Sultanofawesomeness - Farouche BACKGROUNDLESS

Chloe "Farouche" Dawn, a dreselandesa of the SoA-313 Pilot class, it's the navigator of the Dreadnought ASC Dawn, of the fleet of the Sultan of Awess, a small independent state in the outer colonies in the Nebulosa of Ots.

A Navigator is a special type of Dreselandes Artificial human produced by the megacorporation GENTEK.

Space travel always was difficult and dangerous: but to navigate: but the quantic jumps, hyperspace, worm gates and other developments, which made easier -and much quickier- to travel in Space. However, it was done much more complex, difficult and dangerous.

Super computers was the first option, to do the complex calculations: However the problem was, that progressively, these computers become more and more complex.

And so, where designed a special type of Dreselandes artificial humans -clones- to operate these: the Navigators (or Avatars).

These clones where specially designed for each different Space ship, to interact on a direct level to the supercomputers and operate them, to quickly make the calculations for navigation, and as well, do security checks of the computer (and ship) systems, greatly decresing the time (and crew) needed to operate spaceships.

Because of this link to the ship, and being custom done to each one, the Navigators where often called as well Avatars, as they where seen as personifications of the ships.

Only the main Vessels had navigators -Dreadnoughts, Battleships, heavy cruisers, cruisers and fighters/mech carriers-, normally with only one issued -to avoid conflicts between navigators-, and because of that, normally the navigators dreselandeses where named after their ships.

As result of the rebelion of the clones -and the lack of thrust to other Artifical Inteligences, such as androids, robots and computers- these ships allways keep manual controls, independent from the control of the Navigator, in case the Captain of the ship need to take control of the ship.

The loss -due different causes- of a Navigator wasn't then crippling to a ship, but during a battle, could be significative: So while the avatars weren't the most combat-oriented or high ranking dreselandeses artificial humans, they where often some of the better protected, due their elevated costs. -and aside of being the better protected, they where some of the prioritary targets to enemies.-

Not every nation, megacorporation, mercenary company or group used Navigators, due the costs -and monopoly GENTEK have of them-, so normally they could be found only among Stornkold, their client and allied states, aside of subsidiary companies of GENTEK.