Nicolia, officially the Republic of Nicolia, is a sovereign state in north-western Aels occupying the Alan Islands.



The State consists of the archipelago of Akresh, the Island of Liohn and the island of Korsea, along some of the smaller, adjacent isles. The capital and largest city was Cares, which is located on the eastern part of the island of Liohn. It's surrounded by the Alan Ocean.


It is a unitary, parliamentary republic. The legislature, consists of a lower house an upper house and an elected President who serves as the largely ceremonial head of state, but with some important powers and duties. The head of government is the Prime Minister, who is elected by the Lower house and appointed by the President, and appoints other government ministers.



The state was created after The Cataclysm, as the apocalyptical events cut off the Alan Isles from continental Aels and the political authority of the Empire. The Sargonic nobles that leaded the society in Liohn claimed one of their own as King in Liohn, but this will be contested as some of the provinces tried to proclaim their own kingdoms, which lead to a series of wars: these wars will end with the unification of Liohn under Queen Nicole Cares of Liohn: After her, the state will become known as the Kingdom of Nicolia.


The unified Nicolia will conquer Korsea by the 2796, Valknyria at the 2823 a.a.H and the Ushaverican Alan islands at the 2840s, trying as well to make settlements in Sukke.

Sargonic AdventuresEdit

Nicolia will clash with Sargos many times, being one of the more significant occasions when in 2933 a Nicolian-Hunclech alliance conquered the Republic of Sargos, abolishing it, being crowned a Nicolian pretender as Queen Nicole I of Sargos, beginning the Sargonic Nicolian dynasty that lasted from the 2933 to the 2995, when after 62 years of rule, Queen Nicole I of Sargos died being 85 years old, without a successor.

While during this time Nicolia and Sargos had become closer than ever, Sargonic resented their subsidiary position in relation to the Nicolians.

While the Queen of Nicolia tried to inherited the crown from her cousin, the Sargonic invited to the throne Joaquin Rogel-Gastronomique, beginning the Joaquintopian Wars (2995-3014). Nicolia, one of the first to enter the war against the new dynasty of Sargos was conquered and occupied, with the Queen of Nicolia escaping to their Ushaverican possessions: while Nicolia became again independent as result of the Congress of Mairi, Nicolia was razed by these wars, and the once thriving economy and population will need about hundred years to bounce back to its pre-war state.


Nicolia participated during the Anglasecuarnian Wars.

After the defeat in the Nicolian-Bazikstan War, it will become a republic.

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