Nohalion Mountains by Shabazik

Nohalion Mountain Ranges that runs from the northern sea of Hieyokscream down the east of the Continent of Aels, to the Sea of Caritz

Nohalion is a continental mountain range in Aels, that extends from north to south from the sea of Hieyokscream to the sea of Caritz, being a continual range of highlands and mountains along the eastern coast of Aels. 

Description and DivisionsEdit

Along its length, Nohalion is split in several ranges, which are separated by intermediate depressions. Nohalion is the location of several plateaus and highlands. These ranges are in turn grouped in three major divisions:

Northern NohalionEdit

Two forks running from the sea of Hieyokscream, joining together and running between Nubla and Bierteno-.

Central NohalionEdit

Running from Dirith south to the Unholy Mountain of Hortann-.

Southern NohalionEdit

Running south from the Unholy Mountain to the sea of Caritz, splitting the southern east coast from the south coast of Aels, ruled by Uslen

The highest peak, the Unholy Mountain of Hortann, rises to an elevation of 7,112 m above sea level. 


The etimology of the word Nohalion has been debated. The majority consensus is that it derives from the early elfic language word Nohai which means "east", as in the eastern mountains. Derivation from the dwarven word Nûhurdionz (in the sense of snowy mountains) has also been proposed, yet is considered very unlikely.

The region of Nohalion, located in southern Nohalion, was named after the mountain range, as a province of the Prairie Rossnes elf empire of Malvor, during the early elfic age.

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