The Federal Star Republic of Bazikstan (RFB or R.F.B), commonly referred to as the Federation or Bazikstan, is a federal republic of the Nebulosa of Ots consisting of 1133 States (in 161 planets), a federal district (Al-Hamriki) and 140 territories (divided in 29 planets). The territories are divided in populated and unpopulated ones.

 A Federal Union of States, the RFB shared a constitution that settled some general laws, but it gave much independence to each member state of the Federal Republic to enact laws within the constitutional rights and duties.

 The Federal capitol is on the world of Yusbeff, being the federal district the third moon of the planet, Al-Hamriki.

Having 190 planets total and with around 122.000 million people, the Federal Republic is the third largest otsarian human country by extension and the first one by population.

History[edit | edit source]

The Republic of Bazikstan, nation of Aiers, was the first nation of the old cradle world to reach the space at the 3250 a.a.H, when they send to space the First Space Probe, crewed by Chola the Dog, and along with Guaderia, Christophenia, AANN and Trutsia was part of the first space race, arriving at the 3280 at the 5th Moon of Aiers.

However, due the costs of the space program, while other nations –and as well Münzen and Gofondria- where beginning to send space probes to deep space, and to explore new worlds –being done the first off-world colony in the 7th world of the Aiers Star System, Jorgesworld, an aiers-type planet, by Münzen- the Space Programm of Bazikstan received a mayor boost at the 3284, when an alien spaceship falls in the deserts of Bazikstan: the Bazik scientists studied the spaceship –later identified as a Pross spaceship-, discovering it to be a space explorer, but as well, a military, alien vessel –being this the first registered contact with non-aierian life forms.

Because of this, the space program of Bazikstan received a boost –resources, funds and personel-, and savaging technology from the spaceship of the desert of Bazikstan, they managed to create the first Space Battleship from the Aierian human nations: the Missile Destroyer of the Mohamish class, at the 3284.

While it was a humble begin for the militarization of space, was the first step of a space battleship, aside of weaponized Space Stations.

So when at the 3285 Moritania finished the Maur Space Station, a giant space station orbiting Aiers –secretly armed with ballistic missiles-, when Moritania used this space station to do a surprise attack against Bazikstan, doing the first Satellital Strike Attack performed from space to a planet, using ballistic missiles with nuclear war heads, Bazikstan was capable of strike back at the Moritanians not only on Aiers, but on space, being fought the first space battle of aierian human history, the Battle of the Third Moon of Aiers fought near this moon, between the Bazik Space Fleet and the moritanian Maur Space Station, in which Bazikstan captured the Maur Battle Station.

This will be the beginning of a space arms race among the nations of Aiers, with Bazikstan at the head of the military developments, and the first wars in space:

The first space war –rather than a conflict of Aiers fought in space- was the Jorgesworld War, a conflict of interest in the colonization of an Aiers-type planet between Bazikstan and Münzen, that ended with the planetary bombing in the 3286 of the first off-world colony, Jorgesworld of Münzen, which colony was annihilated by the use of ballistic nuclear warheads by the Bazik Space Fleet and the Maur Space Station. After that, remnants of the Münzen colonial forces launched a desperate counter strike, badly damaging the Maur Space Station, which will need extensive reparations.

However, after such devastation, began in Aiers the discussions to ban the use of Weaponized Satellite and other space ships in Aiers or against Aiers.

Meanwhile, Bazikstan continued the development of their space fleets, being the firsts to create the Battleship class in space (3287) with the Bazikva-Class Battleships.

Then will began the second space war, the Artian War for the world of Arte, between Anuchia and Bazikstan (3288), in which will be finally destroyed the Maur Space Station. That same year, was the first contact with an alien off-aiers civilization, the Pross, in the second world of the Aiers Star System, Ucaloimoco. It was a friendly first contact, that somewhat dissipated the fears to the stars of the Aierian nations.

