The Principality of Rudloffur was a short lived Vanolosé state originating from the city of Zannas in southeastern Aels . It existed only for 32 years during the Middle Human Age, from the 2398 a.a.H to the 2430 a.a.H. Despite its history of wars, the Principality's modern reputation is chiefly based on its status as an economic and trading power.

History[edit | edit source]

The city of Zannas was founded originally at the 983 a.a.H as a kanov colony of Blazakhov: However as was being fought the Second Blazik Wars (Dume-Blazakhov 981-1006), the colony was conquered by the Dumian armies, and human Dumian population arrived to the colony, giving it a human character.

During the Third Blazik Wars (1054), was used as an important base by the Dumian in their war against Blazakhov, who after this war was conquered by Dume.

Until the 1486, Zannas will be a human city of the Dumian Empire, but when it was divided that year Zannas became part of the Southern Dumian Empire, that later will become the Unlic Empire of Uslen. The division of the empire was done to better defend against the demonic invasion, invasions that Zannas suffered constantly.

While the Northern Dumian Empire fell at the 1676 a.a.H, The Unlic Empire of Uslen would last many more centuries, and Zannas will continue its existence under Unlic rule.

It was about the XIX century -during the Dark Age of Demons- when the Vanolosé orcs began to migrate to the human city of Zannas, a migration that will change the city itself.

Slowly, the Vanolosé orc rich traders will become the aristocracy of the city, and the Vanolosé traders of the free cities -and from Zannas itself- will began to press the Unlic Emperor for more commercial rights of freedoms, being one of the most successful non-human groups of the empire in such tasks.

During the First War of the Power, Zannas was first attacked by Tokerí pirates of Tok-Thoria, and will later be sacked by the hordes of Satman the Apprentice at the 2207 a.a.H.

After the final defeat of the demons in the First War of the Power, the city was mostly rebuilt by the Vanolosé traders, who, using their influence, forced the Unlic emperor to give the city the Status of a Free City of the Unlic Empire of Uslen, at the 2229 a.a.H.

With the slow decline of the Unlic Empire, the human Imperial government authorities began to lose their grip of the power of the city to the Vanolosé orc guilds and bureaucracy, which expanded the economic power and commercial importance of the city.

During the last decades of the XXIII century, the tension between the imperial and city authorities worsened, and in three different occasions (2279, 2287 and 2301), Zannas Vanolosé trader guilds will support economically and with mercenary usurpers to the Imperial throne, which led to some open rebellions and armed conflicts (Rebellion of the Tax Collectors, 2307-2315), in which Zannas was defeated, the walls of the city demolished and the Imperial authority reinstated, and the category of Free City, removed.

So when Blazakhov returned to Nohalion, to contest the presence of Uslen, the Vanolosé population of the trading cities quickly joined the Kanov nation against the Emperor, being formally re-founded Zannas by Blazakhov at the 2.324 a.a.H, and will serve as a Blazakhovian base of power to their armies and navies against both Uslen and Tok-Thoria in the next decade.

However, at the 2.348 a.a.H, after 24 years of Blazakhovian rule, the Unlic Imperial army retook Zannas, which will fall in hands of Uslen.

The Emperor, to try to gain the loyalty of the now ruling Vanolosé Orc aristocracy, granted them a series of exceptional rights, tax exemptions and commercial privileges, not only in Zannas but all the Empire.

As the economic importance of Zannas rose at the 2370's, the Emperor, having the Empire of Uslen in bankruptcy, tried to remove the tax exemptions and commercial privileges of Zannas.

This enraged the Vanolosé aristocracy of Zannas, and the tensions scaled up to the point that at the 2380, Zannas became an independent city-state.

In the following war, the fleets and mercenary armies of the Vanolosé of Zannas, aided by other Vanolosé Free cities of the seas of Tok and Caritz, defeated the Imperial armies and navies. And following their successful example -and often, being paid to stage rebellions-, many former Unlic colonies declared their independence during the 2385-2391, forming new city-states and nations.

The Principality of Rudlofurr[edit | edit source]

The Thalasocracy of Zannas, who had conquered many territories from the Unlic Empire of Uslen, and that during their commercial expansion as well settled factories and trading outposts all over Caritz and Tok-Thoria, soon made contact with these newly formed nations who rebelled against the Unlic, specially the ones ruled as well by Vanolosé Orcs.

Then, as a way to organize all their territories was created the Principaltiy of Rudlofurr, at the 2398 a.a.H, being more or less a confederation of trading city states, with a multi-ethnic and multi-species population ruled by the Vanolosé of Zannas.

Rudlofurr defeated then the Unlic fleet in the Naval Battle of Raggmas at the 2403, which left the trade of the sea of Caritz in their hands, which will be the first step in their campaign of expansion, trying to settle bases and colonies in the two seas, Tok and Caritz.

In this context, was the war against the Tokerí of Tok-Thoria, which will become in a proxy war with the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria at the 2.406-2.409 a.a.H.

Decline[edit | edit source]

During the 2400-2420, the military, naval and economic power of Rudlofurr only seemed to increase, as their territories and influence, and many Vanolosé said confidently, they were going to replace the traditional powers of the region -Uslen, Blazakhov and Tok-Thoria-.

Navies and mercenary armies were recruited, fortresses and monuments built, everything done with the most luxuries.

However, due to their success and legendary riches, this brought as well unwanted attention, as from the north advanced the hordes of Nutk barbarians of Anutkahook, who will plunder and raid the territories of the Principalty of Rudlofurr at the 2424 a.a.H.

Finally, the Nutks failed in their Siege of Zannas, being stopped by the powerful walls of the city: however, they only retreated after a strong payment in gold.

The barbarians weren't anymore at the gates of Zannas, but the damage and destruction they caused meant not only economic losses, but as well, will become an incentive to other raiders.

The Fall of the Principalty[edit | edit source]

The arrival of the Gorbegeos, a nation of Kanovs from Western Aels, in principle shouldn't have changed much the situation of Rudlofurr: The Nutks had come before, and the walls did stop the invaders: and while the farmlands were ravaged and sacked, the fortifications proved too strong to the barbarians.

But the Earthquake of 2428 destroyed much of the defenses and powerful walls of the cities, and when the Gorbegeos arrived, they easily broke through the cracked defenses, looting and destroying Zannas, capital of the of the Principality of Rudlofurr.

This left the rest of the Principality in chaos and disarray, with many generals and officers of the principality clashing to gather for themselves pieces of the shattered nation, when the Empire of Uslen brought the finishing blow to Rudlofurr, as they invaded.

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