Pixerian legionary by shabazik-d5olmxr

A Pixerian warforged Legionary of Tok-Thoria "How you kill something that was never alive?"

P I X E R I A N, Mittentes Ferrum Servus

Race: Pixerian

Class: Golem

Species: Demonic Creation

Other names: Battleforged, War Golem, Moving Statue, Iron Puppet, Black Doll, Ironforged, Forge, Will of Tok-Thoria, Iron Legion, Walking Armors, Armors, elementals

Allegiance: Dark Legion of Demons, Tok-Thoria

The Pixerian were a class of Artificial demonic creation: Golems of War.


The Pixerian was the name used to design the war forged golems, who looked like an armor, to differentiate them from other creations forged by the demons with the same ways, but diverse structure, forms and functions.

They were "Creations", beings that weren't alive, but moved:

Made of Iron, sand, dirt and grease, some called them "Elementals", but they were very far away from being a power of nature: These creations only had the will of their master, and moved as chess pieces, only under their orders:

Taller than a man, built upon flesh and bones raised in cauldrons, oil, grease, gear and Iron, with humanoid form, The Pirexians didn't have life, or will:

They only moved as their master ordered, and when they did so, they didn't need to breathe, to eat, to drink or rest:

Colossal enemies, extremely difficult to destroy as they never had life to be killed, the great flaw was, precisely, that they didn't move, if they didn't have orders from their masters:

And if their master forgot them, or was killed, they will wait, as statues, covered in dust, centuries or the rest of the eternity, until their pieces fall due to the passage of time...


Since the beginning of the Demonic Dark Legion, the Demons always were on the search of producing the final soldier, servant and slave, reason why they created many races, species, by magic, breeding or other dark arts.

First War of the PowerEdit

During the First War of the Power (2.203 - 2.223 a.a.H), the dark legion forces consisted largely of confederated, allied and mercenary forces of kanovs, orcs, goblins, Ogres and Trolls, Beast People, draak Harg, siggos, dragons, humans and elves (dark and light) (see elf, along with a core of the Dark legion's monsters and creations of demons and the demons themselves.

This was determined by the rulers of the Dark Legions, by the Second Coming of Darkness (2.434 since the Apparition of Human Age) as one of the reasons in their defeat in the First war of the Power.

Second War of the PowerEdit

That's why, during the Second War of the Power (2.434-2.539) the Demonic Dark Legion wanted to avoid reliance on allies, vassals, confederates and mercenaries, and instead raise an army of Dark Legions.

In the case of the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria, he changed his forces from a small core of demons aided by Tokerí Kanov mercenaries and orc vassals, to a large army bred and raised in Tok-Thoria, creating the Black Orcs or Kokto Orcs, along with Ogres and auxiliary mercenary forces.

With these armies, Tok-Thoria began their expansion on the shores of the sea of Tok, in Aels and Hieyoks, and between the 2.430 to the 2.483, the dark power of the Nigromante only kept rising and rising: And so, with his large armies to back his ambition, the Nigromante proclaimed the Secession of Tok-Thoria from the Dark Legion at the 2.483 a.a.H.

As an opening move, his armies invaded the Empire of Uslen the following year, annexing the whole Unnlic peninsula, and while his armies fought off the forces of the Unholy Mountain of Hortann, loyal to Satman the Apprentice and the Dark Legion, he built the largest and most powerful fleet of war, becoming the hegemonic power in the seas of Caritz and Tok.

This however meant competition with the rising Caliphate of Blazakhov, beginning the Wars of Tok-Thoria, between the Caliphate and the Forces of the Nigromante.

But at the 2.532 a.a.H, with the destruction of the fleet of Tok-Thoria in the catastrophic naval battle of Demonatch, the tides of war changed with Blazakhov dominating the seas, and the armies of Tok-Thoria in Zarhuy and Hieyoks, without supplies or reinforcements, were finally defeated.

As lesson from this war, the Nigromante decided that the Black orcs, while useful slaves, weren't enough to make an army to conquer the world, and began developing a new and final soldier. The Pixerians.

The War of the Four Black KingsEdit

At the 2.536 a.a.H, with the beginning of the succession war of the Demonic Dark Legion after the treason of Satman the Apprentice, who tried to make a coup d'état to Sataan, master of the Dark Legion, failing at it, making him become Satman the Fallen, the four black kings of Zaghäl, Dol-Nur, Tok-Thoria and Anutkia fought a civil war for the place of being the Right Hand of Sataan.

The Nigromante quickly made a peace-treaty with the Caliphate of the Orange Sun of Blazakhov... and for the first time, the Pixerianos, meant to be his secret weapon against the Caliphate, were used, but against the other princes of the Dark Legion.

During the War of the Four Black Kings (2.536-2.539), The armies of the Nigromante, composed of black orcs but having a core composed of these forged warriors, will face in battle the remnants of the forces of Satman in the Unholy mountain of Hortann, sacking the fortress and conquering it, advancing then over the lands of Anutkia. However, the armies of Anutkahook, demonlord of Anutkia, rather than facing the Nigromante, had marched to Polforia, to fight and defeat the black Kings of Dol-Nur and Zaghäl, who had proclaimed themselves as the Right Hand.

The Nigromante was too late, and too far away, to reach Polforia where the decisive battle was fought, so his armies sacked Anutkia and tried to siege Kuekker, capitol of Anutkahook, without results.

With the War of the Four Black Kings, ended the Second War of The Power... Anutkahook became the Right Hand of Sataan, but the Nigromante had won Hortann, becoming once again part of the Dark Legion. But was as well this war, the rise of the Pixerians, as the forces of the Dark Legion, who will become the hardest core of the Dark Legion.

Third War of the PowerEdit

The Pixerians and all the other war forged creations and war golems will be in the third and final war of the Power (2.633 - 2.675 a.a.H) the principal fighting force, not only of Tok-Thoria, but being the backbone of the Dark Legion, and almost give to the demons the definitive and final victory...

But with the Great Cataclysm, (see: The Cataclysm) and the fall of the demons, the forged pixerians became dormant, to rust under the sun...

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