The Empire of the Three Houses of Norodor (IMP or I.M.P), commonly referred to as the Norodor Empire and the Empire, is a Empire ruled by an emperor with absolute powers, consisting in 58 planets.

 Of these 58 planets, 9 are Capital world (with a population over inhabitants), 7 main worlds (population under and over 100.000.000), 26 Colony worlds (population under 100.000.000 and over 100.000 inhabitants) and 16 colonies (worlds with permanent population under 100.000 inhabitants), having as well claims over 20 Star Systems of Planets.

 Having a population around 30.000 million people, the Empire is the fourth largest human nation on population size and dominion over planets.

The Capital World of the Empire is the world of Kostyuko (5.660.000.000 inhabitants, between the Aiers-type planet, the settled moons and space colonies), being the Imperial City the capitol.


The origin from the Norodor is from the space expeditions send by the Empire of Dawn of Hieyoks, Aiers, to explore the far core of the Nebulosa of Ots.

After the successful settlement of the Binese Expedition in the Ots Star System, in the 7th planet of the star system, an Aiers-type planet they called Ots at the 3295 a.a.H, the first expedition send a mission to Aiers to request for additional supplies and settlers, which will arrive 8 years later to the Cradle world of Aiers.

The Empire of Dawn, knowing the success in establishing the colony, decided to send a second expedition of 20,000,000 colonists. However, sending these expeditions was quite dangerous, because of the Blockade of Aiers done by the Stornkold Imperial Fleet, who destroyed any attempt of the United Space States of Aiers to settle off-world: Because of this, and the lack of communications between the Dawn Empire and their far off-world colony in Ots, was send a son of the Emperor to Ots, charged to found an independent nation.

And so, when the 2nd expedition to Ots of the Binese arrived at the 3312 a.a.H, due the Imperial Order, the Prince of the Binese founded the Norodor Empire, proclaiming himself as Emperor Go’Ku Mo I of the Norodor Empire, on Ots. The origin of the name is of the eastern continent of the world of Ots, Norodor.

The secret of the colony of Ots, despise all the precautions, didn’t lasted, and the location became known by Stornkold, who send an expedition to destroy it, and to other nations of the United Space States of Aiers.

The Stornkold-Norodor war will be the first war that the planet of Ots will see, in which the Nodorian where successful in surviving this first test: the defeated Stornkold expeditionary force will settle then in the other continent of Ots an observation base –that will eventually become Otskold.-

With the destruction that followed the Fifth World War of Aiers (3330-3336 a.a.H), the other Aierian Space-faring nations who had learned about learned about the location of the Ots Star System decided it as a reunion point, and slowly these fleets will arrive to the planet of Ots, where they will found new nations, such as the Nutk Confederation, Spotzen and the Alianza, among others.

This will spark the Confederation-Triple Alliance war (3345 a.a.H), in which the Empire allied with the Alianza and Spotzen fought the Nutk settlements to stop their expansion, being however unsuccessful in stopping the consolidation of Nutk settlements.

As well, the human activity on Ots dragged attention from the Pross aliens, who send an expedition to oversee human activities: however, the construction of their bases in Imperial claimed territory on Ots will cause the Norodor-Pross war (3347 a.a.H), in which the Pross will be expulsed of Ots, consolidating the human dominion of the New Home.

However, the predominant position of the Empire over Otskold was going to be challenged in the Confederation-Empire war (3351 a.a.H), war in which the Norodor Empire attacked the Nutk Confederation for Kuatilia, losing the Empire the Western continent territories, and as well seizing unpopulated –but claimed- territories in the Eastern continent (Norodor).

Because of this, later the Empire will accept the arrival of refugees to settle in other until then unpopulated territories: refugees from the Auswelt.ICR world of Zindrak, who will found the territory known as Ruhenia –a haven for refugees of many wars, who will receive people of all origins-.

Due the Imperial planetary interests in Ots, the Norodor Empire was slow in expand in the Ots Star System and the near Core of the Nebulosa of Ots, while the Nutks and Spotzen where much more active on this: Because of this, the rival nations grow more quickly than the Norodor Empire, beginning almost a decade after the previous war, a new Second Confederation-Empire war (3363 a.a.H), in which the Imperial forces suffered a quick defeat, losing even more territories.

