The Order of Saint Hetaira  was an heretical, syncretic cult of Battle Nuns formed in the last years of the rule of Camilo VIII, known alternatively as The Reformer, The Heretic, The Apostate, The Traitor and finally the Mad within the remnants of the Holy Sargonic Empire.  

The late reign of emperor Don Camilo VIII, which spun the Empire into a spiral of Religious Wars, saw the rise of countless heresies... and as he was defeated, on the fringes of the former empire he once ruled, even demonic cults were raised in what remained of his lands: the Order of Saint Hetaira was one of such heretical cults. 

The supposed founder of the cult -Saint Hetaira- was supposed to be a succubus who saw the evil in her ways, and that escaped the Dark Legion of Demons Demons, seeking protection in the human lands in a nunnery of the Order of Saint Creöle -which was famed for its Battlenuns. Impressed, she would later go and form a new nunnery. All of this is probably false, and was claimed as such by the Order of Saint Creöle and Nortendi church officials. 

The Order of Saint Hetaira nuns, aside of being "Battlenuns" and being known for their scandalous habits -bought mostly from Ozcuras grey orcs handlers, and cut often after dark elven fashions-, took part as well in sacred prostitution -their detractors said, it was simply prostitution, while members of the heretical order said it was really rituals of fertility and free love, paid to help fund the Order of Saint Hetaira-.

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