Silvan elf captain by shabazik-d5nogzz

A noble sylvan elf captain, from the Kingdom of Lorthen, Aels

Sylvan elves of the Forests of Nubla. Defeated by the High elves who came to colonize eastern Aels, the ancient indigenous elves retired to the great forests of the eastern Aels continent. They would be referred to pejoratively as "Forest elves" by the "High elves" that had bested them.

After centuries of forest living, amidst the fall of their persecutors and chaos of invasions by orcs, Kanov and humans, with somewhat more dignity and spite they would accept the term of Sylvan elf to describe themselves as survivors.

S Y L V A N E L F Silvanus elvii

Race: Sylvan Elf

Class: Light Elf

Species: Elf

Other names: Silvan elf, forest elf, sylvan elf, eastern elf

Allegiance: Empire of Whide Axis


The Sylvan Elves are a race of Rossnes light elves who lived in eastern Aels and Hieyoks. Sylvan elves are Rossnes elves who tend to be light skinned and have hair that ranges from blonde to browns and greens. They are a little shorter and smaller than High elves.


Development of Rossnes PeoplesEdit

The Sylvan Elves are a race of Rossnes light elves who lived in eastern Aels and Hieyoks.

The Rossnes were the prehistoric group of the pink elves, who due to migrations and settling in different areas, divided into three main groups: The High elves, who migrated from the original elven lands in Polforia, across Hieyoks to settle in Ushaenor.

The Mountain elves or Hebonnor, who settled in western Aels -until during the High Elf expansion and posterior age of invasions, were pushed to the mountain ranges of Aels, from where they received the name of mountain elves.

The third group would be the Sylvan elves, who remained in Polforia, and only slowly, due to the migration of Wollumis and Neroz dark elves, settled along the eastern lands of Aels, and as well, in the Tok sea shores of Hieyoks.

Early Sylvan ElvesEdit

During the Early Elfic Age, the early Sylvan elves were subjugated to the first elf civilization, of the Neroz Drow, until rebellions and wars from the Rossnes Sylvan elves, the Zuleis Flairie elves and and many other species, such as the Beast People, the Empire of Drow collapsed, and the remnants of the Drow nation escaped to the Underworld of Kazrrad.

After that, using as a base the knowledge of the collapsed drow empire, the Sylvan elves began their own urban civilization and a series of independent kingdoms, on the eastern shores of Aels, a "golden time":

Kingdoms of Sylvan ElvesEdit

There, could be found the empires of Malvor and Montthafen -for a time, known as the "Plains elves"- but their short golden era ended with the arrival, during the Late Elf Age, of the High elves of Ushaenor. The High elves gave to them the derisive name of "Sylvan Elves", claiming that they were "retarded little brothers of the High elves" that needed to be "tutored like little kids", in the words of the High Elf Emperor Ja'nael III.

A Series of ConquestsEdit

This would be the beginning of a series of wars, where the Sylvan elf kingdoms of the plains were conquered, or forced to retreat inland, away from the shores, and into the large forests and jungles from Nubla and Bierteno, while the Hebonnor retreated to the interior valleys and Highlands.

However, these wars weakened both the Sylvan and High elves of eastern Aels, and neither of them were in good shape, when the Kanov people and humans appeared, putting an End to the Elf Age of Hegemony, with a series of migrations and invasions:

The High Elf colonies, and Sylvan Elf kingdoms alike, were destroyed, and the populations escaped deeper into the forests, where new villages and small kingdoms were founded.

The Hidden Kingdom of LorthenEdit

One of the largest and more important of these decadent Sylvan Elf-High Elf mixed kingdom of Aels, would be known as the "Forest of Lorthen". Lorthen being a Sylvan elf kingdom set deep into the forest of Nubla, founded after the coming of the High elves. Ironically, this isolated and defended kingdom would accept High elven refugees during the age of invasions following the Apparition of Humanity, and would even willingly become a base for new colonization by the High elves following the First War of the Power.

The City of LorthenEdit

Lorthen was in the forests of Nubla, Aels, and was a High elven founded city, after the First War of the Power, in an intent of late colonialism, trying to remember the imperial past of the Empire of Whide Axis. Only this time, the High elves cooperated with the Sylvan elves in the forests, as they found themselves there as well, in order to prosper together against the pressure of orcs, humans and the Kanov people.

This High Elven colony prospered, with Sylvan elf aid and the trading acumen of the High elves, but they couldn't take back, even by trade and culture, Aels and Zarhuy from the humans and Kanovs.

This city was attacked several times by drow of the Demonic Dark Legion, and finally the dark elven armies of the City of the Wicked, Zaghäl, sacked and destroyed Lorthen, during the War of the Four Black Kings.

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