Great Marquis Orias or Orias the Shapeshifter was a Bazrrod Demon Lord of the Dark Legion of Demons.

Orias was, above all, a courtier, more interested in magic, divination, the zodiac and the stars than to rule or command... yet as a courtier, he was known to be an expert navigating behind the curtains of the complicated demonic policies: because of this, human demonologists claimed "He knows and teaches the virtues of the stars and the mansions of the planets; he also gives dignities, prelacies, and the favour of friends and foes, and can metamorphose a man into any shape." Demonologists said he ruled over 30 legions.

While one of his known forms was of a lion with a serpent tail, he was known to be a virtuous shapeshifter, and aside of his various vessels, he was very interested in the ability to change forms.

Human demonologists said that he could change the shape of men, and that no one in his court was what they looked like were.

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