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Neroe and Maylara fighting pygmy Ur Dur goblins

Neroe Rhedyn (Gigfran Nyth, 2389 a.a.H. - ?)
Neroe Rhedyn was a Hebonnor adventurer, fighter, soldier and interpreter of the Galaw-Hebonnor Kingdom of the Mountains.
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Neroe and May in the city of Zannas


  • A Fighter
  • Blonde with thick hair
  • Open and Fair Minded
  • Can Speak Negeémi
  • Capable Sidekick
  • Small for a Hebonnor Mountain Elf
  • A Loyal Friend
  • Sometimes Overly Credulous
  • A Hunter
  • Skilled at Weaving and Bath Service


  • Unrevealed Mother. Possibly deceased or divorced.
  • Unnamed Father. Bearded and blonde. Somewhat supportive, but not fully approving of his daughter either.
  • Clarise (cousin to Neroe and social adversary of Neroe and Maylara)
  • Clarise's unnamed husband who was also a childhood adversary of Neroe and Maylara
  • Clarise's unnamed daughter



Neroe Rhedyn was born from a Hebonnor mountain elf family in the village of Gigfran Nyth, a small settlement in the south of the Mountain range of Nohalion, that was part of the Hebonnor Kingdom.
Neroe became the only truly close friend of Maylara Maltree, a Drow girl of her age who was adopted by an elven couple in the village as a foundling. The two became quite close and had many youthful adventures. Neroe would often and bravely defend her friend despite the near ostracism of much of the village towards the drow girl, including her own father's disapproval of their friendship.


When they were about to become adults in a ceremony in the village, her friend convinced her to go on adventures to know the world, which would come to have disastrous results. After adventuring for some months, they found themselves in the mercantile port city of Zannas, and in short time they joined the Adventurers' Guild of Zannas.

Bog the BarbarianEdit

Unfortunately, early in 2427 a.a.H., in one of their first missions for the Adventurers' Guild, they had joined an adventurers' party led by Bog the Barbarian, which did not go well. They were captured by goblins and sold as slaves to a Farian Dwarf slaver named Roothar in exchange for elven clothing. Neroe and Maylara became part of his caravan and traveled in the tunnels of the underworld of Kazrrad, beneath the Nohalion Mountains, for several days before being sold separately in a Negeémiliel outpost some days of travel in the tunnels, and south, from the great city to a drow woman named Naeshi.
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Neroe Rhedyn as a slave working in Gaveo's textile shop. Naeshi being the overseer in the background

A Slave in NegeémilielEdit

She finally ended up in the capital city of Negeémiliel where she served as a slave in the looming house of a hobgoblin merchant named Gaveo as a weaver and bath attendant. While there, she learned to speak passable Negeémi, and became an experienced basic weaver. She also became accustomed to performing personal service as a bath attendant, possibly as it was seen amusing to have a surface elf slave?
Speculation: Neroe worked largely as a standard weaver slave, but her selection and role of bath attendant might suggest that she might suggest that Naeshi either found her attractive and / or wanted to impress business clients with private baths in the shop? Although it is known that Naeshi has a clear taste for heterosexuality. It is also known that Gaveo directed much of the 'wining and dining' of clients as he had a surprising grasp on concepts of finesse in closing deals. Gaveo might well have seized upon the idea of using a Hebonnor surface elf to impress clients, particularly at a time when the Negeémi state was at war with the then currently aggressive Hebonnor kingdom?
The drow woman who bought her, Naeshi, would be her usual overseer and also the apparent owner of the shop and its 'public face'. Naeshi was something of an adherent to the Jabharil faith, and the slaves of the shop would engage in ritualistic orgies as part of that religion. Neroe learned that the actual owner, Gaveo, was a hobgoblin, and one who often dressed or disguised himself as if a drow female in public places, or even more so in his upstairs apartments.
Neroe would be a slave in the textile shop for about ten months until rescued by her friend, Maylara Maltree, who, being a drow herself, had escaped her own enslavement and was pretending to be a Negeémi priestess.


Using makeup that Maylara had stolen from Gaveo, Neroe was disguised as a drow, using Maylara's priestess coat, which May had stolen from the priestess Laeh'le Dahl'Arak, she became a 'Drow Priestess'. The idea was that hopefully there would be few interferences as the drow would be too afraid to examine the supposed 'priestess' very closely. The two friends joined an army column going off to join the Hebonnor-Negeémi War in order to escape to the surface. Neroe went first while Maylara was meant to join near the rear after buying more supplies, but, unknown to Neroe, Maylara was caught before joining the column.
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Neroe providing service as a translator during the Hebonnor-Negeemi War. Some drow soldiers escaped execution or enslavement due to her efforts

Neroe marched with the Negeémiliel army (disguised as a drow priestess, with the aid of makeup, to make her escape), somewhat ironically, rather than being completely left alone, younger priestesses in training seemed intent on 'sucking up' to the supposed 'priestess'. Neroe kept quiet or spoke in single words or short sentences so as to avoid revealing herself through her accent and incomplete knowledge of the Negeémi language. As Maylara had failed to turn up, and the occasional pestering was dangerous, Neroe decided to leave the column. In trying to escape and 'desert' the army column, Neroe was captured by some surface spies, who were actually Hebonnor mountain elf agents in the employ of her king, Hildetriel IV the Young. She joined the small cadre of spies, and elected to take care of two drow prisoners, saving their lives.

Royal RetainerEdit

Later, Neroe would be drafted into the service of her King, Hildetriel IV the Young, as an interpreter of the drow language of Negeémi for captured prisoners, and for what she had learned of the drow when she was a slave. She took part in the Battle of Cilfach in which her king's army was encircled and crushed, but she escaped. In her escape, she took the two drow prisoners that she had been responsible for (who were presumably among a set of drow soldiers held prisoner in the baggage train) back with her to her home village of Gigfran Nyth.

Home AgainEdit

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Neroe back at home in Gigfran Nyth with her two drow guests, Hasstin Char'isstra suffering allergies and an excited Briiza Ralochs

Upon arriving home, Neroe learned that Maylara had managed to send a letter stating that she was alive. Neroe would help the scholarly drow Briiza Ralochs with her studies of the small mountain elf village.

Current statusEdit

Living in the Gigfran Nyth Village, in the Southern Nohalion Mountains; caring for Briiza Ralochs and another drow named Hasstin Char'Isstra.
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