Paimon (also Paimonia, Paymon) was a Bazrrod demon lord and one of the Seven Demon Princes until the First War of the Power. Ruler of Polforia under Saatan in the Polforian Legion.


He was one of the Kings of the Demonic Republic, more obedient to Sataan than other kings were.

Paimon was often depicted as a man with an effeminate face, wearing a precious crown, and its demonic court was a host of demons with the shape of men, playing trumpets, cymbals, and any other sort of musical instruments.

In Christian tradition, he had two hundred legions of demons under his rule.


Early Known HistoryEdit

After the fall of Dume in the Dumian-Demon Wars, while the demons kept some of their older holds in southern Aels, much of the Dark Legion of Demons migrated to Polforia, wanting to carve a demonic empire from the wartorn and divided Polforia.

The decision of Satman, the Right Hand of Sataan, to remain in the south -to fulfill his own desires to build his own nation, away from the shadow of Sataan- will allow the rise to prominence -and to become one of the Seven Demon Princes- for Paimon.

Paimon Expands His RoleEdit

Paimon, rather than being a conqueror was a schemer and a politician, who due to his position in the court as majordomo of Sataan will exercise quite a lot of influence in the decisions of Saatan, who will make him one of his favorites as he appealed to Saatan's artistic and aesthetic sensibilities, sharing hobbies and philosophies as it were.

As result of his scheming, while others were the ones to conquer Polforia, Saatan will appoint him as Ruler of Polforia in the aftermath of the Kanovhook wars, supposedly for his role in the acceptance of the demonic peace by the Kanov nations. -Achievements largely made by the diplomats in Paimon's service, rather than on his own personal merit: Paimon was said to have a special ability in taking credit from others' achievements-.

As Ruler of Polforia, he wasn't a direct monarch, but an overseer of the will of Saatan over the smaller demonic states from the demonic empire.

A loyal sycophant to Saatan, many rumoured that being the ear of Saatan, he had come to be, if not the Right Hand -still being Satman the Apprentice, the distant viceroy of Saatan in the South-, he was at least the Left Hand.

The Demonic TriumverateEdit

Paimon will play a decisive role in the Senate of the Demonic Republic, pushing for further centralization and concentration of power around the figure of Saatan, working along Satman despite their differences as their interests didn't clash -thanks to the distance between Polforia and Satman's mountain fortress and domain of Hortann, and their sharing centralizing ideals-.

This demonic triumvirate of Sataan-Satman-Paimon will be able to achieve at the 2153 a.a.H the proclamation of Sataan as 'Lord of Demons and The Free Peoples of Aiers', which effectively put an end to the Demonic Republic -if not to some of their institutions, that continued but devoid of the power they once held.

With Saatan as effectively the dictator of the Dark Legion, the Ear of Saatan will be of consolidating the power of Sataan among the other demon lords, either by schemes or politics -forming an imposing secret service-.

Prewar ProblemsEdit

While a great schemer in the halls of the senate and in secrecy, as overseer of Polforia, Paimon will experience many failures -which led to increased conflicts with the local governments -especially with the great worm Barûm of the nation of Brûm and with the fellow Demonic Prince Bael-.

To quell these conflicts for the coming planned invasion of Aels, there would be needed important concessions to be made for the demonic lords of Polforia in the future conquests -effectively granting an empire to the Black dragons of Brûm and making Bael supreme commander of the northern armies of the Dark Legion.

Early First War of the PowerEdit

With the beginning of the First War of the Power, while his main opponents were fighting the war that Saatan had devised, Paimon returned to his scheming. not having taken part of the initial campaigns, Paimon saw that thanks to their victories Saatan began to favour not only Satman over his own advice, but as well the advice of Bael. Fearing that with the Demonic Republic already only an empty institution without real power and with their non-demonic enemies defeated everywhere he was becoming redundant to Sataan, he began to actively undermine the efforts of Bael's military campaign -and weakening his stance in Polforia-.

The victorious general began to be slandered by his inability to suppress the resistance of the holdouts that continued to resist -dispersed- demonic rule, and when the Venerable Empire of the Whide Axis made a surprise apparition in the Bay of Begian -what was a failure of the intelligence services under Paimon, who had turned their focus against Bael rather than the external enemies of the Dark legion-, Paimon was able to turn the blame to Bael.

Later War and the Whide AxisEdit

Negating some needed resources and reinforcements and providing only faulty, incomplete intelligence, the already bad position of Bael to face the human-elven expeditionary force will be made worse by the actions of Paimon, which led to a string of defeats of Bael -and the destruction of his corporal body by the Whide Axis, who captured Bael's Soul Stone.-

With Bael out of the picture and the Whide Axis marching to the south -against Satman- rather than the conquered human lands on the north -some guessed that somehow the agents of Paimon may have influenced this decision-, Paimon wanted as well to share the laurels of victory, and would be nominated as general in command of the northern legions.

However, the war wasn't going as planned, and while Paimon and his agents originally as well celebrated the initial defeats of Satman -expecting him to fall from Saatan's grace as Bael before-, the fall of Hortann would be a shock for all the Bazrrod demon lords of the Dark Legion.

Satman and his elements of his army would, however, break out and escape the siege of Hortann, and head north to Polforia.

Speculation: Most likely, it was widely expected that Satman, even if defeated on the battlefield, would be successful with multiple attacks of allied armies breaking across his great fortress of Hortann? Or else, those besieging troops would be occupied indefinitely, with help eventually coming to rescue Satman? While the siege did last some time, that Hortann fell at all, and clearly sooner than might have been expected, was a major shock and perhaps the first indication that the Dark Legion could lose the war outright rather than just suffering a temporary reversal?

The Soulstone of Bael -recovered from the bottom of the ocean by one of his Izrhim demons made from a Soul Shard of his Soul Stone- will be given a new body and given command of the legions: While Paimon remained as commander of the north, he effectively saw his force reduced to a handful of auxiliary legions as his forces were transferred to the experienced Bael in the attempt to try to stop the Whide Axis from advancing over the Barlans.

This will be a sting in the pride of Paimon: and so, as Bael was defeated in the battles of the Cold Steppes and Montes Cado, Paimon will be one of the voices that convinced Saatan to consume Bael.


With Bael gone, Paimon was one of the generals in charge of the Battle of Polforia. Without experience in large battles as a general but having the largest force available to the Dark Legion of Demons, he was given charge of the reserve.

As the battle resulted in a defeat and a rout with the demons retreating to Dol-Nur, with Barûm dead, Satman and his faction will blame the defeat on Paimon's meek and late use of the reserve when it was needed the most, and using as expedient the execution of Bael for his military defeats -an execution orchestrated by Paimon-, he will be able to get most of the demon lords of the senate -who resented Paimon's previous machinations- by his side.

This clamor of the demon lords led by Satman will force Sataan to consume Paimon: As he did the deed, Sataan lamented that so he had ended the most loved to him.

This would be the end of Paimon -and some say, the beginning of the reclusion of Saatan from demonic politics.

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