In the 3290’s, Bazikstan was in Aiers conforming the ALBA (Bazikstanian Alliance), a great alliance that tried to gather under a single banner all the muslim nations of Aiers: because of that –and the peaceful first contact with the Pross- shifted the interest on space to a secondary role, and while Bazikstan did settlements in planet Stapfiro (sixth planet of the Aiers Star System-  at the 3294 a.a.H, it wasn’t anymore the priority.

At least until the 3295 a.a.H: After the serie of Bazco-chechoslovakian wars for Catan and Guzmanita, as part of the peace process was the idea of sending a joint space expedition to the Deep Space, exploring the use of the mysteriuos Data Zone:

And so at the 3295, the great Bazco-chechoslovakian expedition departed Aiers. It was a great expedition, with dozens of battleships and hundreds of smaller vessels, carrying as well an Arc Proyect –genetical material and examples to colonize other worlds with flora and fauna of Aiers using DNA-, crossing the Aiers Data Zone to unknown space.

This expedition will be the origin of the RFB.

This expedition, not knowing how worked the Data Zones, aside of their characteristic as some kind of portals, work holes or jump ports of Spaceships, send the expedition to unknown deep space, to a Data Zone in the core of the Nebulosa of Ots. After this success, the fleet tried to send probes back to the Aiers DZ, but as they ignored how it worked, they where unable to contact back Aiers. Upon this failure, the Bazco-chechoslovakian expedition began a slow return home, using traditional ways.

The fleet navigated in such way for more than 3 years, until the 3297 a.a.H, when they where near what was called the Zorgner Star System, where the scientists who had landed on the planets discovered alien lifeforms, the Zor insectoids. While the expedition was busy investigating this, the Commander of the joint expedition, the bazik Mehmet Bajá Huneeu learned that one of the long-distance communication bazik ships of the expedition where receiving a long-distance encrypted communication from Bazikstan –the communication being almost 3 years old, the origin being a bit after the expedition was send to space-, that there where problems:

Shortly after the expedition left Aiers, began the Fourth Aiers World War, in which once again –for Catan and Guzmanita, for a 9th time- Bazikstan and Chechoslovakia where once more time on war.

Fearing an uprising if the news become public, as at least a third of the expedition was chechoslovakian, or even internal fighting, Commander Mehmet Bajá Huneeu decided to keep the news secret: He ordered all the Long range communication systems and encryption codes where destroyed, and an order issued to the Fleet:

“As the Fleet is short on supplies, we can’t continue any more the journey home. So it’s imperative for us to establish a base on this Star System to replenish or supplies. Until Zogner isn’t conquered, no one will return to Aiers”.

The Bazco-checholsovakian expedition will then began their attempts to settle down in The Bazco-checholsovakian expedition will then began their attempts to settle down in the worlds of Zorgner system, to create supply bases and colonies –supposedly to replenish the expedition supplies-: however, the Zor aliens, thought to be animal-like in behavior, began to attack and destroy the settlements of the Bazco-chechoslovakians: And so, will began the Human-Zor war (3298-3333 a.a.H), that will last for 35 years.

The Bazco-Chechoslovakos expeditionary forces conquered finally the Zorgner system at the 3306 a.a.H: but was by then clear that the insectoid Zor, rather than simple animals, had a hive, and Queens that commanded them. “Space ants” or “space bees” called them the expeditionary forces.

As Commander Mehmet Bajá Huneeu was at the brink of death at the 3307, the next commander in the chain of command was a Chechoslovakian, vice admiral Plotsk. Fearing Commander Mehmet Bajá Huneeu the results of the fourth world war, or if it still continued, and that vice admiral Plotsk may decide to return to Aiers too soon, from his death bed Commander Mehmet Bajá decided to create from the expeditionary force a nation: A Federal Space Republic. For most of the expedition personnel, after 13 years of military rule, it sounded like a great idea, and as a death last will of Commodore Mehemt Bajá Huneeu, was founded the Federal Republic: being the two federal states Bazikstan (RFB) and Chechoslovakia (RFC) at the 3308 a.a.H.