This will cause political conflicts among the empire between various factions who wanted the favor of the Emperor. As well, in Ruhenia, where due uncontrolled migration, ethnic conflicts will begin: conflicts that due corporative and external pressure will become the Ruhenian Secession War, in which former Ruhenian territories will be split among diverse factions.

To stop this process, the territories of Ruhenia still on Imperial government will be claimed as a new state by the Emperor –a monarchy- to appeal the nationalistic claims of various ruhenian groups, but there will exist a personal union between Ruhenia and the Norodor Empire, due the marriage of the Emperor Go’Ku Mo I with the princess Nicole of Ruhenia (later Empress Nicole).

Due the series of defeats suffered by the Empire in Ots and loss of territories, loss that was blamed because of the planetary vocation of the empire rather than the space, the space-explorer factions who wanted to create a Space Empire.

The Empire will began then a phase of exploration of the Nebulosa of Ots and of expansion and settlement of new space (3376 a.a.H), colonizing the Star System Planets of Liahan, Veggetan and Fan-Ho-Tao (3378 a.a.H).

Due the space expansion, there will be an increasing rivalry between the Norodor Empire and the Nutk Autocratic States and the United States of Spotzen in this imperialist race: as well, the expansion of the great powers of the core of the Nebulosa of Ots will put much pressure on former free colonies, who tried to resist to be annexed creating the Free Paternic Colonies, a loose confederation of the menaced Free colonies by the imperial expansion, and later as well the ENA –Non-aligned states, an alliance of several second row powers to face the rise of the empires-, making as well deals the free colonists with the Federal Republic of Bazikstan.

 There will be then a series of minor conflicts and border skirmishes between the colonial powers, the dispersed free colonies, and as well the increasing presence of the RFB.

These two decades of colonial conflict and minor wars will be a preparation for the Nebulosa of Ots War (3391-3441 a.a.H), that will be a mayor conflict in human and Otsarian human history, between the Empires –Norodor Empire, Nutk Autocratic States (Nortenz, the Nutk Confederation and the Nutk Union, Kalingia, Kasmian), Stornkold, Auswelt.ICR, Ruhenia- and the AllianceUnited States of Spotzen, The Galactic Union of Nations, Alianza Goffyca, the Paternic Free Colonies and a serie of minor allies-.

The war will begin with the invasion of the Norodor Empire in Ots of the isles occupied by the Alianza Goffyana. During the war, a series of mayor campaigns will be fought in Ots, and the Empire colonies where invaded by the LCP: However, as the situation in Ots began to decline in favor of the Central Empires, a counter-strike was send and the colonies where taken back.

The Alliance defeats triggered the RFB to enter in the War of the Nebulosa at the 3391 a.a.H, escalating the conflict and once again turning the tides, due the seemingly limitless industrial and population might of the RFB.

In Ots, the EUS and Alianza as well launched new counter-offensives, which determined the Emperor Fern Hando II to move the capitol to the colonies, and as well, much of the population, being a forced migration for much of the otsarian imperials, as was feared the New Home world will fall in Allied hands. (3394 a.a.H)

It was during this war, that Heir Prince Drakkar –son of Go’Ku Mo II, who was son in his own of Emperor Go’Ku Mo I and Empress Nicole of Ruhenia- married the princess Caroline of Stornkold as a way to ensure the Stornkold-Norodor alliance in these difficult times. For this marriage, the Empire received from Stornkold the provinces of Ots: Otskold.

From the Union of the houses of Norodor, Ruhenia and Otskold will come the name of the Empire of the Three Houses.

Later, Heir Prince Drakkar will marry Hannah Utan, sister of Ademic Utan, forming then other royal union between the Empire of the Three Houses and the EAN.  (3398 a.a.H).

Meanwhile, the war continued furious, and the large RFB Space Navy was finally defeated in a mayor space battle by the Central Empires navies: This gave an opportunity to the Empires to launch several campaigns against RFB star systems and core worlds: it was clear that they couldn’t defeat the RFB land forces… and that neither the RFB and the Alliance could defeat the Central Empires space navies.

