The Pixie Mercenary Company or Pixie Squad is a Private Military Company of the Nebulosa of Ots that acts in the outer colonies, being often hired by the smaller independent nations and as well by mega-corporations.

In the outer colonies, a mercenary group like the Pixie Squad provides heavy support: because while the capital armies of the core worlds are much more heavily equipped, often in the outer colonies, armored support often is light and limited: And as such, the Pixies armored vehicles and Medium, Heavy and Assault Mechs can be key in turning the tide in a battle.

Swordmaster1990 - Pixie Squad Tech Support

Pixie Squad Tech Support


-However, such services aren't cheap... but often are cheaper than keeping a National Army on their own.-

The Pixie squad considers themselves an elite force, and are enemies with the Fairies, a rival mercenary company.  They were also engaged in a fierce battle against the Militen Aquila Aurea on Gardener III in the year 3438. Both sides, although not nearly the amount of the WK.CORP and local militias, suffered considerable casualties

The Pixies suffered sixty Dreslandesa women KIA to include five officers, seventy-five WIA, and thirty POW.  High Garden militiamen had also taken photographs of Golden Eagle mercenaries carrying the unconscious bodies of Pixie tank crewwomen for capture, scoring propaganda victories of the "superiority" of their forces and their allies.  Further losses were incurred at the Battle of Soghlivan a year later where the Pixies suffered fifteen women dead, thirty-three wounded, and twenty more as POWs, all due to Golden Eagle hit-and-run ambushes/attacks to which observers only saw ruined hulks and the bodies of dead women as the aftermath.  Since then, the Pixies have harbored a terrible grudge against the MAA.


The Pixies Squad colours are gold-light blue-white, and it forces are composed of two divisions: an armored division -containing Main Battle Tanks, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Light Armored Vehicles, Self-propelled Artillery, Self-propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun/missile systems- and a Mech division -composed of a Heavy brigade, two medium brigades and a light brigade.- As well, they count with their own gunships, fighter-bombers, eight transport vessels and four light Cruisers.

The Pixies soldiers are composed only of Dreselandes Artificial Human SWM-1990, except some are commissioned as officers, such as the Commander of the Pixies otherwise called the Sword Master.


The Pixie Mercenary Company is based on some ideas by IxisNyx.