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Captain Oyvald Traefod the Corsair

Oyvald Traefod (Ghent, Stapäria, 2419 - ?), also known as Oyvald the Beggar, Oyvald Treeleg, and Captain Oyvald of the Black Sails of Kuekker was an adventurer and corsair captain who served under the banner of the Dark Legion of Demons during the Second War of the Power.




  • A Taciturn Leader
  • Inspires Loyalty
  • A Skilled Blacksmith
  • A Cautious Dreamer
  • Capable Sailor
  • Successful Corsair

Physical InjuriesEdit

  • Missing most of his Right Leg
  • Blind in his Left Eye

Early HistoryEdit


Oyvald would be born to a poor, unattached woman, probably an ethnic Nutk, (see Nutks) who survived on the streets. He would learn begging and thievery techniques at an early age.

Werewolf AttackEdit

When he was still a child, Oyvald's mother would be killed in a Werewolf attack in the town, an attack that would also eventually cost the young boy his right leg from above the knee due to infection.


Continuing to beg, Oyvald also pickpocketed and stole wares to survive. He was caught and punished by a branding on his face, the heat of which would lead to the loss of sight in his left eye. This would leave him in a very bad way on a path to starvation.

Story HistoryEdit


Oyvald Traefod appears in the early Pumori of the White Fang story. In 2430 a.a.H., he was caught stealing from the adventurer Bog by young Pumori. It was a failed theft that turned out very lucky for the wretched thief. Instead of beating the pathetic boy, Bog pulled local strings he had and set him up as an assistant in a blacksmith shop owned and operated by the Kanov woman Agransk Järnarmenk.

He would evolve from being a barely tolerated assistant to being a valued apprentice of blacksmith.

Luna Grey WindEdit

Oyvald would work in the shop for years. Although, after he recovered and his skills grew, he began to dream of more. However, he was well aware of how low one could fall. He became something of a big brother figure to the younger son of his mentor, Odgark Järnarmenk, and would carve wooden toys for him.

He became romantically involved with one Luna Grey Shadow, who was part of the Grey Shadow wolf pack, normally inhabiting the forests of Wildnacht to the south. The Grey Shadows had subsidiary packs that migrated and sometimes worked as mercenaries and guards. The werewolves had such an arrangement with the town of Ghent.

Oyvald had a fear of werewolves that he overcame when he realized that Luna was a werewolf. The two would see each other as Luna came and went with her pack through the years.

Striking OutEdit

Eventually, during the Second War of the Power, possibly about 2443 a.a.H. as the war was ramping up, presumably as skilled labor demands increased, Oyvald struck to the east coast Dark Legion country of Anutkia, and worked as a blacksmith. He also came to work aboard ships as a ships' mate. Eventually rising to captain, based on the island of Kuekker.


Oyvald would have a child with Luna Grey Shadow, Cyrti Grey Shadow, as of 2451 a.a.H. It is unknown if he had not seen Luna for an extended period prior to this due to his move to Anutkia. The Grey Shadow pack had sought neutrality, but would be brought in to serve the Dark Legion under the Demon Lord Anutkahook, so Luna would be present at times.

The two probably rarely saw each other until Oyvald became a captain of a ship and a corsair in the war. He had some more freedoms at that point. Sometime during the years, Odgark Järnarmenk, his 'little brother' from his apprenticeship years, would join him and learn to be a sailor and ships' mate.

Blood TaxEdit

Oyvald would sometimes keep his daughter, Cyrti, on board his ship to protect her from prying eyes given her feet abnormality. They pretended that she was lame to help protect her from a child draft of the Dark Legion applied to the Nutks known as the Blood Tax.

However, Cyrti would eventually be detected as having demon blood, and would be chosen to serve the Dark Legion as part of the Blood Tax for the year of 2459 a.a.H.

Oyvald and Luna would try and use the argument that their daughter could serve the Dark Legion under her parents, both of whom were in service to the Dark Legion in their capacities as a corsair and werewolf scout and skirmisher. However, their daughter would be taken to the northwest of the continent of Aels, and would be collected by Puri White Fang, of the Werewolf clan of the White Fang, and taken deep into Polforia to the nascent 'city' of Howls in the region of Mondwargh.

With some irony, Puri was the daughter of Pumori of the White Fang.

Current StatusEdit

Unwilling to let their daughter be taken by the Blood Tax, (which was infamously considered highly likely to be a one way trip to oblivion as far as the family of the children were concerned), the couple would join together and sail to catch the fleet of ships taking the children. However, they would fail to reach them in time, and Cyrti would indeed make it to Mondwargh.

If the family should wrest their daughter from the White Fang, or whatever adventures they should have on the northern Sea of Hieyokscream has not been revealed.


Oyvald Traefod is a character of Kanyiko

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