From the realization of this, the war will finally end in a truce and a stalemate, while both sides prepared for the next war. The Truce of Ots (3405 a.a.H), signed between the Empires and the Allies was not an official end of war of the Nebulosa of Ots War, but a cease of fire that prolonged the Status Quo, situation used by both sides to rebuild and prepare their forces, because while the RFB and alliance had lost their space fleets, the Empires weren't able to use their superiority due the bad shape of their ground forces to continue the war.

With the War of the Nebulosa being in a stalemate with this uneasy truce, Drakkar become the third Emperor of Norodor, succeeding his father Go’Ku Mo II, and began a phase of consolidation of the Empire, trying to keep harmony between the three houses of the Empire.

During his reign, the truce will be broken and the Nebulosa of Ots war began again between the 3411-3414 a.a.H, and while once more time there will be signed a truce that ended in a stalemate, the Norodor empire conquered new territories from the LCP and the Goku-Hin Star System from the RFB.

The war will break again at the 3419-3428, with a relative victory of the central Empires, but for a third time, rather than peace a truce will be signed, as each side prepared for the next assault:

However, the Rebellion of the Clones (3428-3434) will weaken many nations due the civil conflict –and armed rebellions-, opportunity that was seized by the Allies: because while many of the Allies –such as the EUS- suffered greatly from the rebellion of the clones as well in their economies, unity and integrity, the RFB and the Alianza, largely biological human nations, where unaffected by this conflict:

And so, began the final phase of the Nebulosa of Ots War with the Operation Anvil and Hammer (3431 a.a.H) the largest scale invasion in history, prepared by the RFB and allies against the Empires: The idea behind this operation was to attack first the colonies of the Empires, to destroy or capture them, before advancing to the core worlds of the Empires.

Finally, the greatest war of history of mankind will end at the 3441 a.a.H, being known as well as the Fifty Years War (3391-3441, while there where really three truces and 14 years or peace –or at least minor skirmishes-).

As result of the final defeat of the Empires of this war, many of their systems, planets and colonies were divided among the victors, the royal unions broken, and the Empire of the Three Houses was disbanded: Ruhenia and Otskold will become republics, and Norodor, a constitutional monarchy, with an Emperor with only nominal power.


The Empire of the Three Houses for the 3430 had a population of about inhabitants, divided between the 58 worlds of the Empire.

The Empire is mostly a human nation, which made about the 89% of the population (circa 26.700.000.000). As was created the empire originally from the Empire of Dawn, most of the population is Hieyoker humans (74%): Binese, Hinbinos, sibetians and jamonese. There are significant minorities of other ethnic groups –Aelian humans and ushaverican- (14%) from the other houses of the Empire, Otskold and Ruhenia. There are several ethnic groups and minorities recognized by the state (1%). </span>

Aside of the human population, there is a 10% of aierian non-humans, that are some inhabitants: these where artificially created, as the Emperor Go’Ku Mo I wanted to use the superior-than human abilities of non-humans for his armed forces and colonization of new worlds, being a politic of the first emperor the clonation of non-human aierian aside of clonation of humans. While later this policy wasn’t continued by his successor Go’Ku Mo II, this was because there was already enough population of non-humans for the needs of the imperial army, and as well, due secessionist attempts by some of the non-human minorities during the Ruhenian secession war: this wasn’t a generalized feeling, but was enough to change the opinion of the emperor on regard of non-humans aierian.

The non-human aierian where divided in 1.800.000.000 Loranor cat people (6% of the total population), 750.000.000 Draak Harg, Drakonian and Siggos (2,5% of the population), 2% of elves (600.000.000 inhabitants) and a 0,5% of the population of other aierian races and species (some 150.000.000 inhabitants).

Finally, there was a minority of non-aierian aliens, roughly a 1% of the population, not counting the Zor –which where accounted more as animals, rather than as intelligent alien life forms that could be considered as persons, being about 300.000.000. Most of them weren’t really “alien”, as the Hi-Ka for example (200.000.000 inhabitants) where the original inhabitants of planet Tungoor. The other aliens were of diverse origins, either as well actual natives, or immigrants.