And the bazik sucessors –civilian successors-, knowing the secret of Bajá Huneeu, keep it secret. And so, the new congress of the Federal Republic voted, rather than to return to Aiers, to continue first the war against the Zor, and to launch an attack against the 12 Zor Star Systems.

This second phase of the war will last from the 3308 to the 3333 a.a.H, being a long and bloody war, being the Federal Republic highly militarized state, as was said by the leaders of the Republic this was a war for survival.

During the war, between victories and defeats, as new worlds where conquered, new states joined the Federation. As well, as the new generations were born in the Zor systems, the interest of returning to ever return to Aiers began to fade, being for the Zor-born humans “old men ramblings

When finally the war ended at the 3333 a.a.H, with the Zor defeated –and controlled partially, due the use of pheromones and emitters of radio frequencies that during the war the Federation learned affected them-, the Federal Republic controlled several worlds and star systems.

While the Federal Republic finally learned how to use the Data Zones, they where unable to contact Aiers. Their attemps will prove useless, because of the ignored fact for them that during the Fifth Aiers World War the Aiers DZ was destroyed by the Alianza Goffiana to scavenge for their resources. So while it was discussed to send an expedition with traditional means to reach Aiers, the younger voters and politicians, raised and who fought in the Zor wars to conquest their home worlds, voted against it, seen as a loss of funds and resources, only to accomplish the wish of the “elders” who wanted to see home a last time.

At the 3337, the off-world Bazco-Chechoslovako colonies in Zor systems, organized in the Federal Star Republic was divided in 7 star systems of the RFB and 5 star systems of the RFC.

In the 3339 a.a.H, the Federal Republic will make after 44 years, contact again with humans… but it was at first ignored by them. In that year, a Nortenz expeditionary force will enter in RFB space, on the Aiz-Barrif Star System. While both the Nortenz and RFB ignored the other ships to be of human origin, they made a first contact, following their own protocols. According to the RFB, Nortenz fired first, while Nortenz claim that the RFB fired first, and the first contact between both nations will become the beginning of the RFB-Nortenz War. While later they will learn their opponents to be human, this will not stop the conflict, that will continue to escalate.

The RFB-Nortenz War will last from the 3339 to the 3349 a.a.H, being a long and brutal war, in which both sides committed atrocities, being fought the conflict among several star-systems. The RFB, having left decades before Aiers than Nortenz, had inferior technology than the Nutks, but had the numeric advantage. To try to reverse their weakness, the RFB used the Zor aliens as a weapons against the Nutks, to which the Nutks retaliated using weapons of mass destruction, escalating quickly the conflict.

After ten years of war, will be signed the Nortenz-RFB Treaty at Yusbeff: an uneasy peace that delimited the dominion of Star Systems and the borders of both nations on the Nebulosa of Ots.

During this war, the Federal Republic learned of what happened during the Fourth World War of Aiers, the next decades, and then about the Fifth World War: and to discover the secret that was kept by the baziks, weakened the internal cohesion of the RFB and the RFC.

 Due this treaty, the Federal Republic advanced further into the core of the Nebulosa of Ots, assigned area of influence according to the Yusbeff Pact, and at the 3354 a.a.H an expedition of the Federal Republic will arrive to the Ots Star System, making contact with Spotzen, Stornkold, the Nutk Confederation, the Alianza and the Norodor Empire, deciding the Federation to make there a settlement, as a spear-head for further annexion of the star system, that was part of their assigned area of influence.

However, the presence of the Nutk Confederation (nation formed from the [[Northern Alliance 7th Fleet]] survivors) made Nortenz (nation formed by the crewmembers of the [[Northern Alliance 1st Fleet]]) to make contacts with the other nutk nations:

This was seem as a violation of the Yusbeff pact by Bazikstan, and new border skirmishes and conflicts will spawn between the Federation and Nortenz.

As well, the Bazik-Chechoslovakian presence in Ots will cause animosities between the Federal Republic and the Norodor Empire. As well, the existence of Spotzen –nation of chechoslovakian- interested the RFC to try to make closer bonds with this otsarian nation.

