Ogre torturer by shabazik-d79xgac

An Ogre Torturer for the Dark Legion of Demons. Like most goblinoids, he has proportionately long arms and short legs relative to a human

The Ogres and Trolls

The term "goblin" makes one think of little, cringing humanoids. Yet many of the goblins and orcs stand erect and many are larger than a human. Orcs and Goblins represent two branches of the Tree of Goblinoids, now it is time to look at the third branch, the Ogres.

General DescriptionEdit

Ogres are extraordinarily varied, but most of them have great size and muscle, largely because to one degree or another, most continue to grow all their lives. They are also tough creatures, some having extraordinary recuperative powers.

They also tend to be more solitary, and operate in small familial groups. Largely because they prefer predation to feed their appetites although they are omnivores. They carve out large territories, and are apex predators of the natural world, few classes of creatures short of dragons and giants represent a threat to this third branch of goblinoids!

Types of OgresEdit

There are many types of Ogres in the world of Aiers. Being a part of the Goblinoids, the Ogre family is divided in three main groups: Ogre, Troll and Cyclops. As well, there were some demonic creations, such as the "Ettin" -two headed ogres- and other monsters.

Troll with Healthy Breakfast by Shabazik

A Troll eating a healthy breakfast that came to his bridge

Among the 'ogre-ogres', there are many types, some as the Oni, the Yeti, the Hokke, etc. In general, they have different skin colors, heights and body types, some of the ogres being quite human-looking often due to human ancestors along their ogre ones.

Most of the ogres are people-eaters.










About the PictureEdit

Trolls of the more carnivorous types are particularly feared scourges of the wilderness. Here, a Strider Troll has killed a traveler near a bridge, roads, and water being favorite haunts of the predators for that they bring prey to consume or to toll.

Trolls grow throughout their lives, contributing to a voracious appetite! The various peoples of Aiers being easier prey than most animals.

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