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Nersan is the a land region hugging the east side of the Dargoina Mountains sandwiched between the mountains and Polforia. It is the site of a colony, one of the Polforian states founded after the First War of the Power, later taken on by the Order of Saint Creöle and a vassal state of the Kingdom of Roccasone


Nersan is a land that fills part of the region above the Degoland Pass where the Dargoina Mountains travel at a about a 45 degree angle towards the northwest. The region consists of mountain foothills to the west, and high forests and meadows on the east half. The Dargoina Mountains rise up in the west, the bottomlands of Polforia to the east, the north has a natural barrier of small rivers and streams, and to the south are a bend of the Dargoina Mountains and the mountainous and hilly parts of Roccasone.

Early HistoryEdit

In the ancient past, the land was sparsely inhabited by Flairie elves and later, Sylvan elfs. Mostly living the pastoral lives of shepherds, with some small villages. During the Age of Invasions, Green Orcs and Kanovs became more common, sometimes contesting the area.

The land had some villages and trade because of its proximity to the Degoland Pass which had an importance even into times Before the apparition of humanity (b.a.H.) or High elven colonization of western Aels during the Elf wars in Ushaenor.

Dark Legion HistoryEdit

While the land was never really settled in a peaceful way at any time since the Age of Invasions, the rise of the demon state of Dol-Nur to the north east and concern that the Dark Legion had with gaining control of Polforia meant that the region saw some traffic of the Dark Legion contingents through much of the 2nd Millennium a.a.H. The region came to have demon based settlements leading up the First War of the Power.

History of Human and Grey Elven ColonizationEdit

Overview of the EffortEdit

Prevent a Rise of another Dark Legion from PolforiaEdit

After the defeat of the Dark Legion in the First War of the Power, the victorious allies of the Humans of the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest, and the High elves of the Empire of Whide Axis started a colonization initiative to jointly colonize Polforia. This was done for several reasons, one was to prevent the denizens of Polforia from being united under the Remnants of the Dark Legion that the allies knew still existed, but were tired of dealing with. If Polforia could be removed from them, at least the threat of a great horde of barbarians would never materialize again. Hence, the great region would be colonized and its people displaced or brought into the colonies.

High Elven Colonial AmbitionsEdit

The High elves had once colonized much of the coasts of the planet in their own great colonial period before the arrival of humanity. Almost all of these colonies were either swept away by the calamities of the First Century a.a.H., or the Age of Invasions which occurred in the following centuries. While the High elves were generally content with their continent of Ushaenor, they had some concern for the descendants of their colonies from two thousand years before, many of whom lived in human civilizations. They referred to these descendants sadly --and somewhat derisively--as Grey elfs. They wanted them to have a large part in the colonization initiative as well.

Founding of NersanEdit

a colony was set in place in the bend in the Dargoina Mountains, north of Roccasone, and was named Nersan. Several nascent villages would be set up by Human and Grey elf colonists. It was an early colony and had the benefit of allied cooperation, and was originally similar to the colony of Reivelin. Later on, more and more of incoming colonists were humans.

Failure of the Colonial Efforts in PolforiaEdit

The colonial initiative failed due to shared colonial arrogance, misconceptions about Polforia, and the disinterest in the massive project, which was hoped to be a sort of shared empire but all hopes and most concern for it faltered as it failed as colonies usually failed to grow and make income, and peace and cooperation between the Five Kingdoms and the Empire of Whide Axis came to an end.

Disengagement of the High elvesEdit

As the years and decades of the First War of the Power passed, the alliance between the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest and the Empire of Whide Axis largely broke down. The High elves were quickly angered at Human disregard of their interests and the high elves were more interested in their own internal concerns than fighting for miserable colonies for their miserable brethren.

Problems in PolforiaEdit

The well watered, and unfortunately, often swampy land of Polforia was not so easily colonized, much of it being more akin to primordial and inviolate wilderness with its thick forests split by enumerable branches of rivers, streams and wide patches of swamps. The land was not always fertile for the farmers unaccustomed to such a place, there was more than one volcanic region and seismically unstable areas. Also, dangerous animals such as Wargs abounded, as did Trolls and Ogres.


