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Odgark Järnarmenk as a privateer in 2459 a.a.H.

Odgark Järnarmenk (Ghent, Stapäria ?, 2425 - ? a.a.H.) was a Kanov adventurer, blacksmith, and privateer sailor who originated from the town of Ghent in Stapäria. He served as a ship's mate under his 'big brother' Oyvald Traefod.


  • A powerfully built man
  • Wields axes in battle
  • Sailor
  • Experienced adventurer on both land and sea
  • Blacksmith




Odgark was born in 2425 a.a.H. He first appears in the story of Bog the Barbarian as a five year old boy, the son of Agransk Järnarmenk, a Kanov woman who was a town blacksmith, and the suspected son of Bog. In the story, Bog had captured a crippled beggar boy who would become known as Oyvald Traefod, Bog took the boy to his former lover Agransk and convinced her to take him on as an apprentice. The former beggar would become something of an older brother figure for Odgark, and would carve simple wooden toys for him.


Odgark's father was ostensibly a Kanov blacksmith known as Jorkad Järnarmenk. Essentially nothing is known of him as he has never appeared in a story or depiction except in reference. He may have been a warrior as many Kanov men are, or a trader, possibly taking his skills to towns and villages lacking a skilled blacksmith? It would seem that he was not commonly around, and his wife, Agransk, ran and worked the family shop in Ghent.

Odgark grew up believing that Jorkad was his father, until Jorkad died ca 2440 a.a.H. and learned that Bog the barbarian, in one of his aliases, was actually his father. Presumably Jorkad was unaware of this fact or chose to ignore it.

Speculation: Again, it is interesting that Agransk was able to take on Oyvald with currently no known input from her husband, suggesting that he was not often a major factor in the family?

Speculation: With a death of possibly 2440, one might wonder if Jorkad died in battle during the first campaigns of the Second War of the Power? Possibly by traveling far the west for the Campaign of Sargos, or in the eastern battles against Loranor from Nubla? Of course, he might have met death in any of a number of ways.


Odgark seems to have declined to become a full blacksmith and follow family trade, although this is unknown. He may have also simply followed in the footsteps of his 'big brother' Oyvald, and took his metal working skills to where there was high demand, but found himself doing more maritime work as did Oyvald. It is known that he encountered the young Half Elf adventurer Bogilla Sybill'innu at some point, and was closely associated with her in his later teen years, probably circa 2442 a.a.H. This relationship extended into the romantic, until, talking of their respective pasts, they realized that they both shared the same biological father.

How Odgark first met Bogilla is unknown. It is also unknown how many adventures he shared with her, but it is known that he had an adventure with her many years later when they both appeared older.

Speculation: Bogilla might have been Odgark's mentor in becoming an adventurer as he would be eleven years younger than she was? Although, as a Half Elf, Bogilla aged slower; so in 2442 a.a.H. Odgark would have been 17 years old, and Bogilla would have been 28 years old, but not much more aged than a teen in physical development.


At some point, Odgark would travel to Anutkia and become a sailor and privateer under his 'big brother' Oyvald Traefod, on the island of Kuekker in service to the Dark Legion. He would clearly spend most of his time in the 2450's as a member of Oyvald's crew, although, again, he showed he had an adventure with his half sister Bogilla, and with Pumori of the White Fang (whom he had briefly met as a five year old child back in 2430), perhaps later than 2459?

Current StatusEdit

It is known that Odgark is a member of Oyvald's crew as of 2459 a.a.H. In an adventure, as Oyvald attempted to retrieve his daughter Cyrti Grey Shadow from the Blood Tax of the Demonic Dark Legion, Odgark was present in the crew in the attempt to retrieve Oyvald's lost daughter.

Speculation: Possibly the adventure with Odgark, Bogilla, and Pumori will take place as a result of the attempt to locate and retrieve young Cyrti who will come to be in the care of Pumori?

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