Phillipe II (2.232 - 2.280 a.a.H ), called The Vulture and Vautur, was the first king of Huncle from the House of Vautur. He reigned from 2.260 to his death at the 2.280 a.a.H.

Phillipe's reign was dominated by the consequences of a succession dispute and peasant uprisings known as the Rivierie. When the king of Huncle, Charles IV, died without a male heir in 2.259 a.a.H, the closest male relative was his nephew Martin the Conqueror of Sargos. The Hunclech, rejecting the Sargonic rule, supported either Phillipe Vautur, cousin of Charles IV, or his uncle Charles le Gros.

While at first the three disputed for the throne, the rising peasant tensions due to the Rivierie and the Commune of Öster Gate will change the situation: With rebellion once again expressed in violent assaults to castles and noble manors, the prince (and an aspirant to the throne) Phillipe II Vautur, with his position too weakened to solve the situation on his own, contacted in secret with the King of Sargos, Martin the Conqueror.

With the help of the Sargonic forces -and after reaching an agreement that granted Trebol to Sargos-, Prince Phillipe Vautur will come to be King Phillipe II Vautur of Huncle, the state now allied with Sargos -and under the watchful eyes of sargonic garrisons detached in Huncle to ensure their loyalty.-

Philip II died in 2.280 and was succeeded by his son Jean II the Bad.

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