The RFB conflicts in Ots with other nations of Ots will mean  they will fight a proxy war with the Norodor Empire, and will fight in the Northern Ots secession civil war at the 3368 a.a.H.

The posterior expansion of the nations of the Core of the Nebulosa of Ots to other areas of the Nebulosa, worsened the relations between the Federation and these nations: And from being a secondary theater the core of the Nebulosa, it became an area of main interest for the Federal Republic.

So, the Federal Republic will support the creation of the Paternic Free Colonies (LCP) at the 3383, equipping and arming them against the Norodor Empire and the Nutk Union, and at the 3384 a.a.H, the Federation will participate in the Space Battle for the Xelburok Worldship, and at 3389 a.a.H, there will be the Imperial-Federation crisis that will later end in the sale of Neu Bazikstan to the Nutk Union, and the following War of Neu Bazikstan in Ots, between the RFB, the Nutk Union and the Norodor Empire.

As the War of the Nebulosa of Ots war began (3391-3441 a.a.H), the Federation tried to be back-sit-player, supporting the allies against the Empires. However, due the defeats suffered by the allies, the RFB joined the war at the 3393. In answer to the involvement of the Federation on the war supporting the allies, Nortenz joined the Empires.

The industrial might, economic power and large armies and fleets of Bazikstan almost changed the tide of the war. At the 3394 a.a.H, the Federation began a large scale offensive against Nortenz, bringing them to the brink of defeat, until their offensive was stopped by reinforces of the Autocratic Nutk State at the 3397 a.a.H. With the war changing once more time of sign, the United States of Spotzen and some of the minor allies shifted alliances at the 3398 a.a.H. Then, the Empires –and Spotzen- launched an attack against the systems of the federation, specially the star systems of the RFC –Federal Republic of Chechoslovakia-, trying to break the unity of the federation, being occupied several of these star systems.

The RFB launched then a new counter-offensive to take back the lost colonies to the empires, being able to take back several star systems and planets. However, at the 3402 a.a.H, the Federal Bazik Fleet of the RFB will be virtually annihilated in the Battle of the RFC, and several years will be needed to rebuild the RFB fleet.

However, the war reached a stalemate, and at the 3405 a.a.H will be signed the Truce of Ots, which perpetuated the status Quo, and was basically used by both sides to prepare for the continuation of the war and to replenish their depleted forces.

At the 3409 a.a.H, the RFB signed the Secret Treaty of Hununi, a secret pact between the RFB and Spotzen, in which the Federal Republic of Chechoslovakia (RFC) officially become part of the EUS, The United States of Spotzen. In exchange of this, was granted a secret military alliance between the EUS-RFB for when the War of the Nebulosa of Ots continued.

At the 3410 a.a.H, will begin the Anuchian War between the LCP and the EAN. The RFB supported in secret the LCP in this war, to test their new equipment, strategies and to wear the Nutks. However, the quick EAN victories would spoil the plans of the Federal Bazik government.  The Federal Government, fearing the defeat of the Paternic Free Colonies then, despise the claims of the Bazik admiralty that the Federal Bazik Fleet wasn’t ready –having been rebuilding the navy since the defeat of the 3402-, the Federal government ordered at the year 3411 a.a.H to launch the bulk of the navy to the Saya-Taya Star System, where was Saya-Taya, capitol world of Nortenz. They used the Saya-Taya DZ, and there will clash the Federal Bazik Fleet –supported by the LCP corsair fleet- and the Nutk Imperial Fleet, suffering once more time the RFB a catastrophic defeat and annihilation of their navy, being this battle a new beginning for the Nebulosa of Ots War.

At the 3314 a.a.H, after 3 years of brutal war, was signed a second truce, the Truce of Paternostria. Once more time, the RFB suffered important losses in their fleet, but no territorial loss, and while their casualties where elevated, the nutk casualties where important and more difficult to replace. Meanwhile the EUS, despise the secret treaty with the RFB, didn't entered actively in the war, but used several proxy states and colonies to provide support, and hired and equipped mercenary forces to support the RFB and the LCP.

