The Kingdom of Purpurian at the Beginning of the Second War of the Power

The Kingom of Purpurian -or the Kingdom of the Purple Fields- was a human kingdom of Central Aels, founded in the year 2197 a.a.H.

History[edit | edit source]

Hungry Kingdom of Purpurian[edit | edit source]

The Hungry, the human tribe that will found the kingdom, settled in Purpurian around the 2100 a.a.H

Initially the Unlic Christianity had a significant influence on the pagan Hungry, but the decisive steps towards the adoption of the new faith were taken by Géezer, the head of the Hungry tribal federation (c. 2172–2197) who supported northwestern christian missionaries. The reception of Christianity was enforced by legislation in the reign of Géezer's son, the first king of the Hungry Kingdom of Purpurian, Esteban I (2197–2238 a.a.H).

For the First War of the Power (2203-2223 a.a.H), Purpurian was a newly converted to christianity state, and the strongesth human nation of central Aiers, reason why the Right Hand of the Dark Legion, Satman the Apprentice, launched his legions against the purpurians.

In this campaign, the demons acted under the impression that the pagans, prosecuted by the newly converted christians, would support the demonic campaigns, but in fact the demonic invasion served to rally all the peoples of the multiethnic Purpurian nation behind it's Hungry christian rulers.

Kingdom of Purpurian[edit | edit source]

After the First War of the Power, Purpurian will raise as one of the mightiest human nations of central Aels: a northwestern christian nation that emerged in the frontier of the orthodox unlic an pagan worlds: Thus Hungry Purpurian monarchs frequently assisted Karentia in its efforts to expand the borders of Catholicism by waging wars against their country's pagan, "schismatic", or "heretical" neighbors, human or non-human for most of the Middle Human Age.

During this time, under king Ludovic the Fearless (or Ludovic the Mad), Purpurian will greatly expand their borders in central Aels, defeating as well roaming barbarian bands as the Gorbegeos.

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