Crop paprika lord of terror by shabazik-d51gakh

Paprika--The Lord of Terror

Paprika the Lord of Terror (Unknown date - pre-1676 a.a.H.?) was one of the Seven Demon Princes of the Early Dark Legion -between the apparition of the demons and the fall of Dume-.


Paprika was a Primary Bazrrod and appeared as a very large--although sub-giant in scale--devil appearing male humanoid, with a bald head, pointed ears and features, and enormous wings allowing flight and quite impressive horns. He wore accoutrements that resembled those of an oni, particularly the huge, heavy necklace, and a skull decorated belt.

Paprika wielded a scythe in battle.



Paprika seems to have been one of the original seven Demon Princes, there seems to be always seven, should one be destroyed, another will be appointed in his place. Paprika commanded the legions in the early legion, and was replaced by Bael.


Fighting with Satman over a feud, he was defeated by him, being consumed and destroyed. This was the first time two demon princes of the seven fought each other, so he wasn't around by the time of the Polforian Dark Legion -from the fall of Dume to the end of the First War of the Power-.

Presumably, this means that he was consumed before the Fall of Dume in 1676 a.a.H.?

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