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The Oracle of Genai in the center, the sorceress Ved'Lith Meeren to the left, and and unnamed priestess to the right

The Oracle of Genai, is one of the more important and determinative figures of the Drow city-state of Negeémiliel, being one of the few males that are as well part of the Priesthood of Negeé.


The Oracle of Genai was supposed to be the mouth of the god, Genai, the male god being the husband of the matron goddess Negeé. The Oracle being believed to be able to see revelations of the god, and in such way interpret the designs of the Goddess Negeé. He was ensconced in the Temple of Doom, the principal temple of the Negeémi Drow civilization.

In times of uncertainty or crisis, the Oracle is consulted by members of the High Council or Low Council, or generals, over matters such as major issues of governance, or the efficacy of going to war, or which means of doing so. Or for forming alliances.

Temple of DoomEdit

Role in the TempleEdit

It is suspected that the main shrine to Genai might have been in the Temple of Doom, particularly for the male priests and eunuchs who inhabited the temple citadel. However, it is not known whether the Oracle of Genai served as the high priest of the Genai shrine. But this would seem likely as the Oracle is seen as the Drow with the closest and clearest connection to the word of their principal gods, despite the Oracle often being quite nebulous with his answers to requests. Although the citadel of the Temple of Doom was practically useful as a means to both protect the Oracle, and, perhaps, to control and imprison him as well?

It is known that the Oracle receives many reports which keeps him well informed, despite rarely leaving the temple. Skill at analysis and in 'telling a good tale' does indeed give the Oracle an air of seeming an 'all-knowing mystic'. He might receive multiple reports over information for even minor visitors.

Replacement of the OracleEdit

How the Oracle of Genai is selected is unknown. It is believed that the Oracle is reincarnated upon death. It is unknown if this means that many years might go by without an Oracle in place, or if the new Oracle is a child who first must grow older before giving practical predictions and revelations.

Speculation: The new oracle might well be born within the Temple of Doom, or priests and priestesses associated with the temple for continuity?

Effects on Negeémi societyEdit

Supposed Connection to the DivineEdit

The Oracle was, indeed, seen as a singular religious figure that could influence the highly matriarchal society by just his words, as his prophecies were seen as reflecting the future and the will of the gods. As a result of this, he weighed his words carefully, and would tend to give prophecies that could be subject to multiple interpretations.

Agent of RevelationsEdit

While holding little direct political power, the holder of the office of the oracle is held in great respect by most of the people and Acolytes. Many try to request or bribe him to make prophetic, or omniscient, observations on their behalf for matters large and small. Many priests and acolytes serve and act to protect him.

Acolyte Ceremonial UniformsEdit

An Oracle of Genai many centuries in the past was responsible for scanty ceremonial uniforms of the Acolytes of the city. He claimed that such ceremonial uniforms as being the will of the gods.

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