The Nutk Confederation was a nation founded by Nutks settlers from the Northern Alliance Fleets in Planets Ots. Originally formed from the states of Nutkia, Kalingia, Sayan, Kuatilia and Taya, with Later Spotzen, Neurorn, Greenplains and Folsbury joining the Confederation -thought Kalingia and Spotzen abandoned the Confederation

History Edit

The Nutk settlements in the southwest of Ots at the 3440 a.a.H, originated from the Northern Alliance 7th Fleet.

The Northern Alliance 7th Fleet was launched from Aiers at the 3334 a.a.H, several months after the Northern Alliance 1st Fleet to continue the exploration of Deep Space ad colonize worlds, but in the Inner Core of the Nebula of Ots.

The Nutk Confederationt was founded at the 3443 a.a.H. from several Nutk states of recent foundation. While originally it was seeked an agreement with the other Otsarian settlements, delimiting zones of influences: however, further expansion will lead to conflict with the Alianza Goffyana, Spotzen and Norodor.

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The original States of the Nutk Confederation where Nutkia, Kalingia, Sayan, Kuatilia and Taya. Briefly Spotzen will be part of it, and later will join as member states Neurorn, Greenplains, Kuekker and Folsbury. After the Second war of secession, Kalingia, Kuekker and Folsbury will abandone the Confederation.

The Origin of the Nutk Confederation -and as well, of Kalingia, Wolfsbury, Utan and part of the Nutk Union- is on the Northern Alliance 7th Space Fleet, Fleet that was send some months later than the 1st Fleet as well to explore and colonize worlds, but in the core of the Nebula of Ots. This fleet was on the 3rd year of their task, when at the year 3336 a.a.H, when contact was lost with the Cradleworld Aiers. The 7th Fleet tried to contact again Aiers, sending some ships, but who become irremediably lost. The whole fleet was preparing to go home, to learn for sure what happened, when they where contacted by remnants of the Northern Alliance 3rd Space Fleet, who told them as well their fruitless efforts, but as well the seemingly destruction of Aiers. As the 7th Fleet had an Arc Proyect, they where ordered to go to an assigned point of reunion, where they expected other survivors to find their way, while a new world was colonized.

Because of these delays -and the lack of a near Data Zone- the 7th Fleet arrived only at the year 3340 a.a.H to the Ots Star System, settling down in an Aiers-type planet, the planet Ots (or Ots VIII, the 7th Planet of the star system).

After 3 difficult years, will be founded the Nutk Confederation at the 3343 a.a.H: but as they weren't the only settlers of the new "homeworld", there will be soon war against the Nodorian, Spotzen and Alianza settlements in the Confederation-Triple Alliance War (3345). As the situation in Ots began to settle, the Nutks will be among the first to began to settle in other of the worlds of the Star system. There will be more wars, as the Confederation-Empire War (3351) and the Greenplains War (3355) and the Confederation-Spotzen War (3356).

When Otskold secessionated from the Empire of Stornkold, many territories -with Nutk and Münzen mayoritary population- joined the Nutk Confederation the 3357: these provinces will later organize themselves in the Nutk Union (3358), forming a federative state: the Federation was however resisted by several of the Confederate states, who prefeered their freedom rather than union, beginning therefore tensions:

tensions that will increase due the centralism of the Nutk Union, and how at the 3362, despise the prohibition of the Federal Government, several confederate states, rather than joining in the creation of a federal government raised their statal militias as armies independent from the Federative rule.

The 3363, as tensions increased, Spotzen joined the Nutk Union -according to the federation supporters, only to incordiate and worse the tensions between the supporters of the federation and the Confederation-. When in the 3363, during the Kuatilia War the Norodor Empire attacked Kuatilia, member state of the Union, but the federal army was unnable to face the imperials, but instead the statal militias defeated the invaders, several states of the Nutk Confederation protested that the Federal Government was unnable to provide security to their own citizens, and abandoned the Federation.

This will lead to the Nutkian Secession Civil War (3363-3366): As a result of it, Spotzen will abandone the Nutk Confederation, but instead of being unified the Nutk nations under the Nutk Union, there was made an alliance between the Nutk Confederation and the Nutk Union in the United Nutk States (EUN), where each of the 2 members acted internally as independent countries, but had a common international stance.

However, this solution didn't lasted and at the 3369 began once more time, as protest of the centralism of the EUN yhr Second Nutkian Secession Civil War (3369-3373): The war will end at with the independence  of Kalingia, Kuekker and other former confederate states.

The situation will remain tense between the Kalingia, the Nutk Confederation and the Nutk Union until the 3385: That year was elected president of the Nutk Union Thomas Utan, a Nutk traditionalistof the Utan clan: he realized a self-Coup'd Etat, while as well the Utan Clan seized power in the Nutk Confederation and Kalingia:

Under the rule of the Utan, will be created the Autocratic Nutk State, the EAN, an absolute, totalitarian monarchy and government as Thomas Utan crowned himself King of the Nutks, violently repressing political disidents.

Within the EAN, the Nutk Confederation will continue to be a recognizable state.

The Confederation wasn't a colonial power, and while it had 2.812.500.000 inhabitants, of them where in the planets Ots (Ots VII) and the rest in a single planet, Neurorn, which is as well a member-state of the Confederation.

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