The Negeémi-Nasani War was a series of wars fought between the drow city states of Negeémiliel and Ched'Nasan.

The Drow Warring States Edit

Negeémi-Nasani Hihrin War Edit

Destruction of Ched'Nasan at the 1716 a.a.H by Negeémiliel.

Ched'Nasan will be refounded by 1780 a.a.H by Negeémiliel.

First Negeémi-Nasani War Edit

After the collapse of the Ched'Nasani government at the 2066 that overthrow many of the Negeémi-imposed institutions, the Dictatorship of the Small Council will try to re-pact the Nasani-Negeémi relations, wanting to leave their subsidiary role and become allies at least equals, and while they tried a diplomatic arrangement with Negeémiliel, they will began secret contacts with other drow city-states, breaking the suzerainity Negeémiliel had over Ched'Nasan, directing their international diplomacy.

The Tyrant of Negeémiliel, Haelra Khalazza ordered the complete submission of Ched'Nasan, beginning the First Negeémi-Nasani war (2074 - 2081 a.a.H), in which the Ched'Nasani opposition was crushed: Ched'Nasan lost about half of their territories to Negeémiliel, and became once more time a forced- vassal.

Second Negeémi-Nasani War Edit

As Haelra Khalazza was overthrown at the 2084 and rised to power as Negeémi dictator Felyndiira Olonrae, again the Nasani elites conspired for independence making alliances against Negeémiliel, and fighting a series of intermitents war and peaces between the second Negeémi-Nasani war 2095 - 2120 a.a.H. In these wars mostly Ched'Nasan luck was adverse and they lost further territories, until they joined the coalition built by the former Negeémi tyrant Haelra Khalazza of exiliated Negeémi, Erehel and Nasani, defeating Olonrae and her Negeémi forces.

Third Negeémi-Nasani War Edit

While they where then recogniced independence by the (once more time) Khalazza lead Negeémiliel, cancelling the vassalization, but this peace will be short lived, as as soon the dictator was secured in power, she once more time gathered her Negeémi forces, to take back all lost territories and to expel the Erehel-Sinu and Ched'Nasani former allies in the Third Negeémi-Nasani war, 2127-2147 a.a.H, which ended with the conquest of Ched'Nasan by Negeémiliel, being later rebellions violently crushed.

Fourth Negeémi-Nasani War Edit

With the Collapse of Vrinn drow queendom of the south at the end of the First War of the Power, will begin the fourth Negeémi-Nasani war.

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