Pablo I Huneeus of Sargos (8 April 1882 - 21 April 1968 a.a.H), was a King of Sargos from 1930 a.a.H. until his death. Pablo was crowned in Karentia at the age of 48, following the defeat of the Dukes of Sargos in the War of the Dukes and the Cities, being sucessor of King Aelfred.

Pablo I Huneeus, founder of the Huneeus Dynasty will be the first Sargonic king to try to reverse the fragmentation of Sargos of the XIX century.

After defeating the magnate -high nobility-, thanks to an alliance with the cities and the lower nobility, he will reach a much more centralized and important role in comparison to the other rulers of the Five Kingdoms.

Legacy Edit

The centralization of power around the king was an early step towards the development of the modern nation-state. It would ensure a strength and stability in Sargos that would often lead towards it being a future antagonist and leader within the Five Kingdoms bloc of countries.

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