The Kingdom Under the Mountain of Odenberg was a southern dwarven (or Duergar) mine located in the mountains of central Zarhuy. Having as neighbours the Draak lands -the land of the dragons- to the northwest and the human-kanov of Umens to the east and with the orc hordes of Antor and Kaiehm not far away, they had to form an uneasy alliance for survival with the descendants of their former High elven enemies: the kingdom of Nortolon, and the Hidden Kingdom of Rohnion -watching Odenberg over one of the few entries to the Hidden Valley, as part of their alliance.

However, aside of these alliances, often duergar warriors would serve as mercenaries in foreign armies, under Farian Duergar and Kaiehm Duergar warlord's banners, serving High Elven remnant kingdoms, or as well the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria and the Dark Legion.

However, their reluctance to form closer alliances with the High elves, and the distance from other duergar settlements, left them more and more isolated:

Their kingdom will have to endure many wars against Humans, Kanovs and Orcs, but it will be finally under the attack of the Dragons that Odenberg collapsed: and without Odenberg, the Gates to the Hidden Valley of Rhonion were open.

History Edit

Dwarven-Elven Wars Edit

Wars fought against the High Elven states of the EMpire of WHide Axis

The Fortress of the Valley Edit

Duergar of Odenberg tried to settle a Dwarf Fortress in the Valley of Rohnion: while at first was attempted a diplomatic solution, the dwarves continuation of violation of tree cutting quotas finally broke the elven-dwarven relations, and the Dwarf Fortress was destroyed, but died in battle King Haer, assuming the throne his nephew as king Olin I.

While it was destroyed, and no survivors where left to tell the story to other dwarves, Odenberg wondered about the lost colony and the destiny of it's colonists.

Rhonion-Odenberg Alliance Edit

The Wrath of Dragons: destruction of Odenberg Edit

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