However, the Secret Treaty of Hunibi was finally discovered by the EAN at the 3419 a.a.H, and the truce of Paternostria will be broken, continuing the War of the Nebulosa of Ots.

At the 3422 a.a.H will be the Space Battle of Yusbeff between the EAN and the RFB. While there was no clear victor and could be considered a draw, being the first mayor space battle of the war between nutks and baziks that didn’t ended in a mayor defeat for the RFB, was proclaimed a victory for the RFB for propaganda reasons.   The next year, will be the Deep Space Battle of A223C, in which the RFB was able to destroy a EAN fleet, which was important help for the moral of the RFB space fleet, who still had a inferiority complex when facing the Nutks fleets. The nutks become more careful when dealing with the Bazik, as their invulnerability legend began to break.          

While the Rebellion of the Clones (3428-3434 a.a.H) didn’t affected the Federation, who was mostly a biological human nation, they take the opportunity to prepare for the last assault of the war. As new states joined the RFB –the Celian Commonwealth, and many secessionist states of the LCP-, the RFB as well made new alliances with the Galactic Union of Nations.

And so, at the 3432 a.a.H will begin the Operation Anvil and Hammer, the largest scale invasion in history of mankind, prepared by the RFB and allies against the Empires. The idea was to attack first the colonies of the Empires, taking them from two sides –the Anvil, the RFB, and the Hammer, the LCP, EUS and the Alianza- before advancing to the core worlds of the Empires. This will be the beginning of the final phase of the War of the Nebulosa of Ots.

Most of the deep colonies of the nutks are conquered by the Allies -RFB, ENA, EUS and Alianza - Soon, the industrial and mine centres of the EAN fall as well, as the Nutk resistence crumble, being attacked from several fronts, losing the EAN their capitol planet, and as a tide, the allies advanced to the Core of the Nebulosa of Ots.

Finally, the Nebulosa of Ots War or Fifty Years War –fifty years of war, counting 13 wars of peace and only minor conflicts and proxy wars under the different truces- will end at the 3441, with the Empires defeated, and many of their systems, planets and colonies divided among the victors. The Norodor Empire was divided, the royal union between Nortenz, Auswelt.ICR and the EUN was broken, and the EAN was disvanded, gaining many nations independence.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

By the 3430 a.a.H, the population of the Federal Star Republic of Bazikstan (RFB) was of about inhabitants, being the largest human nation on population.

The RFB was largely a human nation –and a biological human nation, as human clonation is banned by constitutional law- The human population is about a 98,5% of the total population of the RFB –around inhabitants, while some can say, there are important minorities of human-kanov minorities-. Of the other 1,5% of population, around 0,75% is composed of other aierian non-human species and races –as the Vanolosé gogdos, elves and other groups that the RFB authorities don’t keep census of them. The Vanolosé gogdos and elves were part of the original expedition, but most of the others are immigrants from other nations of the Nebulosa of Ots. The final 0,75% of the population are of otsarian aliens, being in this case as well mostly immigrants, or from worlds conquered to other human nations.

The Zor insectoid aliens aren’t accounted as people or intelligent beings, but more as some sort of animals.

The habitants of the RFB are normally simply called Baziks, or sometime RF.Bazikstanian or republican, if one want to distinguish from an ethnic bazik to a citizen of the Federal Republic.

As when was done the Bazco-Chechoslovakian fleet, Bazikstan was conforming the ALBA, an alliance enclosing all the muslim nations of Aiers, the population of the RFB is very diverse, having ethnic groups from all over the Islamic world and nations of Aiers. (such as Anglasecuarnian, Sretornian, Morrequí, Zarhuycan, Moritanian, Libian, Guadrian, agiptian, bagabes, Catani, Guzmnitan, baziks, torks, zirian, uraqi, urani, kagastanos, paternasti, chamomillan, other Hieyokers, etc). As well, while the RFC became a part of the EUS, still there are chechoslovakian minorities within the RFB, and other human minorities. However, the main ethnic group are the Baziks.