The Official religions of the Norodor Empire are the Buddhism, Confucianism and Shinto in the Norodor house, while Christianity is official of Ruhenia and Otskold. There are as well human muslim minorities, and Christian minorities among the Norodorian human citizens.

There are as well neo-elven and neo-loranor religions, but many non-humans believe in human faiths.

There is a significant population who say, they doesn’t have a religion.

The Official languages of the Empire of the Three Houses are Binese, Ruhenian and Münzen, but there are several other languages spoken

Government and politicsEdit

The Empire of the Three Houses was an absolute monarchy, ruled by a hereditary Emperor. There exist three congresses –one for each of the Houses: the congress of Norodor, Ruhenia and Otskold- but they have only a nominal power. The real power comes only from the Emperor, and so depends of his will the rise and fall of ministers and the nobles of his court, who rule the nation.

There were many groups of interests, often related: such as the high ranking officers of the Imperial Army and Navy, industrials, nobles, traders, landowners and so on.

There wasn’t any political party as one, but disguised as social clubs, there where several factions acting as political parties.

There were no constitutional laws, and while there is a division of powers between the judicial, legislative and executive powers on local levels, the emperor rule over all.

On foreign relations, the Empire of the Three Houses was allied with the Nutk Autocratic States (EAN): much of this was due the good personal relations between Emperor Drakkar and Ademic Utan, ruler of the EAN, as traditionally the Nutk and Norodor states had tense historic relations while under emperor Fern Hando I and II.

There were good relations with the Auswelt.ICR and Stornkold –after the royal marriage between Drakkar and princess Caroline-.

The Federal Republic of Bazikstan was a constant enemy of the Norodor Empire, and the Alianza Goffyana is one of their main ideological enemies. The Free Paternic Colonies (LCP) as well has traditionally bad relations with the Norodor Empire, being the nation precisely founded because of the expansion of the Norodor Empire.


The Empire of the Three Houses military was divided in five different armies and space navies:

The Imperial armies of Norodor, Ruhenia and Otskold, Colonial army and the Imperial Guard, and the space navies of Norodor, Ruhenia and Otskold, colonial navy along with the Imperial Navy.

The Imperial Navy have an important fleet of heavy battleships, being the core of the Fleet of the Line of the Empire: As well, the Imperial Navy had operated the Battle Space Stations –or Super dimensional fortress / super battleships- of the Cronos Class –of 3 km long-. 9 Cronos class Battle Stations had been done, having been destroyed the first 3 in diverse occasions.

The Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy are the personal forces of the Emperor, his guard and elite forces. They are better equipped and trained, but there exist rivalry between the Imperial Guard and Navy and the national armies of the Empire of the Three Houses.

The Imperial Colonial Army and Navy are light forces, for exploration of deep space, defense of small colonies –to small to rise their own defense forces- and patrol of the Imperial far space.

The national armies and navies are divided from their own house of origin, each one keeping their own uniforms, ranks and insignia, and as well military gear and equipment, which have proven to give some difficult when different imperial armies acted along each other, being caused logistic problems.

There is logic of quantity over quality: Large quantity of the national armies and navies, equipped with reliable and cheap but traditional equipment, while the elite units receive the better equipment, with a criteria of quality.

The colonial fleet and navy meanwhile, often receive obsolete equipment, only fit to fight the rag-tag, under equipped and badly trained armies of the free colonies, only receiving new naval units for space exploration rather battle.

All of this is one of the many causes of conflicts between the Imperial Guard and Navy and other armies.

Science and technologyEdit

While very advanced in science and technology, the Norodor Empire had some important and revolutionary developments in many areas , but in general under Go’Ku Mo II and his successor Drakkar it’s phase of technological revolution was somehow left behind, due either imperial politics, economic interests of some pressure groups or conservatism.

It’s said that in military hardware, spaceships and so on their equipment is 20 years behind the last developments of the Nutk Autocratic States –who are the spearhead of humanity along with Stornkold in military technology-. However, this doesn’t mean their armed forces are obsolete by any mean, just that they aren’t the last in technological advances

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