The Negeél are a drow ethno-linguistic group. They lived in central and southern Kazrrad. They speak the Negeél-drow languages, and share, to varying degrees, certain cultural traits and historical backgrounds.

Originally used to define the inhabitants of the city state of Llurth-Negeél, but after its destruction and dispersion of population -enslaved or marginalized-, was used to define the speakers of Negeél drow dialects, who had as part of their pantheon the goddess Negeé.

Negeél will be classified in north Negeél, central Negeél and south Negeél.

Negeél nations and ethnic groups are considerably diverse both genetically and culturally, and relations between them – even within the individual ethnic groups themselves – are varied, ranging from a sense of connection to mutual feelings of hostility.

Ethnocultural Subdivisions Edit

Negeél are customarily divided along geographical lines into three major subgroups: North Negeél, Central Negeél and Southern Negeél, each with a different and a diverse background based on unique history, religion and culture of particular Negeél groups within them. The subgroups have had notable cultural contact with non-Negeél drow civilisations.

  • The North Negeél have origins in the Llurth-Negeél inhabitants enslaved after the fall of their city. They came under the influence of Lolhian drows.
  • The Central Negeél have origins in the settlement of Negeél drow by Erehel-Sinu in what will be Negeémiliel. Once Hegemonic along the central drows, they began a process of negeémization of other central drow cultures, as the Nasani of Ched'Nasan.
  • The South Negeél, related to the central Negeél Negeémi, but which splintered from it with Ched'Hihrin and the relation with southern drow nations.
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