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The Battle Nuns of the Military Order of Saint Creöle

The Military Order of the Holy Sword of Saint Creöle (Dumian: Ordo sanctae Creole) sometimes as well known as St. Cröel, St. Creöl or the Order of the Battle Sisters- was an order of battle nuns originally in the Karentian Church and later, in the Nortender Heresy. The Battle Sisters were the second Nortender Order to be established. Founded by Saint Creöle and Saint Wolfgang in the year 2347 a.a.H, they were organized after the Order of Nortender: Unlike the Sovereign Military Order of Nortender, they were dependent of the Order of Nortender, and will share their destiny.

History Edit

Christian AdvancesEdit

The Advance of the Christianity over Aiers was a slow, and difficult work, that was done slowly, upon the centuries:

The Christianization worked both upon the sword and the cross, and among the Military Orders who expanded the Christianity by the sword, the Order of Nortender worked in the North of Polforia, over the Pagans as the Amazons, Dwarfs, Kdaimons and Blood elfs.

Amazons of HieyokscreamEdit

One of their longest campaigns of conversion was against the Amazons of the Bay of Hieyokscream, in the North of Polforia, but after 40 years of constant war, they were able to subjugate the proud nation of warriors into the Christianity -and more important, under the order of Nortender-

However, when facing the "demons", they quickly found themselves to be, somewhat short of manpower:

The Amazon OrderEdit

And having under their domains, a nation full of women with warrior traditions, they took the opportunity: and so was born the "Order of the Holy Sword of St. Creöl", in honor of the first Amazon saint of Christianity.

An amazon nation that would come to be the core of this new female based order was the Duchy of Priva

Expansion of the Order: the Nersan Chapter of Roccasone Edit

As a result of the Sargonic wars (2407-2419), the once the once thriving Roccasone economy would suffer greatly, becoming cut-off from the Royal Union of Sargos-Degoland. The city will become independent at the 2411 a.a.H, in part as an instrumental strategy to avoid it to fall along the rest of Sargos.

With the independence, Roccasone lost the stipendium they previously received to keep the garrisons of their fortresses in a dangerous region of Polforia, being forced to scale down their military forces in a context of the rising dangers of the resurgent Remnants of the Dark Legion, being threatened by them.

To make up for the loss of the Stipendium, but without wanting the king to give too much power and influence to the high nobility -more lands for them to keep knights loyal to the nobles, rather than the King of Roccasone-, they will invite the Order of Nortender to protect their borders.

The King of Roccasone will offer them Nersan, a region to the north of Roccasone that had been once a colony, which was destroyed by the Remnants of the Dark Legion in the previous century: This region wasn't a territory of Roccasone, but occupied by remnants of the demon brotherhood of the Tempo-katzooine.

The Order of Nortender, which was focused at the moment in their own expansion to the east and followed the Nortender Heressy, declined the offering of Roccasone, as they didn't want to over-extend their resources and thought it could further strain the relations between the Karentian and Nortender Christians to settle in Nersan: as well, the Master of Nortender didn't want to be in part a vassal of Roccasone.

However, interested in taking back some of the lost colonies and reinforcing the human presence in eastern Polforia, -and as well, wanting to give an use to some of the over-eager novices of the Order of Saint Creole, that were causing some problems in Nortender- they will offer the Order of Saint Creole to set a chapter in Nersan.

With the support of Nortender and Roccasone, the Order of Saint Creole will march against the last remnants of the Brotherhood of Tempo-Katzooine, defeating them. They will set their main stronghold in a castle they named after the lost colony of Nersan.

The Chapter of Nersan depended then both of the Master of Nortender and the King of Roccasone, and will help to fend off attacks and raids from deeper into Polforia over the years. To support in the defense of Roccasone, they will gain control over a portion of Roccasone territory and patrolled the eastern foothills and farmland of Roccasone, and the interior mountain valleys to the west of the city, garrisoning several of the fortresses of the Degoland Pass in Roccasonian hands.

The Chapter of Nersan would try to expand and renew some nearby failed communities and patrol trade routes -however, they will be unable to keep an open route from Roccasone to Nortender, due to the presence of orc and goblin clans, along with demonic remnants.-

In exchange of their defensive role, they kept a portion of trade receipts and incomes from Nersan, and also being able to recruit women from Roccasone:

as well, due to the relative proximity of Roccasone to the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest, it was seen that joining the Chapter of Nersan of the Order of Saint Creöle as an option for women who wanted an adventure, with reduced influence from men, and will make the Chapter of Nersan a more local possibility as opposed to a far off female society at the northern, tumultuous coast of Aels.

The Chapter of Nersan of the Order of Saint Creöle will be destroyed during the early stages of the Second War of the Power, in the Campaign of Sargos: After the Fall of Roccasone, the Keep of Nersan will come under Siege and the majority of the Chapter of Nersan, without possibilities to march to the North due the Dark Legions, was ordered to retreat to the Five Kingdoms.

The army of the Chapter of Nersan was destroyed in their retreat by the Dark Legion of the orc general and brief duke of Doornik, Merrick's Army, in northern Degoland. However, the civilian column and outrider escort escaped north-west ward towards Huncle and still standing northern forts. But in real terms the Chapter was destroyed.


As well happened in the Military Order of Nortender and their warrior priests, the battle nuns weren't especially holy, pious, or something like that, and normally the Knights were as well noble-woman, without education, and less a religious vocation, but had an excellent ability to kill infidels, "demons" and heretics, playing a key role in the Crusade of the North...

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