Crop Polf map of the continent of aels by shabazik

The Long Running and Curved Route of the Polf River

The Polf River was the longest river in the continent of Aels before The Cataclysm. It was the principal river of the region of Polforia in northern Aels.


Main RiverEdit

Polforia was an enormous lowland surrounded by mountains. Most of the central lowlands were filled with swamps and lakes. The river originated in the Northern Nohalion Mountains, and flowed a great distance, over halfway across Polforia, gaining volume as other, tributary, rivers joined into it. It became difficult to track where the Polf River went as it linked lakes together and moved very sluggishly as it turned and circled the central low areas and then, seemingly grudgingly make its way to the Hieyokscream Sea after covering a great distance.

Natural BarriersEdit

The Polf River can be a formidable barrier, particularly when the river is swollen as it is in central Polforia as it curves and loops back. The river becomes wide, and even surrounding ground might be swamps making it essentially impassible for hundreds of kilometers. Much of eastern Polforia being cut off from the rest as a result, and making north and south in the east separated by more than just distance.

The tributary rivers and their confluences with the Polf also create barriers in their own right. Much of Polforia is therefore cut into separate pieces where leaving one's own 'world' or invading another is difficult as water, either moving or brackish or a lake, or the muck of a swamp, or dense stands of trees might stand in the way.

Speculations: Much business might be done by ferries that move traders (and others) across bodies of water at safe points of firm ground? Also, much of the demons' engineering work might have gone into bridges and roads capable of crossing water and linking the 'patchwork quilt' of areas of dry land together? Native countries or foreign colonies alike might be separated from each other, but also receive a measure of protection in that they were protected by certain barriers?

Mountains and TributariesEdit

Polforia is virtually surrounded by mountain ranges.

  • The Northern Nohalion Mountains to the east, where the Polf River originates.
  • The Southern Dargoina Mountains to the south that produced several rivers, three of them large rivers, feeding into the Polf by flowing north towards the low center of the land. These three are called the Brumma , Mund and Gred rivers.
  • The Western Dargoina Mountains produce a great tributary river that ran a great distance in its own right. Many peoples considered that this was the first half of the Polf, rather than a tributary. This is known as well as the Nur River

Little PolforiaEdit

The center of Polforia was a smaller land also commonly referred to as Polforia. It was so called in that the Polf River both flowed through it moving north-west, and then turned on itself and moved east. It was a swampy wetland of little use, but it did indeed represent a rise in elevation that was sufficient to prevent the center of Polforia from becoming a great lake.


The confluence of the Polf and its large tributary from the northwest, the Nur River, widens the river and pushes water off its established channels and deep into surrounding lands. The land of Billiboncea is largely a swamp as a result of this confluence as much as its low elevation. The land being just high enough to prevent deep standing water, and allow forests and swamps of water loving trees to live, with 'islands' of land for wildlife or cultivation for the Swamp Elves (Blood elfs) and Billiboncean Ozcura Orcs to live.


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