During it’s long history, new ethnic groups have come to be, such as the Sanktis, the Jarmules and Traciks, with their own cultural differences.

The Official language of the RFB is the Bazik –but dozens and even hundreds of languages are spoken-, and the official religion is the Islam.

About a 75% of the population of the RFB is Muslim (50% Sunni, 25% Shih), and some 9% are Christian (Orthodox, Copt, Catholic, Protestant, Nestorian, other christian groups). Around 1% of the population are part of other religions, be historical smaller religions linked to the Islam –as the druses-, new Islamic inspired sects –as the Jarmules- or of pan-religious groups, that try to unite different religions. A 5% of the population believe in other religions –Buddhism, Confucianism, Hindu, Nutk pagan, animism, shamanism, non-human religions, new space religions, etc-. About a 10% of the population say they aren’t religious, being self declared as agnostic or atheist. About a 0,1% of the population is Hebrew.

While the RFB is described as a Muslim state, and the official religion is the Islam, is a tolerant country, but due the diversity, there have been some minor religious conflicts, mostly in relation to the raise of some of the new space-age religions and prophets.

Government and politics[edit | edit source]

The Federal Star Republic of Bazikstan it is a constitutional republic and representative democracy. In the Bazik federalist systems, citizens are usually subject to four levels of government: Federal, planetary, state and local.

The federal government is composed of three branches: Legislative (bicameral Congress), Executive and Judicial.

The House of Representatives has 10.000 voting members, each representing a congressional district for a two-year term. House seats are apportioned among the states by population every tenth year.

The Senate has 2266 members with each state having two senators. The Federal President serves a six-year term and may be reelected for a second, consecutive four-year period.

The Supreme Court, led by the al-Cadí of the Federal Republic, had 12 members, who serve for life. While there is a constitutional law with some amends, each state have much independence in matter of legislation and judicial power, and so in many mostly Muslim states of the Federation, it’s applied the Sharia –Islamic law-

The state governments are structured in roughly similar fashion –three powers of state-, existing however there important differences –being some states hereditary monarchies, for example, which break a bit the structure of the executive power, but doesn’t affect the other two others state powers, or in others where the legislative and judicial powers are mixed in one.

The original text of the Constitution establishes the structure and responsibilities of the federal government and its relationship with the individual states.

The political system is ruled by a political party system, existing quite an extreme pluripartidism, with literally thousands of political parties. In general, the more right wing are traditionalists and islamist parties, while the left wing is mostly laic and socialist, existing as well the Bazik Comunist Party of the Workers (POCB). Other left wing parties are the ecologists, and in the right wing are as well to be found the liberals. Other parties to be named are the nationalists, federalists, republicans, democrats, Christian democracy, Muslim Brothers, Pan-Bazik socialist party, Reborn, Laborist party, Senatorial party, and so on.

Historically, most of the governments of the RFB have been of the center-left, of nationalist pan-bazik groups with socialist policies in diverse areas, but liberal economic politics. As well, there have been right wing Islamic rule –of the Muslim Brotherhood-, and the rule of right wing nationalists. Quite too often in opinion to many, the Federal President had been generals of the Armed forces.

In foreign relations, the RFB historically had bad relations with the diverse Nutk states and the Norodor Empire, having an uneasy alliance with the EUS, and friendly relations to the Alianza and the LCP.

Military[edit | edit source]

The military of the RFB are the Federal Armed Forces, which is divided in five branches: the Army, Air Force, Navy, Space Navy and the SGI.

Aside of the regular armed forces, there was as well the Voluntas –National Guard- which was a reserve for the armed forces, and there where several auxiliary and paramilitary forces –such as the Jarmules-.

As well, is said that the RFB had link with several terrorist organizations and insurgence groups, which are founded by the RFB, such as the infamous MAT.

