Quag and his hands by shabazik-d7cvdtx

A Quag and his goblin hands. The Quag is Belzak a Dark Legion deserter, and his "goblin hands" is Kuku of the Rotten Log (real name: Ithicu) the elven 'goblin girl'

Q U A G, Huargo Daemonii

Race: Quag

Class: Half Demon

Species: Daemoni

Other names: Demonic Wolf, Wolf, Great Wolf, Demon Huarg, Demon-wolf, hellwolf.

Allegiance: Dark Legion of Demons

The Quag are a type of hybrid of the daemoni. In difference to wolves or wargs, the Quag are intelligent and considered to be a kind of people:


A Quag looks much like a warg like a super-sized, powerfully built wolf of white, grey, brown or black fur. They tend to have large paws, and big heads and skulls, with expressive faces and ears. Quags largely take after their werewolf forebears, being as heavy as a large werewolf (estimated 130 kg) if the other parent was a warg, or not much more than an estimated 90 kg if the other parent was a wolf, often having less intelligence through that pairing as well.

Origin of QuagsEdit

The Quag originally was the result of the union between a Werewolf in wolf form and a Wolf or Warg. However, due to the hybrid heritage, the descendant of wolves and werewolves wasn't able to shape shift, being intelligent but limited to non-verbal communication.

Social StandingEdit

In such ways, often Quags were parts of Werewolf Clans, although often subject to a lower status regardless of their assets given their lack of shape-shifting ability and frequently lessened intelligence. Conversely, they would also become themselves alphas of packs of wandering packs of wolves and wargs due to either their great size and strength, or their great intelligence and abilities relative to wolves or wargs.

Questions of Further DescendantsEdit

If the Quags mated with a werewolf, it was very probable for their descendants to be werewolves -and less commonly, quags-, and if they mated further with wargs or wolves, their descendants' intelligence and lifespan dissipated and became shorter, becoming more and more animal rather than demon. An union of Quags produced more Quags.

Quags Service in the Dark LegionEdit

In the Dark Legion of Demons, aside of using the Quags along with Werewolf packs, they were sometimes as well used to help domestication of wolves and wargs, for war and as mounts, and sometimes as harassers of enemy forces, gathering packs of wild wolves and wargs, which made often their human enemies think that even the nature was turning against them.

Other use of the Quags was for patrols, scouting, exploration and messengers: often for these purposes each Quag was assigned some "Hands":

the Hands were normally goblins, tasked to serve their Quag masters in all the actions that needed opposable thumbs and some communication requiring a voice interpreter.

About the PictureEdit

... uh? That the Hands of the Quag here isn't a goblin? There you are mistaken! Is known that with some frequency, Goblins raised changelings: that children of other races and species they kidnapped or took, they raised as one of their own, being considered a goblin. In some of the more advanced goblin nations this was a conscious act and served a purpose, the goblins knowing the difference: however is said that in other races of Goblins -as the Ur Dur cave goblins- this mostly happened because the cave goblins kidnapped children to eat them, but by mistake they mixed among their own litters of pups, and confused, ended raising the changeling by mistake.

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