The Sovereign military Order of Trébol was a karentian military order. It washeadquartered in the Kingdom of Huncle, in Trebol.

The Knights of Trebol probably arose as a group of individuals associated with an hospital to provide care for sick, poor or injured pilgrims coming to Karentia.

By the 1899, the organisation became a religious and military order under its own Archbishopal charter, charged with the care and defence of Karentia and Trebol from the Kanovs of the Angards and Karentian mountains, that raided the Archishopric and menaced Trebol.

Their success pacifying the region will as well be their downfall: haven getting ridden of the danger of the peoples of the Angards, the kings of the weseuros began to ambition the pacified lands.

In 1998, a sucession crisis for who was to become the master of the Order sparked the War of the Clover, which resulted in the weakening of the order when rich commanderies of the order where taken by Sargos and La Cruz.

It regained strength again during the First War of the Power and in the Polforian States, when the order was repurposed to fight the Dark Legion of Demons.

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