.H, being the first Kingdom of Navatiak -not in Navatiak-



While the Navarmenn humans was the more numerous group, there was a large population of Yak Yak. Dwarfs, Grey elfs and Sylvan elfs, Galaw High orcs and Kanovs will be present, along with small communities of ice elves (Anqueael Elf and snow elves (Northern Snow elf) settling sporadically on the shores.

Beast PeopleEdit

These were considered to be the inhabitants of the Kingdom, but after the instauration of the same and opening of the society and markets, will augment the number of "civilized" Beast People.

Monster PeoplesEdit

Aside of the "civilized peoples" of Navatiak, there were as well giants, Ogres, Trolls, Goblins, Beast People and monsters who weren't considered to be of the realm, but dangers that spawned the lands.

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