But most problems came from the violence and potential for violence of the myriad bands of inhabitants of the immense land. The human and grey elven colonists represented a clear threat to them, and also opportunity for raiding. Raids by Beast People, Green Goblins and Green Orcs were common place. As were more sophisticated warlords such as the Kanovs, the Brûmer Orcs and, above all, the Remnants of the Dark Legion.

The Remnants of the Dark Legion spent much time convincing the various groups in Polforia to uproot and destroy the various colonies throughout Polforia. It was not at all difficult to do so. the demons also helped to coordinate attacks and sabotage colonies where they could.

Disengagement of the Five KingdomsEdit

Polforia was a vast place, and a proven inhospitable place as well. As decades rolled by after the start of the colonial initiative, most colonies failed, be they towns or large areas. With no monetary profits forthcoming, the financial investment in any new colonies came to an end, and in most cases, fresh investments in established colonies faltered as well. The kingdoms themselves generally grew tired of the expenditures and lost all interest in the mire and muck of Polforia.

End of the Colony of NersanEdit

Nersan lasted much longer than most, being one of the last colonies to fail. This was largely due to being near the mountains where grazing and farmland was often superior to being in the lowlands, and also away from much of the raiders and warfare of the deep interior.

Roccasone BenefitsEdit

The proximity to the developing highland colony of Roccasone contributed much to Nersan's longevity. Nersan would have superior avenues for trade for being near Roccasone and between this gateway city and some other colonies, and the established state of Nortender. Also, Degoland's and Roccasone's own colonization of mountain valleys of their respective domains of the Degoland Pass would help pacify the entire region of enemies that might have attacked Nersan.

Ultimately, a disproportionately favorable amount of aid and new colonists would enter Nersan from the Five Kingdoms because of its proximity to the Degoland Pass to the south, and the Oster Gate Pass to the north.

Domino EffectEdit

Even so, the mountains themselves harbored threats that emerged occasionally, as did raids from deep into Polforia. While the mountains were safe in the south, the north held demons as well as trolls and ogres.

Mostly, though, the failures of one colony after another made Nersan more alone and needing to become more self reliant. The situation became especially acute after earthquakes in the 2330's essentially blocked Roccasone from the Osorio Valley for much of that decade. Most colonies that remained by that time, failed at that event. Nersan survived but for still being able to at least trade with Roccasone, and being able to maintain and patrol its roads in an ever more hostile environment.

Demon AttackEdit

The partnership with Roccasone might have helped Nersan endure indefinitely. In the end, though, the relative proximity to Dol-Nur and an ambitious remnant of the Tempo-katzooine tribe of Remnants of the Dark Legion brought the Nersan to its end. While specifics are unknown, with the concerted attack of these demons with support from Dol-Nur, the colony of Nersan was wiped out. The inhabitants either killed, enslaved, or refugees settling in Roccasone or elsewhere back in the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest.

The demons weren't done with Nersan, indeed, most of the ruins would be rebuilt and remade into domiciles for the Tempo-katzooine, who had moved in to stay, as a colony of Dol-Nur.

Nersan Renewed as a Monastic StateEdit

Roccasone AloneEdit

As a result of the Sargonic wars (2407-2419), the once thriving Roccasone economy would suffer greatly, becoming cut-off from the Royal Union of Sargos-Degoland. The city will become independent at the 2411 a.a.H, in part as an instrumental strategy to avoid it to fall along the rest of Sargos.

With the independence, Roccasone lost the stipendium they previously received to keep the garrisons of their fortresses in a dangerous region of Polforia, being forced to scale down their military forces in a context of the rising dangers of the resurgent Remnants of the Dark Legion, being threatened by them.

Invitation to the Order of NortenderEdit

To make up for the loss of the Stipendium, but without wanting the king to give too much power and influence to the high nobility -more lands for them to keep knights loyal to the nobles, rather than the King of Roccasone-, they will invite the Order of Nortender to protect their borders.

The King of Roccasone will offer them Nersan, a region to the north of Roccasone that had been once a colony, which was destroyed by the Remnants of the Dark Legion in the previous century: This region wasn't a territory of Roccasone, but occupied by remnants of the demon brotherhood of the Tempo-katzooine.

The Order of Nortender, which was focused at the moment in their own expansion to the east and followed the Nortender Heresy, declined the offering of Roccasone, as they didn't want to over-extend their resources and thought it could further strain the relations between the Karentian and Nortender Christians to settle in Nersan: as well, the Master of Nortender didn't want to be in part a vassal of Roccasone.