The Federation Governmental Army is the largest army in size of soldiers and equipment of the Nebulosa of Ots. The army was quite traditionalist in the equipment, both of the infantry, preferring armored vehicles over mechs, as they were more cost effective, had lower running costs and was easier to train the crews. As well, the army was bassed on conscription and mandatory military service.

The Bazik Air Force (FAB) is in charge of the atmospheric defense of the RBF air space, and as well on air superiority missions on atmosphere and close space defense.

The Bazik Navy is the less founded and smaller  branch of the armed forces, as mostly they are in service in planets of the RFB with oceans, having mostly police duties, having seen action only in planetary defenses.

The Federal Bazik Fleet –or Federal Space Navy- is on charge of the space defense, deep space exploration, long range expeditions and so on.

The SGI –Soldiers of the Imperial Guard- are the Elite forces of the RFB, having regular army divisions, an independent space fleet and air force, and as well having special forces. The origin of the name –Imperial Guard- comes from tradition, from the old Imperial Guard of the Tork Empire of Cretor, from which these regiments served then in Bazikstan, and finally, on the Federal Republic of Bazikstan. The SGI, while have the same quality of equipment than regular forces of the rest of the federal armed forces, have an intense training and are told to be the toughest human fighters of the whole Nebulosa of Ots, being told to be the best of the best.

Among the auxiliary forces, the Jarmules –space nomads, bandits and pirates, believers of a sect of the Islam, who weren’t technically part of the RFB- reached a quite famous –or infamous- name, being aside of the SGI some of the more feared units fighting for the Federation. Rag-tagged, badly equipped and rejecting any technology but the essential needed for space travel –and fighting on space- they often served as auxiliary forces of the RFB.

Science and technology[edit | edit source]

Having left Aiers decades before other human nations of the Nebulosa of Ots without any further contact with Aiers –and unlike Stornkold, without encountering intelligent advanced species-, while for these four decades of isolation the Federation did significant scientific advances, they where less technologically advanced than other human nations of the Nebulosa, being this painfully clear in the wars fought against Nortenz.

Because of this, the RFB tried to catch the technological levels of their adversaries, and while in some aspects they surpassed them, in general bazik technology wasn’t the cutting edge.

This will be clear in the space battles, where the bazik ships, with inferior technology, had to rely during the wars against the Nutks on numbers as they approached to a distance where their aiming systems where effective.

As well, due some religious considerations, it was banned in the Federal Republic of Bazikstan the clonation of humans –clonation of flora and fauna was legal, being a need for settling in new worlds, but as well look in general down.- This was because it was determined, that only god could and should create life. In the same way, Artificial Inteligences (A.I) in form of androids and robots where banned for the same reasons.

Culture[edit | edit source]

While for foreigners, the RFB may look homogeneous in a cultural way as an Islamic nation, being a nation that spawn across about two hundred worlds, have 1133 states and 140 territories, it’s extremely diverse.

 In many aspects for a foreigner observer, there are much anachronisms in the Federal Republic, as the use of the last of technology and the use of clothes, costumes, moral conducts and laws seen as from other ages. This of course, changes from state to state of the Federation. –and the same could be said to other nations, as for example the Nutk states, that while are some of the most technological advanced, revived traditions from their medieval times-

 The Federation is proudly a human nation, and even more, a biological human nation, saying that they are the last bastion of humanity in front of clonation and artificial humans. However, while human clonation is banned within the Federation, Artificial humans living in the Federation aren’t discriminated by law –in difference to other states-, and any artificial human entering in the RFB territory which is property of a company, is considered to be free, as the Federation had a strong policy against the neo-slavery of artificial humans –the later use of the RFB of the Rebellion of the Clones for their own interest, however, make some say this was due their own agenda-. As well, while legally artificial humans aren’t discriminated, there are extremist religious and purist-human groups who act against the artificial humans, often under the nose of the authorities.

 Along with the Alianza Goffiana, the Federation is one of the more democratic states of the Nebulosa of Ots: however, activist groups for human rights and ONG for human development –often funded by enemy nations- score poorly the RFB.

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