Walt-Marsters - the Battle of the Plains of Sargos

The Prophet in the Plains of Sargos

The Prophet  (unknown place of origin and data when was born - 2440, Plains of Sargos) was how is known an otherwise anonymous human saint, that discovered in unknown ways the mystery of the Holy Relics of Eden, and who will hurry to Sargos to save it -and all the northwest human of Aels during the Campaign of Sargos in the Second War of the Power at the 2440 a.a.H.

He will learn how to control the Sand Beings, unleashing their raw destructive power during the Battle of the plains of Sargos, annihilating the armies of the Dark Legion in what the humans of the northwest will call a miracle. However, this left him exhausted, and before passing away, he warned the kings of the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest to seek the Holy Relics of Eden to truly defeat the Dark Legion, passing afterwards.

While his name and past was ignored, the Church of Karentia will canonize him as a saint, as the Saint Anonymous of Sargos.

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