The Empire of Nortenz (NOR), commonly referred to as Nortenz, is a Constitutional Monarchy ruled by an Emperor, being an Otsarian Nutk Nation, consisting in 360 planets, being the largest human nation in territory.

However, of these 360 planets, only 5 are Capital world (with a population over inhabitants), 10 main worlds (population under and over 100.000.000), 73 Colony worlds (population under 100.000.000 and over 100.000 inhabitants) and 18 colonies (worlds with permanent population under 100.000 inhabitants), having as well claims over 254 planets without settlements.

Having a population around 46.000 million people, Nortenz is the third largest human nation on population size.

The Capital World of Nortenz is the world of Saya-Taya ( inhabitants, between the Aiers-type planet, the settled moons and space colonies).

History Edit

Nortenz was founded by the crews of the Northern Alliance 1st Fleet, which had settled down a colony in Saya Taya in the Saya-Taya Star System using the Data Zone at the 3334 a.a.H.

  • 3333   Northern Alliance 1st Fleet arrives to the Saya-Taya Star System using the Data Zone. (Saya-Taya DZ)
  • 3334   the Anuchians of the Northern Alliance 1st Fleet colonizes Saya-Taya II. (Saya-Taya II)
  • 3335    With the destruction of the Data Zone

by Gofondria, contact is lost from the colonies. Having lost contact with the metropolis, and knowing the world war being fight and the presence of the Blockade of Aiers, they fear the worst, and finally renounce to make contact. They found the nation of Nortenz. (Saya-taya II

  • 3336   Nortenz colonizes the system of Ofinxer DZ.              
  • 3337    Nortenz colonizes the star system of Yak-Yakken DZ
  • 3338    Nortenz colonizes the system of  coloniza sistema Finolair, destroying first the ruhenian colony. Beginning of the Nortenz-Ruhenian war. (Finolair DZ)
  • 3339    Nortenz arrives at Aiz-Yarrif, a system of the RFB. Each one attack the other in a violent first contact, beginning the RFB-Nortenz War.
  • 3340    Nortenz arrives to the Unterknieva System, beginning the Stornkold-Nortenz War. (Unterknieva DZ)
  • 3350    Nortenz invade the capitol of the Auswelt.ICR, Dunkhelm. (Dunkhelm XI).  
  • 3351    Nortenz invade and conquer Zindrak. (Zindrak DZ)      
  • 3354    First contacts between the Nutk Confederation and Nortenz. (Ots IX) 
  • 3355    Nortenz settlers in Ots found the confederate state of Taya, from the Nutk Confederation. (Ots VII)
  • 3395    Ademic Utan marries with Marie Christine, heir princess of Nortenz. Nortenz-EAN alliance.
  • 3397    Thanks to the support provided by the EAN, Nortenz, who had been to the brink of defeat, are able to reject the RFB offensive.
  • 3411    Due the losses of the LCP Free colonies defeats against

the EAN, and the RFB, fearing the defeat of the Bazik admiralty, claiming that the fleet still wasn't ready, the bulk of the RFB fleet is send to the system of Saya-Taya, along with the battleship corsair fleet of the LCP. Reanudation of the War of the Nebulosa of Ots, as the RFB breaked the Truce of Ots. Defeat of the RFB Fleet in the Space battle of Saya-Taya, with their fleet being once more time annihilated by the Nutk imperial fleet. (Saya-Taya DZ) 

  • 3441   End of the Nebulosa of Ots War or Fifty Years War. The Empires are defeated, and many of their systems, planets and colonies are divided among the victors. The Empire of the three houses disband, the royal union between Nortenz, Auswelt.ICR and the EUN is broken, as is the EAN, divided once more time.Many new nations gain independence.
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