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Given the Violence of Polforia, the Pórfiros Kanov Were a Grim People

In the lands of Polforia, which will come under rule of the Dark Legion of Demons in the damned or forgotten lands of Polforia, lived the Pórfiros, the collective name for the Kanov people of Polforia.

Tribes of the Polforian KanovsEdit

Among the Pórfiros, part of the Western Kanov, existed several proto-nations or tribes:

  • Nuriandos from Dol-Nur
  • Rumnelios of Rumnelia
  • Kanovhekos of Kanovait
  • Kordor of Ded
  • Konolardos of Entartea
  • Pórfiros, from where the name to all these tribes come.

Kanov OriginsEdit

The Kanov peoples were originally from Zarhuy, and with their brown, ash and grey skins and hair, they were the closer relatives to humans, often being said they were other species or something, when they truly were only another human race:

With the Age of Invasions, after the Apparition of Humanity, the Kanovs began their migratory movements, from Zarhuy to Aels and Hieyoks, often a century or several decades before the humans:

Very fierce, warlike and competitive, they routed out of the better lands most of the opposition... until the humans arrived, and they fought each other for dominion.

War-Torn PolforiaEdit

In Polforia, the Kanovs were the ones who achieved, finally, victory; limiting the humans to the northern, wild shores, the amazonian tribes and the Kdaimon, meanwhile the green orcs were pushed to the mountains and the Sylvan elf peoples to their forests.

However, they didn't have much time to enjoy their new dominions, before the demons arrived, and began the long wars between Kanovs and Demons, (see Kanovhook wars), which ended with a war-torn region, the subjugation of the kanovs, and with the rise of the Dark Legion of Demons...

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