The Star System of Ots it's a star system located in the Nebulosa of Ots, near it's core. It's the System 1 of the Nebulosa of Ots.

The Star System of Ots is compossed of 14 planets

Vulcanus, Ots IEdit

Vulcanus (1.1)is the closest planet to the star of Ots, being what is called an Inferno-type planet. Originally inhabitable by human life, the Nutk Union settled a colony on it at the 3361 a.a.H. Later, this will be the place determined to be use, due the rich minerals that could be founded in  Vulcanus, for the ACCENT military industry. This planet hadn't been process of terraformation, and outside of the colonies, is inhabitable. For the 3430, had a population of 113,000,000 inhabitants.

Snadon, Ots IIEdit

Snadon (1.2) is the second planet of the star system of Ots, being a Mineral-type planet. The Nutk Union placed a small settlement, mostly as a military outpost with some mines, to keep comunication easier with Vulcanus. It was settled as well in the 3361 a.a.H.. In the census of 3430, had about 13,000,000 inhabitants.

Snaiur, Ots IIIEdit

Snaiur (1.3) Aiers-type planet, inhabited by Pross aliens.

Gebnas, Ots IVEdit

Gebnas (1.4) Mineral-type planet, colonized by the Nutk Union at the 3361. The population was at the 3430 of arond 6,000,000.

Rasgonik, Ots VEdit

Rasgonik (1.5) An Aiers-type planet, the first population where Ur Dur goblins abandoned by the Ozean Fleet at the 3340. There, Ur dur goblins cultures will develope until Spotzen sended an expeditionary force to seize control of the planet and the goblin population. Later the planet will fall in hands of the Nutk Union, after the goblin population was decimated by the Rasga Plague, and it had in 343085 a population of about 94,000,000 humans.

Rashok, Ots VIEdit

Rashok (1.6) Aiers-type planet, in Ur Dur goblin control since the population was dropped by the Ozean Fleet around the 3340. There have been attemps to colonize by humans the planet, but so far have failed, or are minor attemps, living only a marginal population of humans who trade with the goblin nations. The EUS claim the sovereignity on this planet.

Ots, Ots VIIIEdit

Ots (1.7), an Aiers-type planet, was one of the first planets settled by humans in the core worlds of the Nebulosa of Ots, arriving the first settlers from Bina at the 3295, with a second wave of settlers that arrived from the Binese Empire at the 3312 a.a.H, when it will be founded on Ots the Norodor Empire, with Go'Ku Mo I as it first emperor. However, the exclusivity of it will not remain for long, as at the 3325 a.a.H an expedition from Stornkold will arrive to Ots.

It was as well, the reunion place for several fleets -from the Northern Alliance, Gofondria and Ozeancik-, who will create their own nations.

Around the 3340, the population was of 3,500,000,000.


Alquadesh (1.8), a mineral-type planet of Kalingia, 125,000,000 inhabitants.


Gaznord (1.9), a gas-type planet, 4,000,000 inhabitants in Space colonies in it's orbit, from Kalingia.


Phylan (1.10), a gas-type planet. 37,500,000 inhabitants from Kalingia.


Lhuna (1.11), a aiers-type planet. 37,500,000 inhabitants from Kalingia.

Neurorn, Ots XIIEdit

Neurorn (1.12), a aiers-type planet. A Nutk Confederation world, with near 80,000,000 inhabitants.

Griondoss, Ots XIIIEdit

Griondoss (1.13), a mineral-type planet, from the Norodor Empire, with a small population of around 40,000 inhabitants.

Hicen, Ots XIVEdit

Hicen, (1.14), an artic-type planet, populated by some 10,000,000 inhabitnatnts of Kalingia.

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