However, interested in taking back some of the lost colonies and reinforcing the human presence in western Polforia, -and as well, wanting to give an use to some of the over-eager novices of the Order of Saint Creole, that were causing some problems in Nortender- they will offer the Order of Saint Creöle to set a chapter in Nersan.

Conquest of the destroyed colonyEdit

With the support of Nortender and Roccasone, the Order of Saint Creole will march against the last remnants of the Brotherhood of Tempo-Katzooine, defeating them. They will set their main stronghold in a castle they named after the lost colony of Nersan.

New Vassal StateEdit

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Knight of the Order of Saint Creöle praying outside a ruined church in Nersan

The Chapter of Nersan depended then both of the Master of Nortender and the King of Roccasone, and will help to fend off attacks and raids from deeper into Polforia over the years. To support in the defense of Roccasone, they will gain control over a portion of Roccasone territory and patrolled the eastern foothills and farmland of Roccasone, and the interior mountain valleys to the west of the city, garrisoning several of the fortresses of the Degoland Pass in Roccasonian hands.

The Chapter of Nersan would try to expand and renew some nearby failed communities and patrol trade routes -however, they will be unable to keep an open route from Roccasone to Nortender, due to the presence of orc and goblin clans, along with demonic remnants.-

In exchange of their defensive role, they kept a portion of trade receipts and incomes from Nersan, and also being able to recruit women from Roccasone:

as well, due to the relative proximity of Roccasone to the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest, it was seen that joining the Chapter of Nersan of the Order of Saint Creöle as an option for women who wanted an adventure, with reduced influence from men, and will make the Chapter of Nersan a more local possibility as opposed to a far off female society at the northern, tumultuous coast of Aels.

Final End of NersanEdit

Retreat From Nersan and RoccasoneEdit

The Chapter of Nersan of the Order of Saint Creöle will be destroyed during the early stages of the Second War of the Power, in the Campaign of Sargos (early Spring, 2440 a.a.H.): After the Fall of Roccasone, the Keep of Nersan will come under Siege and the majority of the Chapter of Nersan, without possibilities to march to the North due the Dark Legions, was ordered to retreat to the Five Kingdoms.

The Chapter of Nersan was probably involved with the army of Roccasone that was fending off what appeared to be an incursions of an orc warlord in 2439 a.a.H. The Roccasone army would be destroyed by what was actually a large and capable orc army of the Dark Legion of Demons, held by the Bazrrod general Vortigern. The leadership of Roccasone had refused to believe that they faced a true threat or had even learned of their army's destruction until the orc army had arrived at their gates, indeed, by pretending to BE the Roccasone army.

Speculation: It is believed that the Chapter of Nersan was far better informed of the threat by their own efforts, and had the majority of their forces escape into the Degoland Pass before the city fell, or had managed to enter the Pass and avoided General Vortigern's army and the stricken city in their flight west.

Doubtlessly, units of the Chapter of Nersan were probably lost with their headquarters, or with the doomed Roccasone army, or in struck or cut off holds in Roccasone.

Fight in the PassEdit

The Chapter of Nersan would fight alongside remnant border soldiers of Roccasone, and Sargos-Degoland troops within the Degoland Pass. They were instrumental in helping to evacuate and save some of the Roccasone and civilian populations within the little mountain valleys branching off from the Degoland Pass.

Again, at least one mountain hold of the Chapter of Nersan was left, with skeleton forces of volunteers left behind, to stall the advance of the orc vanguard. A fate that multiple fortified positions of Roccasone and Degoland also suffered in the Degoland Pass.

Battle at the EndEdit

The army of the Chapter of Nersan was destroyed in their retreat by the Dark Legion of the orc general and brief duke of Doornik, Merrick Doornick. Merrick's Army, had arrived with the second wave of orc forces through the pass, and moved towards the Duchy of Doorniik in northern Degoland. Before the Chapter of Nersan could link up with the strong forces of the Duke of Doorniik, the Battle nuns were deceived into marching to link up with beleaguered remnant forces of Roccasone, but this was a lie, and the little army of battle nuns were ambushed.

However, the civilian column and outrider escort escaped north-west ward towards Huncle and still standing northern forts of Sargos-Degoland. But in real terms, the Chapter of Nersan was destroyed.

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