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Puri White Fang

Puri of the White Fang (Roccasone, 2437 a.a.H. (?) - ? ) was a half-werewolf of the White Fang. She was the oldest daughter of Pumori White Fang, and the Roccasone crown prince Valerian de Roccasone, although this fact is not generally known, and it is generally believed by most members of the White Fang that Puri's father was an unknown slave.

Early lifeEdit

Birth and slaveryEdit

Puri White Fang was born in Roccasone at an unknown date, most likely early on in 2437 a.a.H., or possibly even late in 2436 a.a.H., as a daughter of the then enslaved Pumori of the White Fang, and Valerian de Roccasone. Puri's nativity was a means by which Valerian was hoping to create an ongoing magic spell so as he could incorporate a demonic Soul Stone into himself.

Shortly after her birth, Puri was taken away from her mother, and Pumori was told that her daughter had died either during or shortly after childbirth. As a result, Pumori was unaware of her daughter's existence, and she consequently left Puri behind during the Roccasone Slave Revolt of 2437 a.a.H.

Unlike her mother, who had suffered all kinds of abuse at the hands of her captors, it appears that Puri was relatively well-treated during her captivity. The exact reasons for this are unknown, but most likely had to do with Valerian's hope to use the girl as a bridge to magic power. Nonetheless, Puri was kept hidden away, and was generally kept in a cage when she grew to become highly mobile.

Pumori finally learnt of the survival of her daughter during the Fall of Roccasone in 2440 a.a.H., when she and a number werewolves of the White Fang were infiltrated into the city of Roccasone. In an attempt to get her to spare his life, King Tibal de Roccasone tried to use Puri as a bargaining chip, but failed as agents of the Dark Legion had already taken her to safety. After a short reunion, Pumori took Puri, and together with her small werewolf detachment, the pair left the ruins of Roccasone, the future city of Skallgard.


Pumori's reunion with her daughter was of a very short nature, as at this point, the White Fang was part of the Demon Legion's spearhead in their campaign against the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest. After a short break in battle, Pumori took the decision to send Puri back to the White Fang's territories in Polforia, where Puri would be in relative safety, while she herself marched on with her pack.

Once she arrived in the Howling Keep, Puri was adopted by her aunt Freya White Fang who, despite her disabled state, looked after Puri in Pumori's absence. She was aided in this undertaking by the young werewolves Renya White Fang and Toby White Fang, both warriors recovering from injuries obtained during the early part of the Campaign of Sargos, together with the human Vince White Fang, a former Roccasone resident since adopted into the Werewolf pack. During Pumori's absence, which nearly lasted a year, they succeeded on successfully integrating the former Roccasone slave into the White Fang pack. Thanks to Vince, Puri even learnt to read and write a little.

Upon the return of the White Fang warpack after the end of the Campaign of Sargos, Pumori could finally embrace Puri in her arms. By now pregnant with a litter from her new mate, Claw Silver Moon, the young Alpha had trouble adjusting into her new role of mother, but found herself lucky to have an understanding mate who adopted Puri like his own daughter.

Growing up in the developing community of Howls, Puri had a rather uneventful childhood in the new and multi-cultural werewolf community. Raised in the mixed Werewolf, human and elven community, Puri learnt to understand the cultures of 'others', which helped her develop as a mixed-heritage werewolf cub in a way which hadn't been possible yet for her mother Pumori, barely half a decade earlier.

Despite her mixed heritage and her mother's disability, Puri proved to be capable of transforming herself, achieving her first "Second-form" transformation at the age of six, and her first "Third-form" transformation at the age of eleven. However, she inherited part of her mother's 'disability' in being unable to fully transform into a human form: in her human form, she retained her werewolf tail as well as light tufts of fur, especially around her shoulders and legs.


Silver MoonEdit

Puri took part in the traditional rituals of the White Fang to mark her transition from cub to adulthood sometime after her fourteenth birthday. Despite being the first-born daughter of the pack's Alpha, Puri did not get a preferential treatment, having to rise through the ranks on her own merits. She was assigned as an Omega to one of the hunting packs, before being transferred to one of the warpacks of the White Fang, where she gradually rose through the ranks. By the age of 19, Puri had become a Werewolf officer, at which point she was temporally detached to her adoptive father's pack, the Silver Moon, where she drew her first blood during the pack's skirmishes with insurrectional Orc tribes who had challenged the pack's territorial authority.

Blood TaxEdit

After two years, Puri returned to the Howling Keep, at which point she resumed her duties as a White Fang and Dark Legion of Demons (2nd Mondwargh Legion, Dark Legion VIII Iron Paw) officer. Among the duties left to her by her mother, were the annual picking of recruits from the "volunteers" resulting from the Nutks' Bloodtax. As such, in 2459 A.a.H., Puri recruited the girl Cyrti Grey Shadow for service in the White Fang, taking her south, deep into Polforia into White Fang territory.

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Puri as a Fallen Knight

Fallen KnightEdit

At some point, probably through intervals, Puri fell under the notice of the Fallen Knight known as Rippien the Tasteless. Rippien had long wished to make Pumori of the White Fang as his 'squire', but she had other concerns, duties, and, in truth, disliked him. However, Puri was apparently interested in Rippien, and if he could not have the mother, then he would have the daughter if he could.

In time, Puri would become a Fallen Knight. The timing of this is uncertain, but probably circa 2460?

Special PowersEdit

While still a little girl, Puri showed that she had an unusual understanding of people and events far beyond her years or apparent scope of knowledge. She would play a role in combatting the evil ghosts of her deceased father Valerian de Roccasone and her deceased great grandmother Hel the Oathbreaker. She was able to operate well in the Dreamworld.

Speculation: It might be that the occult rituals of her father allowed her access to the Dreamworld, and may have given her greater and 'free flowing' access to her inherent magic as Puri has werewolf and elven blood. It has been suggested that her role as a link to magic and her father was what allowed her father to survive as an apparent 'ghost' in the first place?

Speculation: Such a connection to the magic might have allowed Puri her transformational ability, when many other mixed blood werewolves have lost such power, including her mother, Pumori of the White Fang?

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